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Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 26/11/2016

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Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 26/11/2016

Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Is it a positive or negative
Advantages of advertising:
Advertising plays a significant role in the introduction of a new product => helps manufacturers
expand their market.
Advertisements help educate the consumers by familiarizing them with the new products and their
diverse uses => buyers are better-informed about available products.
Advertising provides and creates more employment opportunities for many talented people. (e.g.
painters, photographers, singers, cartoonists, musicians, models and people working in different
advertising agencies.)
Disadvantages of advertising:
It is said that advertising costs are passed on to the consumers in the form of high prices.
(Manufacturers spend large amount on advertising => it creases the cost of the products => price
of products is raised.)
Advertisements may confuse rather than help buyers. (The actual product was quite different from
the information given in the advertisement.)

Advertisements can cause decay of social values. (Many times, foul language and objectionable
pictures are used in advertising in order to attract a particular class. They may be insulting to a
particular class.)
Bài mẫu band 7.0
It is true that the number of advertisements have been increasing dramatically in recent years.
Besides producing the strongly positive effects, this worldwide phenomenon also brings about
various negative ones that merit considerations.
On the one hand, the sharply exponential rise of adverts could benefit both enterprises and national
governments in social and economical aspect, regardless the types of advertisement. Admittedly,
in the new era, the more adverts companies publish, the more customers and viewers they could
lure. For example, Nike, a largely reputable shoes company, has applied successfully celebrity
endorsement to promote their image to customers and has become one of the most influential
enterprises in the world. Therefore, thanks to these adverts, the companies itself whose products
are advertised would maximise their profits and develop strongly. Besides, if enterprises earn large

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income, then they could pay more tax revenue to government. As a consequence, national

governments could invest heavily in key areas such as education or heath services, especially for
the underdeveloped countries where illiteracy and poor sanitation remain the serious problems in
On the other hand, this trend also gives rise to many significant drawbacks for both the customers
and government officials. There is no point in denying that the more adverts show on mass media,
the more difficult choices customers themselves have to face. Consequently, they have to
encounter with great difficulty in giving the final purchasing decision to deliberately choose the
suitable products, which satisfy them in both quality and general appearance, out of a range of
products advertised in official media. Furthermore, it is true that governments themselves must
enact strict regulations in order to control the large amount of adverts, otherwise the misleading
advertisements could display unmanageably in national media.
In conclusion, although advertising industry has been thriving strongly and result in many positive
outcomes, we could not underestimate the negative impacts on purchasers and state governments
of this trend.
Điểm số
Task achievement - 7.5

address all part of the task

present a clear position throughout the response

Coherence and Cohesion - 7.0

logically organise information

present a central topic within each paragraph

Lexical resource - 7.5

use a wide range of vocabulary

produce some errors in collocation, use of article,..

Grammatical range - 7.0

use a variety of complex structures

Overall 7.0

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