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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 cơ bản_ Unit 9
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
a. where
b. sphere
c. atmosphere
d. here
a. clear
b. hear
c. idea
d. heart
a. tour
b. pour
c. your
d. mourn
a. square

b. share
c. are
d. rare
a. sure
b. pure
c. picture
d. mature
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part;
or has the same meaning to the sentence above.
How__________ is the lake?
a. deep
b. depth
c. deepen
d. deeply
To __________ a bad habit, such as smoking and gambling, is not quite easy to most of human beings.
a. divide
b. overcome
c. reveal
d. investigate
Now scientists can discover a lot in outer space as well as undersea world by using sophisticated
a. convenient and comfortable
b. complicated and refined
c. various
d. huge and enormous
John’s father is a __________ scientist. He studies life in the sea.
a. marine
b. undersea
c. submarine
d. organism
10. There used to be __________ no people living in this area.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article

11. The teacher had divided the students __________ small groups before they did their task.
a. of
b. for
c. into
d. in
12. he law is no longer __________ so we have to cancel the contract and make another one.
a. effect
b. effective
c. effectiveness
d. effectively w
13. Whenever I visit an interesting place, I have my photographs __________.
a. made
b. taken
c. grasped
d. held
14. In some countries, teenagers can live __________ from their parents if they want.
a. dependently
b. independence
c. independent
d. independently
15. Animals, __________ oysters, mussels, snails, and slugs, have a soft body and no backbone, use a hard
a. including
b. interacting
c. connecting
d. understanding
16. Many people believe that undersea world is__________ origins of life on__________
a. a / the
b. an / an
c. the / an
d. the / no article
17. 37°C is the normal __________ of the human body.
a. coldness
b. heat
c. temperature
d. weather
18. __________, he would lend us his car.
a. If he was here
b. Was he here
c. Were he here
d. Unless he was here
19. __________ a vacation now if she had more time?
a. Will she take
b. Would she take
c. Is she taking
d. Does she take
20. Our teacher often advises us that__________ work in order to realize our ambitions.
a. you will
b. we should
c. should you
d. should we
21. You should work harder for the coming terminal examination.
a. had better
b. would rather
c. needn’t
d. mustn’t
22. When we were children we used to go skating every winter.
a. should
b. were
c. would
d. ought to
23. __________ a foreign language helps us to open a new horizon to a culture and people.
a. Learning
b. Learn
c. Learnt
d. Learned
24. The traffic is heavy during rush hours so they are sometimes late for school.
a. If the traffic is not heavy during rush hours, they are not sometimes late for school.
b. If the traffic were not heavy during rush hours, they would not be sometimes late for school.
c. The heavy traffic during rush hours should not make them be late for school.
d. In spite the traffic is heavy during rush hours they are not sometimes late for school.
25. Should anyone call, tell him or her I am away.
Gv: Nguyễn Thị Bạch Huế



a. If anyone calls
b. If no one will call c. If anyone call
It is necessary that he __________ home immediately.
a. will be
b. will have been
c. should being
If I __________ in your position, I would not accept her offer.
a. am
b. were
c. have been
I wish __________ he here now.
a. is
b. will be
c. were
Peter cannot go out for lunch because his car is broken.
a. In spite of his broken car, Peter goes out for lunch.
b. If his car is not broken, Peter will go out for lunch.
c. If his car were not broken, Peter could go out for lunch.
d. Unless his car were not broken, Peter could go out for lunch.
She suggested that he__________ his situation carefully.
a. should consider
b. considers
c. is considering

d. As if anyone called
d. should be
d. would be
d. has been

d. has to consider

Error Identification
31. All water, even rain water, contains dissolved chemicals those scientists call “salts.”
32. Sea water, in contrast to the water we use daily, contains unacceptable amounts of
dissolved chemicals, which makes it is too salty for human consumption
33. Scientists seek the answers about the mysteries of undersea world with full awareness that little about
the oceans has understood.
34. What arouses the scientists’ curiosity is not so many why the ocean is salty, but why it is not fresh
like the rivers and streams that pour into it.
35. If the salt in the sea could be removed and spread evenly over the Earth’s land surface, it will form a
layer more than 500 feet thick, about the height of a 40-storey office building
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest
a. ocean
b. divide
c. challenge
d. picture
a. indication
b. sophisticate
c. interaction
d. understanding
a. various
b. animal
c. temperature
d. connection
a. discover
b. endanger
c. fertilize
d. contribute
a. reveal
b. supply
c. effect
d. planet
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part; or has
the same meaning to the sentence above.
A __________ is a naval vessel that can operate under water as well as on the surface.
a. submarine
b. satellite
c. photograph
d. organism
The police are __________ to find out the cause of the crash.
a. dividing
b. indicting
c. investigating
d. supplying
She gave no indication of being able to improve the situation.
a. connection
b. evidence
c. temperature
d. interaction
The authority supplied the victims of the fire __________ food, clothes, and money.
a. on
b. for
c. to
d. with
10. The __________ between teachers and students is very important in teaching and learning.
a. interaction
b. independence
c. variety
d. challenge
11. __________ Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, covering one third of the Earth’s surface.
a. A
b. An
c. The
d. no article

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 cơ bản_ Unit 9


I took part in every school__________ when I was a student.
a. act
b. action
c. activity
d. acting
13. The existence of different kinds of animals and plants which make a balanced environment is
a. biodiversity
b. challenge
c. rubbish
d. maintain
14. He is always interested in the mysteries that lie beneath the blue depths of the ocean.
a. over
b. under
c. above
d. on
15. Seventy percent of __________ earth surface is covered by water.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
16. Remember to keep our private business __________.
a. secret
b. secretly
c. secrecy
d. secreted
17. For years, scientists in many countries __________ a lot of research to find a vaccine against AIDS.
a. are doing
b. will do
c. did
d. have done
18. You should always pay your income tax before the deadline.
a. had better
b. would rather
c. needn’t
d. do not need
19. Peter was sacked yesterday because of his laziness. He__________
a. should work harder
b. will work harder
c. worked hard
d. should have worked harder
20. I cannot force you to learn English but I think you __________.
a. should
b. should be
c. should have
d. cannot
21. I said I __________ buy something for lunch.
a. will
b. shall
c. should
.d. should be
22. If only I__________ at home and __________ a football match on TV now.
a. am / watch
b. were / were watching
c. should be / should be watching
d. be / watch
23. The racer could continue running if his leg were not broken.
a. It was his broken leg that made the racer run.
b. The racer could continue running because of his broken leg.
c. The racer broke his leg and continues running.
d. The racer cannot continue running because of his broken leg
24. You look tired and pale. You should go to see the doctor.
a. Why don’t you go to see the doctor?
b. Why do you go to see the doctor?
c. What’s the matter with you and your doctor?
d. Do you want to go to see the doctor?
25. __________ I had enough money to buy whatever I like.
a. If only
b. If
c. Only if
d. As if
26. If he does not come soon, __________
a. we would miss the bus
b. would we miss the bus
c. will we miss the bus
d. we will miss the bus
27. __________ , they would enter the contest next week.
a. If they are old enough
b. Were they old enough
c. They were old enough
d. If were they old enough
28. Would she come to see us if she knew__________?
a. where we are living
b. we lived where
c. where we had lived
d. where do we live
29. Conserve our environment as soon as possible__________ we all die out someday in the future.
a. if
b. unless
c. or
d. provided that
30. I__________ it if you__________ with me now.
a. will appreciate / had came
b. would appreciate / are coming
c. would appreciate / came
d. appreciate / would come

Gv: Nguyễn Thị Bạch Huế

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
a. mystery
b. century
c. oxygen
a. activity
b. investigate
c. diversity
a. mamma
b. human
c. beneath
a. oversize
b. satellite
c. existence
a. plastic
b. concern
c. carry



Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part; or
has the same meaning to the sentence above.
Sperm whale populations are at risk due to hunting.
a. in danger
b. at hand
c. on purpose
d. in use
The blue__________ is the largest known animal ever to have lived on sea or land.
a. krill
b. tuna
c. whale
d. shell
Green turtles can migrate more than 1,400 miles to __________ their eggs
a. lie
b. lay
c. laid
d. lain
Sea life has a strong __________ on the composition of sea water.
a. challenge
b. information c.
d. influence
10. There is a wide variety of opinions on sea food cultivation.
a. same
b. diversity
c. supply
d. interaction
11. The sea bottom is__________ into three areas: the continental shelf, the continental slope, and the ocean
a. divided
b. changed
c. consisted
d. included
12. If you pour oil on water, it will __________
a. float
b. drown
c. dissolve
d. compound
13. Over millions of years, the forceful rush of water can cut deep canyons into dry desert rock. __________
Grand Canyon, in Arizona, for example, was carved by water.
a. A
b. An
c. The
d. no article
14. Mr. Pike works hard and spends more economically to make__________ for his old age.
a. provide
b. provision
c. provider
d. provident
15. Only a very delicate thermometer can
measure such tiny
changes in__________.
a. water
b. temperature
c. current
d. marine
16. They spent their childhood in a tiny fishery village by the sea.
a. small
b. big
c. large
d. enormous
17. Seventy-five percent of the earth __________ are covered by seas and oceans.
a. face
b. flat
c. resurface
d. surface
18. Oil spills are a great __________ to the undersea world.
a. threat
b. threaten
c. threatened
d. threateningly
19. Her work has enormously contributed __________ the charity collection.
a. for
b. on
c. to
d. in
20. If you __________ water, it __________ into the atmosphere as vapor.
a. boiled / will disappear
b. boiled / would disappear
c. boil / disappears
d. will boil / should appear
21. If Mary were not afraid of flying, she would travel by plane.
a. Because of her fear of flying, Mary did not travel by plane
b. Because of her fear of flying, Mary does not travel by plane.
c. Because of her fear of flying, Mary traveled by plane.
d. Because of her fear of flying, Mary travels by plane.
22. Thanks a lot. Without your help, I __________ my work.
a. can hardly finish
b. could hardly finish
c. cannot hardly finish
d. could not hardly finish
23. I am not satisfied with my present job. __________ I had a new job with higher salary.
a. If
b. Even if
c. As if
d. If only
24. Mr. Pike has got a lung cancer. He is a non-stop smoker. He __________ smoking before he has got the
a. should stop
b. should be stop
c. shall have stopped d. should have stopped

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 cơ bản_ Unit 9
25. If anyone knocks at the door, do not answer it.
a. Should anyone knock at the door
b. Should anyone knocks at the door
c. In case anyone knocked at the door
d. There is anyone knocks at the door
26. You should submit the assignment before the deadline, otherwise the teacher __________ you to take the
final exam.
a. will allow
b. will not allow
c. should not allow
d. would not allow
27. Why do you stay at home? Why don’t you go to school? You __________ at the moment.
a. should study
b. are studying
c. should be studying d. should have studied
28. The rain prevents us from going out.
a. In spite of the rain, we still go out.
b. Because of the rain, we should go out.
c. It is the rain that makes us go out.
d. If it did not rain, we would go out.
29. Let’s begin the conference now.
a. Shall we begin the conference now?
b. Do we begin the conference now?
c. Must we begin the conference now?
d. Are we beginning the conference now?
30. We __________ afraid to state our views.
a. should be never
b. never should be
c. should never be
d. be never should

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