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Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh 2017 Đề 8

(Đề thi có 04 trang)

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
1. A. construction
B. procedure
C. masterpiece
2. A. windsurfing
B. wilderness
C. rhino

D. present
D. philosopher

Choose the word whose stress is different
3. A. kangaroo

B. involvement
4. A. parrot
B. reserve
5. A. traveller
B. prevail

D. accelerate
D. master
D. successful

C. biologist
C. vertical
C. society

Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences
6. More and more trees in the area are found __________ from the effect of polluted air.
A. died B. to be dying
C. having died
D. to be dead
7. She has ________________ eyes.
A. beautiful, big, blue
B. big, blue, beautiful C. blue, beautiful, big
D. a blue, beautiful, big
8. Paul was so _________ with his exam results that he didn’t smile all week.
A. satisfying
B. proud
C. delighted
D. disappointed
9. _______________ he arrived at the bus stop when the bus came.
A. No longer has
B. No sooner had
C. Not until had
D. Hardly had
10. I ___________ to the author if I thought he would publish the article.
A. write
B. am writing
C. would write
D. had written
11. The children made ___________ a little poem and wrote it in the card.
A. up

B. over
C. for
D. off
12. The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the air, _______________
A. more heat it retains
B. it retains mere heat
C. the more it retains heat
D. the more heat it retains
13. The United States consists of 50 states; _______________ has its own government.
A. each of which
B. which
C. that
D. each of them
14. A: “ Our team has just won the last football match?”
B: “ ______________________”.
A. Good idea. Thanks for the news
B. Yes. I guess it’s very good
C. Well, that’s very surprising!
D. Yes, it’s our pleasure
15. When I returned, I found that my car ___________ away.
A. had been pulled
B. has been pulled
C. had been pulling
D. has been pulling
16. _______________ I ask him for the money he owes me, he says he will bring it in a few days, but
I don’t think he has got it at all.
A. Whenever
B. However
C. Whatever
D. Wherever
17. There’s no _______________ in going to school if you are not willing to learn
A. reason
B. point
C. aim
D. purpose
18. You _____________ the look on his face when he won the prize.
A. would have seen
B. can be seeing
C. must see
D. should have seen
19. “What do you think of the book?”
“Oh, excellent. It’s worth ____________ a second time”.
A. to read
B. to be read
C. reading
D. being read
20. Nowadays elephants are one of the __________ species in the world. They need protecting.
A. enlightened
B. expensive
C. endangered
D. enlarged
21. Arthur Conan Doyle is the ______ who writes many exciting stories about Sherlock Holmes.
A. teller
B. author
C. editor
D. publisher
22. If you take a good book on your hand, you will find it hard _______________.
A. to pick it up
B. to put it down C. to read it
D. to enjoy it
23. She didn’t get ___________ well with her boss, so the left the company.
A. up
B. at
C. through
D. on
Đề 8

24. A: “Have you been able to reach Peter ?”
B: “___________________________”
A. There’s no approval
C. Yes, I’ve known him for years.

B. It’s much too high
D. No, the line is busy

Choose the alternative which is CLOSEST in meaning to the italicized word
25. The performance thrilled the audience.
A. scene
B. sight
C. show
D. actor
26. They tried hard not to be discontented.
A. discouraged
B. displeased
C. naughty
D. serious
27. It’s imitation leather.
A. man-made
B. natural
C. valuable
D. expensive
28. The farmer will harvest the rice soon.
A. gather
B. plant
C. store
D. visit
29. They grumbled about the food.
A. argued
B. thought
C. complained
D. bargained
Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting
30. Because of continual moisture and warm, tropical rain forests stay green all year.
31. The last person leaves the room must turn off the lights.
32. The major goals of primary education is to achieve basic literacy and numeracy among all students.
33. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to help you and your family members feeling more
in touch with each other.
34. Meal time is a great time for family members to talk about that is going on in their lives.
Read the following passages and then choose the best answer for each of the sentences bellow.
Millions of people are using cell phones today. In many places, it is actually considered unusual not to
use one. In many countries, cell phones are very popular with young people. They find that the phones
are more than a means of communication – having a mobile phone show that they are cool and
The explosion in mobile phone use around the world has made some health professionals worried.
Some doctors are concerned that in the future many people may suffer health problems from the use of
mobile phones. In England, there has been a serious debate about this issue. Mobile phone companies
are worried about the negative publicity of such ideas. They say that there is no proof that mobile
phones are bad for your health.
On the other hand, medical studies have shown changes in the brain cells of some people who use
mobile phones. Signs of change in the tissues of the brain and head can be detected with modern
scanning equipment. In one case, a travelling salesman had to retire at young age because of serious
memory loss. He couldn’t remember even simple tasks. He would often forget the name of his own
son. This man had to talk on his mobile phone for about six hours a day, every day of his working
week, for a couple of years. His family doctor blamed his mobile phone use, but his employer’s doctor
didn’t agree.
What is it that makes mobile phones potentially harmful? The answer is radiation. High-tech
machines can detect very small amounts of radiation from mobile phones. Mobile phone companies
agree that theories some radiation, but they say the amount is too small to worry about.
As the discussion about their safety continues it appears that it’s best to use mobile phones less often.
Use your regular phone if you want to talk a long time. Use your mobile phone only when you really
need it. Mobile phones can be very useful and convenient, especially in emergencies. In the future,
mobile phones may have a warning label that says they are bad for your health. So for now, it’s wise
not to use your mobile phone too often.
Đề 8

35. According to the passage, cell phone are especially popular with young people because ……….
A. they are indispensable in everyday communication.
B. they make them look more stylist
C. they keep the users alert all the time.
D. they cannot be replace by regular phones.
36. The changes are possibly caused by the cell phones are mainly concerned with ………
A. the mobility of the mind and the body.
B. the smallest unit of the brain
C. the arteries of the brain.
D. the resident memory
37. The word “means” in the passage most closely means ………
A. meanings
B. method
C. expression
D. transmission
38. The word “potentially: in the passage most likely means ………
A. obviously
B. possibly
C. certainly
D. privately
39. The expression “negative publicity” in the passage most likely means ………..
A. information on the lethal effects of cell phones
B. widespread opinion about bad effects of cell phones.
C. the negative public use of cell phones.
D. poor ideas about the effects of cell phones
40. Doctors may tentatively concluded that cell phones may …….
A. damage their user’s emotions
B. cause some mental malfunction
C. change their users’ temperament.
D. change their users’ social behaviors
41. The man mentioned in the passage, who used his cell phone too often, ………
A. suffered serious loss of mental ability.
B. could no longer think lucidly.
C. abandoned his family
D. had a problem with memory.
42. According to the passage, what makes mobile phones potentially harmful is …….
A. their radiant light.
B. their power of attraction
C. their raiding power
D. their invisible rays.
43. According to the writer, people should ……..
A. only use mobile phones in urgent cases. B. only use mobile phones in medical emergencies.
C. keep off mobile phones regularly.
D. never use mobile phones in all cases.
44. The most suitable title for the passage could be ……..
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
Children in the Netherlands must be at least four years old to (45) _____ primary education. Almost all
4-year-olds (99.3%) in the country indeed attend primary school, (46) _____ this is not compulsory
until children reach the age of 5. Primary school is free of charge. In most schools, children are
grouped by (47) _____ in mixed ability classes, with one teacher for all subjects.
Primary school (48) _____ of 8 groups, thus schooling lasts for 8 years. During the first two years,
which is also called kindergarten, children receive an average of 22 hours of (49) _____, during the
last 6 years children receive an average of 25 hours per week. Schools are open 5 days a week, but
children are free on Wednesday afternoon. At the end of primary school, or in group 8, schools advice
on secondary school choice. Most schools use a national test to support this advice, for instance the
'Citotoets’, a test (50) ____ by the Central Institute for Test development.
45. A. afford
46. A. although
47. A. old
48. A. includes
49. A. educate
50. A. develop

Đề 8

B. enter
B. despite
B. elderly
B. contains
B. educative
B. to develop

C. come
C. in spite
C. aging
C. consists
C. educator
C. developed

D. run
D. due to
D. age
D. composes
D. education
D. developing

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