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Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 19/11/2016

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Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 19/11/2016
Topic: Some people think that we do not need to print papers newspapers anymore. Do you
agree or disagree?
Band 5.0
There are different perspectives about printing papers, newspapers. However, the printing ways to
provide the news cannot cope with the fast changing society and the development of technologies
makes it easier for people to acquire information. Therefore, I completely agree that there will be
no need for printing newspapers.
Newspapers would not need to be printed, because people are surrounded by information and
easily shared within their societal group. They can easily update and share information with each
other and can enhance their relationships. For example, people are associated with at least one
societal group such as a school or a work. From there, people can easily share the latest news each
other and can develop the communication.
By the time, newspapers being printed and published, the news become outdated and the
information may irrelevant. Since we are living in a fast-moving society and the newspapers and
news should be changed at rapidity. In the case of US election, for instance, all the other
technologies have kept updating with the process of elections whereas the newspapers only
published with the final result. Therefore, publishing papers cannot follow with the speed of
society changes.

Printed papers, newspapers would disappear because people use alternative forms to acquire
information. It is a fact that, a majority of the people already acquire information through TV,
internet or mobile phones for its convenience. Lets’ take an example for my house, my
grandmother acquired news from TV, my parents received the news from internet and I heard
about the latest news through mobile phones. Therefore, people have changed the ways to acquire
information overtime.
In conclusion, the weakness of printed newspapers cannot overtake the strengths of modern
technologies and societal group. Therefore, the demand for printing would be reduced.
Band 7.0
Many people argue that traditional printed newspaper is no longer suitable in the new era.
Therefore, this kind of presenting information should be abandoned completely. In my opinion, I
strongly agree with this statement in views of following reasons.
One possible reason is that taking conventional printed newspaper has taken a heavy toll on

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environment. There is no point in denying that newspaper is made chiefly from wood, which

harvest from natural forests. Consequently, the more wood used in press industry, the more natural
resources we human being exploit excessively. Although tradional newspaper is considered as a
renewable source, we could not deny that the large number of users, who take newspapers daily,
caught littering the street uncontrollably instead of separating it for recycling. As a result, this
could lead to the damage of surrounding public senery and environmental pollution, which is the
globally serious proplems nowadays.
Furthermore, apart from the traditional printed newspapers, readers have had the tendency to turn
into other alternatives, which are much more appealing and highly convenient. It is true that that
with the proliferation of Internet, it is by far easier for readers to find the highly informative
websites, which interest them with the latest news and greater diversity about all aspects of life
including health, environment, politics, and so forth. Moreover, there are various high-tech tools
such as smart-phone, tablets, laptop which enable readers to enjoy news wherever they are, even in
the geographically isolated areas, where news stands are relatively rare.
In conclusion, it seems to me that conventional printed newspaper would die out in the not too
distant future due to the fact that it not only negatively affect environment, but also it is a virtually
obsolete way of accessing information.
Task achievement – 7.5

address all parts of the task

clear position throughout the response

present extended ideas

Lexical resource – 7.0

use sufficient range of vocabulary to allow flexibility

make many errors in spelling,

Coherence and Cohesion – 7.0

logically organize information and ideas

present a central topic within a paragraph

Grammatical range and accuracy – 6.5

VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí

use a mix of complex and simple structures

make some occasional errors

Overall – 7.0

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