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2014 2015 de thi tuyen sinh lop 10 mon anh van chuyen


(D' thi giim cc"): 06 trang)

Ngay thi: 13 / 06 / 2014
ThZri gian: 120 phut (khong kJ thol gian phat de)

btu y: Thi sink lam bai tren giciy thi.
I- PHONETICS: (1.0 point)
PART A: Choose the letter (A, B, C, or D) that represents the word whose main stress is differently
placed from the others'.
1.A. orbit
B. typhoon
C. polite
D. refresh
2. A. disastrous

B. aerobics
C. astronaut
D. volcano
3. A. beneficially
B. refrigerator
C. biochemistry
D. elementary
4. A. Mausoleum
B. referential
C. supermarket
D. sacramental
5. A. environmentalist
B. associational
C. availability
D. differentiation
PART B: Choose the letter (A, B, C, or D) that represents the word whose underlined part is
differently pronounced from the others'.
6. A. puppet
B. compulsory
C. among
D. control
7. A. diseases
B. releases
C. resources
D. places
8. A. encourage
B. sewage
C. linguist
D. energy
9. A. Christmas
B. champagne
C. accuracy
D. nuclear
10. A. balloon
B. afternoon
C. bamboo
D. flood
Choose the best option A, B, C or D that best completes the blank or replaces the underlined part in
each sentence.

11. She looked
when she heard the terrifying noise.
A. frightfully
B. frightening
C. frightened
D. frightful
12. During the class, the students watched the video showing the
of volcano.
A. sights
B. shades
C. views
D. scenes
13 The lights in Tom's room are still on. I'm sure he
A. may be working
B. can be reading
C. must be awake
D. is sleeping
14. One symptom of the disease is high fever.
A. symbol
B. sign
C. cause
D. pain
of people gather in front of the church every weekend.
A. Hundreds
B. Hundred
C. A hundred
D. One hundred
16. Is there a bank where I can
these pounds for dollars?
A. exchange
B. turn
C. alter
D. arrange
17. They have proposed that Peter
his old house.
A. couldn't sell
B. didn't sell
C. hasn't sold
D. not sell
18. If I say that Mary made up that story, I mean that
A. she told it well.
B. she invented it.
C. she repeated it several times.
D. she told it badly.
19. Joseph's so busy that he can't
the time for a film now.
A. spare
B. take
C. spend
D. share
20. Danielle has
herself from others since her son died in an accident.
A. prevented
B. isolated
C. stopped
D. protected


III- Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (0.5 point)
me a headache. I'll have to take
21. The constant humming from the word-processor
an aspirin. (give)
down. (knock)
22. If you walk into the road without looking, you risk
newspapers in the morning. (read)
23. My father gets accustomed
me if you have trouble in the direction of my school. (phone)
24. Please do not hesitate
at work. (not, smoke)
25. The boss recommends
IV- Complete the following text, using the correct form of the words in brackets. The number ZERO
has been done as an example: (0.7 point)
(IMMEDIATE) afterwards,
➢ Pay attention at the time. Rehearse the information (0) immediately
allowing (26)
(INCREASE) longer gaps between each (27)
Therefore, when you hear a name, say it to yourself, and then say it again in a minute later, and so on.
➢ Tax your brain in a (28)
(VARY) of ways. One researcher found that rats given
interesting things to do had better memories than "bored rats".
(SIGNIFY) an event is, the better it will be
➢ Attach meaning to memory — the more (29)
➢ Attach what you want to remember to something already familiar to you. Let's say you need to
(MEMORY) things that are well known to you
remember ten words: start by (30)
(PERSON), such as objects in your house, then associate one of the words with
(ESTIMATE) your brain.
➢ Have confidence in your ability to remember things. Don't (32)
V- Finish the following sentences, putting ONE correct preposition or adverb in each blank. (0.8 point)
33. Their trip to Vietnam made a strong impression
34. Dad: Oh my god! My stomach is really paining!
Daughter: Don't worry, Dad! I'll send
the doctor at once.
35. Most of the companies which managed to come
the economic crisis are now operating
very successfully.
36. My parents are leaving HCM City
Hanoi next week.
37. Don't run
with the idea that you can come home at whatever time you like!
38. The rain discouraged me
on people who aren't from his social background.
39. He's a bit of snob and always looking
40. She seems to have taken
me, as if I had offended her somehow.
PART A: Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Use NO
MORE THAN FIVE WORDS including the words in brackets. Remember NOT TO CHANGE the
words in brackets. The number ZERO has been done as an example:
0. You really should learn to drive. (high)
q> It's high time you learnt to drive.
41. This is my brother's first solo flight across the Atlantic (flown)
across the Atlantic.
• This is the first time my brother
42. You may be very intelligent, but you should be careful about this. (be)
, you should be careful about this.
'$ No matter
43. She often exaggerates how much she earns. (tendency)
how much she earns.
q> She

44. Only Paul succeeded in acquiring high grades. (failed)
q> Everyone
45. This problem cannot be solved instantly. (solution)

high grades.

• There is no

PART B: Rewrite the following sentences as suggested, keep the meaning unchanged.

0. Vietnam exports a lot of rice every year.
q;> A lot of rice is exported by Vietnam every year.

46. Women in developed countries no longer bear many children.
No longer
47. The University of Cambridge is going to award Professor Jones an honorary doctorate, I believe.
q> Professor Jones
48. The doctor should have signed my insurance form.
tt> If only my
49. I left without saying goodbye as I didn't want to disturb the meeting.
tt> Rather
50. My decision to get up and dance coincided with the band's decision to stop playing.
• The moment
51. They couldn't trace who had supplied the information in the first place.


t;5 The source
52. The only thing that prevented the passing of the bill was the death of the Prime Minister.
• Had it not
VII- EACH line from 53 to 60 in the text below contains ONE error. Identify and write them if you
think that they are grammatically wrong or redundant in the sentence. The first TWO EXAMPLES
have been done for you: (0.8 point)



My mother always told me that I should never tell lies. I know what she meant, and in a way I am


agree with her. In other ways, however, I think she was in wrong. In order to be polite and to avoid


offending people, it's necessary to say a little white lie sometimes. Let me give you an example. I


always write to my Auntie Audrey and tell her what a lovely the day I had with her on Sunday and


how delicious the lunch was been. Neither of these strings is true, but it would be rude not to write


and writing the truth would hurt too much, so I have to lie with her. In the same way, you have to say


that a newborn baby looks beautiful; even though we know they all much look the same and are only


actually beautiful in the eyes of their parents. And of course, when I've had done my hair cut, or when


I'm wearing a new outfit for the first time, the last thing I want to hear is the truth. I want to tell why I


look wonderful. In these type situations, the truth would not do any of us any good!

0. am
00. in





VIII- READING: (2 points)
PART A: Fill in the passage below, using your own words. REMEMBER that there is ONLY ONE
suitable word for each blank. The number ZERO has been done as an example:
No one goes through life without handling money. Millions of people work hard year in and year out
to earn money. Some people are born into money, some marry into money, (0) others inherit money.
the law in order to
Millions buy lottery tickets hoping to win money. Some people even (61)
get money. Everybody wants to have money because it makes life easy.
spending it can cause difficulties, too. The many
Saving money is often difficult, (62)
much about them. Uncontrolled spending may
different ways people deal (63)
be a sign of personal problems. Some shoppers buy, buy and buy more than they can use. Psychologists say
that this is a way of giving themselves love or power. Many people buy expensive things they do not really
to get rid of unhappy feelings. Some people are heavy gamblers and cannot stop
need so (64)
very painful to spend money, even if
even though they lose all their money. Others find (65)
cannot control their spending or are pained by spending
they have a lot of it. People who (66)
their money probably need psychological help for their personal problems. This (67)
change their ways of using money and looking at life.
PART B: Each board conveys its meaning. Read it and choose the best option (A, B, C, or D) that best
explains the meaning to each.
68. Board 1:
A. Dogs must wait outside.
B. Dogs must walk with their owners.
C. Dogs must be kept on a chain.
D. Dogs must be held.
69. Board 2:
A. Cleaning now costs twice as much.


B. Cleaning costs are now cheaper.


C. Cleaning costs are going up.
D. Cleaning costs will stay the same.

70. Board 3:
A. Your dentist may give you medicine.
B. You have to bring your medicine with you.
C. Ask your dentist if you need some medicine.
D. Your dentist needs to know about your medicine.

71. Board 4:
A. You must pay to park here.
B. If you use the train you can park here.
C. This space is for railway officials.
D. No one is allowed to park here.


PART C: Read the text below and choose the most suitable heading from the box for each paragraph
of the text. There is ONE extra heading. The first one has been done as an example:

A. Most smoking deaths
B. Diseases related to smoking
C. Danger of smoking
D. Experts' advice
E. Smoker population in the world
F. Men's smoking preference.


A new international study shows that six people die every minute from smoking. That equals 3
million deaths around the world every year. If the present rate of smoking continues, the number of deaths
each year from smoking could rise to 10 million by the year 2020.
The study describes smoking as the biggest cause to deadly diseases among grown-ups in industrial
countries. So far most of the smoking deaths have happened on men, especially in developing countries.
A researcher at the World Health Organization says 70% of Chinese men smoke more than 15
cigarettes each day. In Latin America, about 50% of the men are smokers. There are also a very large
number of smokers in the former Soviet Union and in the east Europe. And 25% of all smoking deaths
world-wide are in those areas of the world. Scientists say smoking will kill 50% of the smokers.
Smoking is known to cause lung cancer. It also can lead to cancer of the mouth and other parts of
bodies. Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers suffer from heart disease.
Experts say that people reduce their chance of dying from smoking if they stop smoking completely.
They say smokers who give up smoking can improve their health considerably.
PART D: Read the text below and choose the best answer to each question.
How many coins have you got in your pocket right now? Three? Two? Or one?
With a phone card, you can make up to 200 calls without any change at all.
WHAT do you do with it?
Go to a telephone box marked "Phonecard". Put in your card, make your call and when you've finished,
a screen tells you how much is left on your card.
It costs no extra for the cards, and the calls cost 10 pence per unit, the same as any other payphone call.
You can buy them in units of 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200.



NOW appearing in a shop near you.
Near each Cardphone place you'll find a shop where you can buy one. They've at bus, train and city
tube stations.
At many universities, hospitals and clubs, restaurants and gas stations on the highway and shopping
At airports and seaports.
NO more broken payphones.
Most broken payphones are like that because they've been vandalized. There are no coins in Cardphone
to excite thieves' interest in it. So you're not probably to find a vandalized one.
Get a phonecard yourself and try it. Or get a bigger wallet.
76. The passage is most probably
D. a note
C. an advertisement
B. an announcement
A. a warning
77. Among the three sections in the passage, which section can help you get phonecards easily?
D. None
B. Section 2
C. Section 3
A. Section 1
78. There are 4 steps under "HOW you use phonecard" at cardphones. They're disordered.
Put them in the right order by choosing A, B, C or D.
a. Put in your phonecard.
b. Look at the screen to find out how many calls you can still make.
c. Go to the telephone box marked "Phonecard".
d. Make your call.
D. c, d, a, and b
c, a, d, and b
C. a, d, c, and b
A. a, b, c, and d
79. According to the information you get from the passage, how much does a card with 40 units cost?
D. 100 pounds
C. 400 pounds
A. 4 pounds
B. 40 pounds
80. The last sentence "Or get a bigger wallet." implies
B. You cannot use all payphones.
A. Phonecards are cheap.
D. People do not like carrying money.
C. Thieves will not break cardphones.
IX- WRITING: (2 points)
Write a paragraph of at least 120 words to tell about one of your close friends from your childhood.


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