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tuyển sinh lớp 10 2016


Hg va ten thi sinh:. .......................................

Chi? kg giam th/ 1:

SS bao danh:. ..............................................


L ~ 10
2015 - 2016

* Man thi: Toan (KhGng chuyGn)
( ~ 6 m

01 trang)

* Ngay thi: 10/6/2015

* Thiri gian: 120 phet (KlrBng k$ tboi gian giao dj)
CPu 1. (2,O di8m) RLit gon biiu thirc :
a) ~ = 2 & - & + 4 & .





(vai a > 0 )

CPU 2. (2,O di8m) Giai phuong trinh va he phuang trinh:

CPu 3. (3,O di8m)
a) Cho parapol ( P ) : y


2 r 2 vB duhng thing ( d l : 1, = 31. - 3 .
toa do.
(P ) va ( d l tr&ncGng lnat inat
b) Cho phlrang trinh : z2- 2(m - 1)z+ 2m - 5 = 0 . Tim cac gia tr/ cua tham s6

m d&phuang trinh co hai nghi&m r , ?x2 thoa man z: + = 6 .
CPu 4. (3,O di8m)
Cho duhng trbn tlln O duhng kinh BC v8 A 18 diim chinh giira cung BC .
Tr&ndoan OA lky di&m I ( I khac 0 , A ). goi M 18 giao di&mclia BI vdi duang trbn .
Tr&ntiCp tuy&nclia duhng trbn tai dikm M lay dikm E sao cho IE vuBng g6c v6i OA .
a/ Chirng ininh tir giac OIME n6i tiip duimg trbn.
b/ Chirng minh BE di qua trung di&m OI .

c/ Goi H la giao dik~nclia IE vB OM , chirng lninh ring -- = -.



H o v a ttn thi sinh: ........................................

Ch8 k y p i a ~ nthi I :

So bao danh: ...............................................


, A

NAM HOC 2015 - 2016


( ~ 8 01
m trang)

* M6n thi: Ng8 viin (Kh6ng chuycn)
* Ngay thi: 09/6/2015
* Thai gian: 120 phut (Klr Bng k a thoi @an giao di)

CAU 1: (3 di8m)
Doc doan v5n sau va tra lbi cac ciu hoi b b@ndubi:
"Tbi, mot quH bom tr@ndbi. Nho, hai qua dubi long dubng. Chi Thao, mat
qua dubi chin cai h i m ba-ri-e cti.
v i n g lang d i n phdt sq. Ciy cbn lai xa x6c. Dit nong. Khoi den vbt v b
tirng cum trong khbng trung, che di nhirng gi tir xa. Cac anh cao xa co nhin thiy
chung t6i khBng? Chic co, c i c anh
c6 nhirng cai dng nhom co th&thu ca trii
dat vao t i m mit. TBi din
qua born. Cirn thiy c6 inh mit c L chikn si d6i
the0 minh, tbi khbng sq nira. T6i s&kh6ng di khom. Cac anh iykhbng thich cii
kiku di khom khi co th&cli dang hoing m i bu6c tbi."
a. Doan v5n tr@nduac trich tir v5n ban nao? Tac gia la ai? ( I .O di@m)
b. Nai dung chinh clia doan vgn? (0.5 di&m)
c. Doan van dB dung phkp liOn kkt n$i dung va hinh thlic nao? (1.5 dikm)


"Khen nggi chiin thinh d&lBln vui Ibng ngubi khac" la 1nGt trong nh9ng
c h i dk dugc tac g i i Viet Thu n i u l e n trong cudn .'Thubt dbi nhin xU th& kin11
dien" (Nha xu& bb8 Lao dong an hanh n5m 2014).
Tir thyc td con tdn tai khbng it nhirng ki&u ling xir kh6ng phu hap v6i
truykn thang van h6a d i n tt$c, vung vi, thiiu tinh tk . . . trong dhi sang hi@nnay.
elm h8y trinh bay suy nghi cua ban thin v& SF can thikt va 9 nghia cua viec
"Khen ngqi chin thanh dk lam vui 16ng nglrOi khac".

C ~ 3:U (4 diem)
Phin tich dk lam n6i b+t phham chit dang yeu, dang qu9 6 nhin vat anh
thanh ni@ntrong tac ph&-n "Lgng 1& Sa Pa" c6a ~ ~ u y Thanh
g n Long. Tir do, em
h8y n@uphuang hubng d&ri.n luyen ban thin.


Hq va t&nthi sinh: ........................................

Chk kf giam thi 1:

So bao danh: ...............................................





2015 - 2016

* Mcin thi: ~ i e n Anh
(Khcing chuytn)
* Ngay thi: 09/6/2015
* Thiri gian: 60 phut (KhBng k i thW gian giao dd)

02 trang)

Iiuong d i n lam bai
Thi Jinh phui /&HI h&i /]"in/6 @&)iIhn~bdi: bdi /&HI phui cd chi? kj cuu hui gidn~lh!. Trbn 16 giiy
lirln brji c h ~
d~rgcvi;/ nid/ / h ~ inlyc,
khdngphui /rj mtrc do. Ghi r6 ma" d j /hi bdn dlrci.~chP "Biri lirn?" cziu
t t i gihli Iirm hiri. Khi /ru /in, thi .sinh khdng phai chkp Igi i d HI& chl c&n ghi rd thti. I I ctizi
1.u chi? cdi (A, B,
C' hogc D) / I , L ~ ~phzrong
tin trtr l6i nia thi J inh cho Iu dung nh&/. Vi &: I . A; 2. C':

Part 1: Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each of the following sentences.
(4 points)
CCu 1 : Environmental
is one of the most serious problems now.
A. pollute
B. polluting
C. pollution
D. pollutant
C i u 2: Na111.s birthday is
25"' September.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. with
Csu 3: Mary
in Vietila~llfor 2 years.
A. have lived
B. lived
C. lives
D. has lived
C i u 4: A new supermarket --- in my city next month.
A. built
B. will build
C. was built
D. will be built
CCu 5: Buddhism is Thai national
A. language
B. capital
C. religion
D. region
CHu 6: If I have enough money, I
a laptop.
A. will buy
B. bought
C. buy
D. will bought
by singing a beautiful song when he first came to our class.
C i u 7: He made a deep
A. impress
B. iillpressi~lg
C. impressed
D. impression
C i u 8: He callnot drive a car. He wishes he
a car.
A. drives
R. drove
C. can drive
D. could drive
C i u 9: She asked me if I
living in the city.
A. like
B. to like
C. liked
D. liking
CHu 10: The book
I bought yesterday is very interseting.
A. whe11
B. whom
C. who
D. which
Csu 1 1 : I used to
a lot of candy when 1 was young.
A. eating
B. eaten
C. eats
D. eat
C i u 12: Tl~oinasEdison invented n~ovingpictures.
A. wasn't he
B. did he
C. didn't he
D. doesn't he
CHu 13: This city has a
of three i~~illions.
A. populatio~l
R. minority
C. tradition
D. climate
of love.
C i u 14: Roses are considered the
A. subject
B. syn~bol
C. fashion
D. pattern
C i u 15: What about
plastic bags to recycle?
A. collecting
B. collected
C. to collect
D. collection
C i u 16: He suggests
A. to go
B. going
C. went
D. go


Part 2: Choose the best word (A, B, C or D) to fill in each gap in the following passage.
(2 points)
of communication. It brings
Television is one of man's most important (17)
pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set
or visit a foreign country. He
can sit in his house and watch the President make a ( 18)
can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try to bring about peace. Through television.
and learn about people, places, and things in faraway lands. TV
home viewers can (10)
even (20)
its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of American's astronauts
as astroilauts explore outer space.
In addition (2 1 )
all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of
programs (22)
are designed to entertain. In fact, TV (23)
many more
entertainment programs than any other kind. The programs include cartoons, plays, sporting
and motion pictures.
C l u 17: A. means
B. pens
C. books
D. lands
C l u 18: A. speaking
B. speech
C. talking
D. culture
C i u 19: A. seeing
B. see
C. sees
D. saw
C l u 20: A. listens
B. takes
C. washes
D. goes
C l u 2 1 : A.to
B. at
C. for
D. with
C l u 22: A. which
B. whose
C. whom
D. who
CCu 23: A. buys
B. provides
C. produces
D. sells
C l u 24: A. celebrations
B. earthquakes
C. events
D. typhoons
Part 3: Read the passage and answer the questions below. (2 points)
The tiny village of Frinley is said to possess a "cursed tree". Because the tree was
mentioned in a newspaper, the number of visitors to Frinley has now increased. The tree was
planted near a church fifty years ago, but it is only in recent years that it has gained an evil
reputation. It is said that if ailyoile toucl~esthe tree, he will have bad luck; if he picks a leaf, he
will die. Many villagers belive that the tree has already claimed a number of victims. The vicar
has been asked to have the tree cut down, but so far he has refused. He has pointed out that the
tree is a useful source of income as tourists have come from all parts of the country to see it. In
spite of all that has been said. the tourists have picked leaves and cut their names on the treetruck. So far, not one of them has been truck down by sudden death!
1. Where and when was the tree planted?
2. What will happen to a man if he touches the tree?
3. Why is the tree a useful source of income?
4. Are the visitors afraid of what has been said about the tree?
Part 4: Put the following words or phrases in the correct order to make the meaningful
sentences. (2 points)
1. China / to / last week / he 1 went.
2. told / Peter / me / turn on / to / light / the.
3. met / haven't / since / we / school / left / each other / we.
4. I / come / to / party / your / tomorrow / I / wish / could.
5. forward / to / my / friends / am / I / hearing / looking / from.
6. am / to / it / about / you / tell / eager / I.
7. would / I / buy 1 that 1 were / computer 1 if 1 I / you.
8. English / Nga / very / speaks / fluently.

--- THE END ---

Hg va t2n thi sinh:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . ....

Chk k$ giam thi 1 :

S6 bao danh:. .. . . . .. . . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. ........ . . .....



N&U HOC 2015 - 2016


* M6n thi: Toan (Chuyh)
( ~ 8 m
01 trang)

*Ngay thi: 10/6/2015

* Thtri gian: 150 phut (KhBng ki!tlr&igian giao di)

CPu 1. (2,O d m )
a) Chirng rninh viri rnoi s6 n 16 thi n2 + 47,


kh6ng chia h i t cho 8.

b) Tim nghiein (x; y) cua phuang trinh x' + 2y' + 3xy + 8 = 9x + 10y viri

x, y



CPu 2. (2,O d i h )
Cho phlrcmg trinh 5z2 + nz:r - 28 = 0 (


tham s6).

Tim cac gia tri cua rn d$ phlrang trinh co hai nghiem x,,z,thoa 1n2n 5 2 , + 22, = 1.

CLu 3. (2,O diam)
a) Cho phlrang trinh x4 - 2 (m - 2) x' + 2m - 6 = 0 . l'im c i c gia tr/ cua tham s6 m
b& phlrung trinh co 4 nghi$m phin biet.

1 1 1
b)Cho a,b,c>O v i a + b + c = 3 . ~ h i r n g m i n h r & 1a ~' + b ' + c S + - + - + - 2 6 .



CPU4. (2,O diim)
Cho dubng tron tbm 0 ch hai dubng kinh A B vd MN . VE dlrbng thing d 18
tiCp tuykn viri dubng tron tai diim

B,tiip tuykn nay tit chc dlrbng thing AM, AN


luqt tai E va F .
a) Chirng ininh tir giac NMEF ndi tikp dubng tron.
b) Goi K la trung b i b cua EF . ChGng minh A K vu6ng goc viri M N .

CPu 5. (2,O di6m)
Cho tarn giac ABC vu6ng tai A , d 18 d u h g thing quay quanh di&m A vb
khBng cat dogn BC . Ggi H,K lan lvqt 18 hinh chi& vu6ng g6c cua B. C tr@nd . Tim
gia trj lirn nhht cua chu vi tG giac BHKC .

Hg va ten thi sinh:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . . ...

ChG kf giam thi 1:

S8 bao danh:... . .. . .. . . .... . . . . . . . .. . . . ... . . .... ... .. . . ....



( ~ 8 m02 trang)

NAM HOC 2015 - 2016

* M8n thi: V$t Ly (Chuylin)
* Ngay thi: 10/06/2015
* Thbi gian: 150 phut (Khbng k$ th3igian giao di)

CBu 1: (2 di8m)
Lhc 6 gib, ba xe chng xukt phat tir ba dikm A, B, C (B nim giira A vh C),
bikt AB = 18km, BC = 78lu-n. Xe thir nhht di tir A v&phia C viri vgn t6c 27krn/h,
xe thir hai di tir B v&phia C viri vgn t6c 18km/h, xe thir ba di tir C v i phia B viri
v$n t6c 24kmlh. H6i lhc mky giir xe thir nhkt cich d&uxe thir hai va thir ba? Khi
do, xe thir ba d l di dugc mot qulng dubng la bao nhidu?
CBu 2: (2 di8m)
Mot kh6i g8 hinh lap phumg c6 canh a = 8cm, c6 kh6i luqng m = 192g.
a. N ~ th6
U kh6i g6 vio nuirc thi chi& cao c6a phin g8 n6i trdn m+t nuirc
t luqng ridng clia nuirc la Do = 1000kg/m3)
la bao nhidu? ( ~ i &kh6i
b. Khi kh6i g8 duqc khokt m6t 18 hinh try dling, sbu Ah = 5cm va lhp dhy
chi c6 kh6i luqng ridng D2 = 1 1300kg/m3, r6i th6 lai v i o nuirc, ngubi ta thhy
mvc nuirc bing vbi mat trdn clia kh6i g8. Tim dien tich day c6a 18 hinh try d l
C l u 3: (2 diem)
Co hai binh c k h nhiet, binh thir nhkt chira VI = 6 lit nuirc 6 nhiet do
t l = 6 5 ' ~ ,binh thir hai chira V2 = 2 lit nuirc 6 nhiet do t2 = 1 9 ' ~ .Dhu tidn, ngubi
p khi nuirc trong
ta rot mot phhn nuirc tir binh thir nhkt sang binh thir hai. ~ i k do,
binh thir hai d2 dat cbn bing nhiet, ngubi ta lai rot tr6 lai tir binh thir hai sang
binh thir nhht m$t luqng nuirc d6 cho nuirc trong hai binh lai co th8 tich nhu lhc
ban dhu. Sau cac thao tic tr&n,nhitt do nuirc trong binh thir nhkt 118 t'l = 6 3 ' ~ .
Hoi luqng nutrc dB rot tir binh thir nhht sang binh thir hai va nguqc lai? Bo qua
moi sv toa nhiet ra m6i trubng xung quanh.
Ciiu 4: (2 diBm)
Cho mach ditn nhu hinh vE, trong do U = 24V, R1 = 15Q, R2 = 4Q, R3 la
bikn trb, & = 12Q. Bo qua dien trb dby n6i.
a. ~ i d chinh
bikn tr6 d&R3 = 120, dong khoa k.
Tim cubng do dong dien qua cac dien trir R1, R2 va qua
mach chinh.
b. Thay kh6a k bing mat v6n k6 19 tubng. Diku
chinh bikn trir d&v6n kk chi 21V. Tinh giP trj R3.

CPu 5: (2 di&m)
Mat he g6m thhu kinh hai tp (L,) vb mat g u m g
(G) nhu hinh v@.~ h h ukinh co tiBu cv f = 18cm. G u m g d$t
each thiu kinh mat khodng 1 = - f , m$t phin xa quay v&phia
thhu kinh.
a. H5y xk d/nh vj tri d$t ditm sang A ddk mat tia sang
bht kk ttr A khuc xg qua thhu kinh, phan xa trBn gumg rbi cu6i
c h g khuc xa qua thku kinh lu6n song song v6i hyc chinh cfia
thhu kinh.
b. Thay gumg (G) bing m@ thhu kinh ph2n kkj. (Lz) co tiBu cv 12 em. Giir c6
djnh vj tri 2 thhu kinh, djch chuy6n A din vj tri c k h (L,) 72 em. X L djnh vj tri anh
cua A cho b(ri he hai thhu kkinh.

Hg va t2n thi sinh: ........................................

C h l ky giam thj 1:

S6 bao danh:. . . .. . . .. . . .. .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .... . . . .. . . ....


NAM H O C 2015 - 2016

in dm 02 trang)

* Men thi: Hoa hgc (Chuyen)
* Ngay thi: 10/6/2015

* Thivi gian : 150 ph lt (Khdng k6"th& gian giao di)
CBu 1: (2 diim)
1.1 N&uhien tuqng va vi&tphuong trinh phan irng xay ra khi cho dung djch
Na2C03vao dung djch AlC13.
2.2 ~ b hqp
n A gdm BaO, FeO, A1203.Cho A vao mat luqng nuhc du, sau
khi cac phan img kit thuc thu duqc dung d/ch B va phbn kh6ng tan D. Suc khi
C 0 2 tir tir ddn du v i o dung djch B, thky tao kdt tua va sau do kkt tua tan mot
ph&n. Cho CO du di qua chit rin D nung nOng thi thu duqc chit rin E. Cho E
thc dung vhi luqng du dung djch NaOH thi thiy chit rin tan mat ph&nvB con lai
chit rin G. Hoa tan G bing dung djch H2S04lo5ng du, dung dich sau phan irng
cho tac dung tidp vhi dung djch KMn04, thiy dung djch KMn04 nhat mau. Giai
thich ngin gpn dk xic djnh thanh ph&n dung djch B vh vidt cac phuong trinh
phan irng xay ra.
CBu 2: (2 di&rn)
2.1 Cho X, Y vB Z la ba hidrocacbon li@ntikp nhau trong mot d8y ddng
ding. Trong 66, Mxt hoin toan mat chit bit ki
trong X, Y, Z sau do din toan be sin phim qua binh dung dung djch nuirc v6i
trong (du), thiy khdi luqng binh tang x gam v i thu duqc y gym kkt tlia. Xac djnh
c6ng thirc phln tli cua X, Y, Z va c h h g minh ring ti I& x:y la kh6ng phu thuec
vao X, Y, Z.
2.2 s i n g phuong phhp hoh hpc h5y phln bi&t cac chit long sau chira trong
c k Ang nghiem 1 d t nhsn: R u p etylic, dung djch axit axetic, hd tinh b$t, nuirc
va benzen. N&u rd hi&ntugng quan sit duqc vB vidt chc phuang trinh phan img
xay ra (n&uco).
CBu 3: (2 diim)
3.1 Tir cbc nguysn lieu ban d&ugdm: pyrit sit, nuhc, mudi an, kh6ng khi va
c L thidt bj, xuc tac cbn thidt. Hay vidt cac phuang trinh phiin irng dk diku chd
cac chit sau: dung djch FeC13, dung djch NaHS04 va Fe(OH),.
3.2 Trong phhng thi nghiem, ngubi ta diku chk oxi bing cach nhiet phln
KMn04hogc KC103 (co xuc tac Mn02).
- ~ i d cac
t phuang trinh phan img xay ra.

- ~ d kh6i
u lugng K M n 0 4 va KCIO, nhiet phbn 19 nhu nhau thi truhng h q
nao thu duqc nhidu oxi h m . Giai thich bing d/nh l u p g .
Gia sir cac th6 tich khi do cling diku ki&n nhiet dQ, ap suht va cac phan
irng xay ra hoan toan, oxi kh8ng bj hao hut trong qua trinh lam thi nghicm.
CBu 4: (2 di&m)
Chia m (g) kim loai M chua rd hoa tr/ thanh hai phAn bing nhau.
- Phkn 1, cho phan img hkt viri luqng khi clo du, sau phan img thu dugc
19,5 (g) mudi clorua R. Hoa tan hkt l u p g mudi R vao nuirc r6i cho dung djch
thu dugc tac dyng viri dung djch NaOH (du) thi thu dugc 12,84 (g) kdt tda
hidroxit cua M.
- PhAn 2, nung trong khbng khi ddn kh6i luqng khbng d6i thu duqc 9,28
(g) met oxit duy nhat Q.
a. Tinh toan dd xac d/nh m, M, R, Q va vidt cac p h u m g trinh phan k g d l
xay ra.
b. Hba tan hoin toan 9,28 (g) Q bing dung d/ch H2S04dac, nong, du. Tinh
the tich (ml) dung djch NaOM 0,5M tdi thidu dd h i p thu toan bij khi SO2
(san phim khir duy nhat cua H2S04)sinh ra trong phan irng tren.
C$u 5: (2 di&m)
~ 6 hn q N g 6 ~ m hai hidrocacbon T v l V kh6ng thuijc cbng d l y d6ng
ding va T han V met nguyen tir cacbon. ~ 6 chhy
t hoan toan 3,24 (g) h6n h q N
chi thu duqc nuirc va 9,24 (g) C 0 2 . ~ i 6 tit kh6i hoi cua N so viri metan la
a. Xbc djnh c8ng thirc phbn tli c6 th6 c6 cua T, V v l tinh thhnh phan phi!in
tram khdi l u p g cac chit trong N.
b. ~ i dsa
t d6 di6u ch6 etylaxetat tir V

Cho bikt: H=l, C=12, N=14, 0=16, Na=23, Mg=24, A1=27, S=32, C1=35,5;

Hq vii ten thi sinh:. .. .. .. .. . .. . . . .. . . .. .. ..... . .. . ... . ....

Chi? kf giam thj 1:

S6 bao danh:. .. .. . ... . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . .......... .. ....

................................... ,

02 trang)


NAM HOC 2015 - 2016
* M8n thi: SINH HOC (ChuyCn)
* Ngay thi: 10/6/2015
* Thbi gian: 150 phut (Khdng k i th& gian giao di)

CBu 1: (2 di8rn)
1.1. (1,O d) 6 mat loai thqc vzt, pen A quy djnh hat vang la tr$i hoan toan
so v&i alen a quy djnh hat xanh; gen B quy djnh hat tron la tr$i hoan toan so v6i
alen b quy djnh hat nh5n. ~ i d hai
t cap gen nay phdn li d$c lap. 6 dbi P cho cdy
hat xanh, nh5n thy phkn cua cdy hat ving, tron dj h ~ r pv& 2 cap gen, h F l thu
duqc tcng sd 240 hat.
a) vidt s o d6 lai d&xbc dinh ti I@ 1ciBu gen vh ti le ki&uhinh cua F I .
b) Tinh s6 hat h F, c6 lci&u hinh gi6ng b6 v i s6 hat h F l co kiku hinh
mang m$t tinh trang tr$i.
1.2. (1,O d) 6 mat lo& dong vat, c6 5 tk bio tidn hanh nguycn phdn 1iiBn
tidp mot s6 lan bing nhau dB lAy tir m6i trubng n$i b8o nguydn lieu tuong d u m g
600 NST. kt cH cac td bio con duqc tao ra d&utidn hanh giam phdn d l sir dung
tir m6i trubng n$i bao nguydn lieu t u m g duong 640 NST. H l y xac djnh:
a) B$ NST don b$i cda loai va s5 lan nguydn phdn cua t6 bao.
b) ~6 cr6matic trong cac td bao khi dang 6 lci sau giam phdn I.
2.1. (1,O d) Mat phdn tir ADN co ti 1e ----- - 0,6
a) Xac djnh ti 1e G + X cua phdn t~ ADN tren.
b) Cho 4 phdn tir ADN trdn tq nhdn d6i mot s6 lan bing nhau d l tBng hqp
duqc 120 mach don (polinucld6tit) m&i tiu nguydn lieu hoan toan cua m6i trubng
nGi bao. Xac djnh s6 lan nhdn d6i cfia m8i phdn tu ADN noi t r h .
2.2. (1,O d) Met gen c6 tBng s6 2128 lidn kdt hidr6. Trdn mach m$t cua
gen co s6 nucld6tit loai A bing s6 nucl66tit loai T; s6 nucld6tit loai G gap 2 ihn
s6 nucld6tit loai A; sb nucld6tit loai X gAp 3 lhn s6 nucld6tit loai T. Xac djnh
chi& dhi cua gen.

CBu 3: (2 d i h )
3.1. (1 ,O d) Cho c i c gi6ng cO ki&u gen nhu sau: gi6ng s6 1: NNMmHh;
gi6ng s5 2: NNmmHH; gi6ng s6 3: nnMMhh; gidng s5 4: NnminHh;

a) ~ u 6 tpo
n ra gi6ng c6 uu thk lai cao thi phii cho nhiing gi6ng nao lai
viri nhau? Giai thich.
b) Vi sao khBng dung nhimg gi6ng c6 uu thk lai cao d6 nhhln gi6ng?
3.2. (1,O d) Thoai hoa gi6ng la gi? Vi sao giao ph6i cen huykt gPy ra hi&n
tugng thoai hoa gi6ng nhung vgn dvgc sir dpng trong tao gi6ng?

CLu 4: (2 diim)
4.1. (1,O d) Vi sao phai sir dung tikt ki&m va hap ly nguan tai nguydn
thidn nhidn?
4.2. (1,O d) Viet Nam la mat trong nhimg nuirc trdn th&giiri chiu tac dang
~ n a n hmB cua bikn dhi khi hcu TrBi dkt. Ngubi ta du tinh d i n n8m 2050 thi nhi&u
vung d i t ven bi&n sE bi ngep chim trong nuirc. HBy giai thich vi sao xay ra hi&n
tuqng do va ndu mat s6 giai phap khic phpc?
CLu 5: (2 di8m)
5.1. (1 ,0 d) Trong qukn xB rirng nhiet diri cho 5 ting sau: ting uu thk sinh
thii rirng (ting t i n rirng), ting vugt tin, ting cPy bui thip, ting c6 vh d u m g xi,
ting duiri tin. HBy s i p xkp c i c ting the0 thir tv tir thkp d i n cao. Ndu nguydn
nhln va y nghia cua sv phhln ting trong quin xB trdn.
5.2. (1,0 d) Ndu cbc di&uki&n c i n thi&t d6 cPc loai sinh vgt: co, kch, tho,
chhlu chku, rin, dai bing, s i n 14 sinh 6 dang vet, giun d i t v i vi sinh vet phhln giai
tri7 thanh inat quin xxH sinh vet. N&U loai b6 hit c6 thi qukn xH do sB bi bi&n d6i
nhu thk nao? Giai thich.

H o va ten thi sinh: ........................................

ChC k y gia~nthi I :

S6 bao daiih: ...............................................


( ~ 6 m
01 trang)

NAM HOC 2015 - 2016

* Man thi: Ngii v5n (Chuyen)
* Ngay thi: 10/6/2015
* Thbi gian: 150 phtit (Klriing kt? t11ci.igian gino d:)

C l u 1 (4,O diem):
Trong "Liri tga" cho cubn sach "Viet Nam sli lugc", tic gia ~ r i nTrong
Kim (1882-1953) d l cho ring:
"Nguhi trong nubc c6 thirng hi& nhirng s v tich nuirc minh mbi co long
yeu nubc yPu nha, rnbi bikt c6 L;
ging hoc hanh, hkt sirc IAm lung, d& vun d i p
thPm vao cai nkn xii hoi clia tien ti, da xly dgng nen ma d&lai cho minh."
(Theo "Vi&t Narn SL?lugc", NXB Khoa hoc x l hoi, 20 1 1, trang 7)
Tir y kikn tr&n, em hay vikt bai viin ngh/ lugn (Ithoang 400 tir) trinh bay
suy nghi vd sv can thikt v l ); nghia clia vi&choc tbp, tim hiku lich sir nubc nha.
C8u 2 (6,O diim):

Ban v& tinh da nghia clia viin hoc, ~ r i Thanh
Binh d l vikt: ". . . Tinh
da nghia clia viin hoc cfing chinh 1s lthi niing tac p h h n cho p h t p dugc
hieu, d u y c c i t nghia va danh g i i the0 nhirng cach lthac nhau trong qua
trinh tiep nhgn clia cbng chling doc gia." (Theo "Viin hoc va hoc van" cua
Theo "Tir di&nthu$t ngir viin hoc" do L&Ba Han, ~ r i Dinh
Sir, ~ g u ~ & n
~ h i Phi
c dbng chli bien (NXB Giao duc, 2006, trang 354) thi: .'. . . tinh da nghia
lthirng chi thk hi&ntr&nphuang dien ngirn tir, ins c6n thk hi&nG- hinh tugng, biku
tugng, kit ciu.".
Em hiku cac )i ltikn tren nhu thk nao? Hiiy p h l n tich it nhat 02 d i n
chirng (tg chon) tir cac tac p h l m viin hoc d2 duyc hoc trong chunng trinh
Ngir viin 9 d& lain sang to.
in chirng cO the la inat tir, ngir, c l u thnlviin,
doan thnlviin hoQc
la mot chi tikt, hinh anh, hinh tuyng, biku tugng, k&t cdu . .. dugc nha viin. nha
tho sang tao n2n trong tac phhrn)



Hg vii ten thi sinh: ........................................

Chii*13; giam th/ 1:

S6 bAo danh: ...............................................



2015 - 2016


* MBn thi: Ti&ngA n h (chuyen)
* Ngay thi: 10/6/2015
* Thtri gian: 150 phljt (KlzBng k a fhoigian giao dj)

( ~ b m
02 trang)


Part 1: LISTENING (1 point)
You will hear a woman asking about a guitar for sale. Listen and complete questions. You
will hear the conversation twice.


Guitar for Sale
Age of guitar:
Best time to visit:



months old




Part 2: LANGUAGE FOCUS (3 points)
I. Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each of the following sentences.
(2 points)
1 . When the lights -- , we couldn't see anything.
B. turned on
C. turned off
D. went on
A. went out
2. You'd better -alone at night. It's dangerous.
A. not go out
B. don't go out
C. to go out
D. not to go out
3. I always want to be a great
A. science
B. scientific
C. scientist
D. scientifically
4. He introduced me to the man
support is necessary for my project.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
D. whose
5. lLly mother gets used to
TV late at night.
A. watch
B. watched
C. to watch
D. watching
6. She had the mechanic
the car regularly.
A. to check
R. checking
C. checked
D. check
7. Peter: I elljoy listening to pop music.
A. I don't, either
B. I am, too
C. Neither do I
D. So do I
8. The table
of wood is more expensive than the plastic one.
B. to make
C. making
D. makes
A. made
11. Rewrite the following sentences, keeping their meaning unchanged and beginning with
the word(s) given. ( 1 point)
1. Mrs. Lan started teaching English ten years ago.
=> Mrs. Lan has
2. This is the most interesting film I have ever seen.
=> I h a v e n e v e r

3. In spite of not speaking Vietnamese. Mr. Robinson decided to settle in Hanoi.
4. He did not go to the party last night because he was tired.




- ..-

I. Choose the best word (A, B, C or D) to fill in each gap in the following passage. (2 points)
For many years now, British girls have performed much better in exams than boys. Most
theories about the causes of this gap -(1)-the sexes have blamed the education
However, new research suggests that boys' poor performance has nothing to do ( 3 ) internal practices at schools. Instead external factors, such as different learning styles and how
( 4 ) up, have to be considered.
For this --(5)--,
many educationalists are now studying how boys and girls learn to
read. They believe that since reading is -(6)- taught either by mothers or by female
primary school teachers, maily boys see reading as a woman's activity and this puts them
) it.
Another factor could be that boys are geilerally more
(8)--- than girls. When they
cannot be the best, they would rather give up on education than be considered average. Girls
seem much happier to be second best.
1. A. amol~g
B. between
C. beside
D. beyond
2. A. method
B. style
C. techl~ique
D. system
3. A. by
B. from
D. with
C . at
C. given
4. A. brought
B. raised
D. grown
5. A. cause
R. purpose
D. objective
C. reason
C. rarely
D. lately
6. A. hardly
B. generally
B. on
C. across
D. tl~rough
7. A. off
8. A. determined
B. optimistic
D. competitive
C. possessive
11. Read the passage and answer the questions below. (1 point)
Alfred Bernard Nobel (1833 - 1896) a Swedish scientist was the first man to make
dynamite. He allowed his invention to be used in peace. However. he saw it being used in war to
destroy things. he was extremely unhappy. On his death. he left all his money to be spent upon a
prize every year. The Nobel Prize is now one of the greatest prizes that a person can ever
receive. It is given every year for the best work in one of the following sub.jects: Physics,
Chemistry. Medicine, Literature and Peace. Some of the world's greatest scientists are asked to
choose who should be given the prizes.
1. When did Nobel die?
2. What is his nationality?
3. Why was he unhappy?
4. 1s the Nobel Prize given to a math scientist?
Part 4: WRII'ING (2 points)
Imagine you were the new president of a city. Write a paragraph (about 80-100 words) about
what you are going to do to make the city become a good place to live.

--- THE END ---

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