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Đề thi học kỳ 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 trường THPT Đào Duy Từ, Đăk Nông năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

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Môn: English 12
Thời gian: 60 phút (Không kể thời gian giao đề)

Mã đề thi: 129
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
Câu 1: A. jumped
B. grabbed
C. remarked
D. laughed
Câu 2: A. bathing
B. method
C. bathroom
D. width
Câu 3: A. doors
B. plays

C. students
D. beds
Pick out the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest:
Câu 4: A. persuade
B. comfort
C. protect
D. reduce
Câu 5: A. terrorism
B. economics
C. preparation
A. education
Choose the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part.
Câu 6: Cattle raising began in Texas well before the Civil War
A. ages
B. properly
C. long
Câu 7: The consensus among his sisters was that he ought to get married.
A. disagreement B. statistics
C. survey
D. concentration
Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part.
Câu 8: The alarm went off at 5.30. I got up and got ready for work
A. went on
B. worked
C. rang
D. opened
Câu 9: : Punctuality is imperative in your new job.
A. Being efficient B. Being on time C. Being cheerful D. Being courteous
Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting.
Câu 10: The major goal of primary education is to achieve basis literacy and innumeracy among
all students.
A. basis
B. major goal C. is
D. among
Câu 11: Education can often to be considered to be the most important element to develop a
A. most important B. to develop C. to be considered D. can
Câu 12: Most parents prefer an education system which offers children widest study options in
the world.

A. which
B. widest
C. education system D. Most parents
Choose one sentence that has the same meaning as the root one.
Câu 13: He said, “My wife has just bought a diamond ring.”
A. He said that his wife had just bought a diamond ring.
B. He said that my wife had just bought a diamond ring.
C. He said that his wife has just bought a diamond ring.
D. he said that his wife just bought a diamond ring.
Câu 14: Tom asked me:” Did you have good time last year?”
A. Tom asked me if was I having a good time last year
C. Tom asked me if would I have a good time the year before
B. Tom asked me whether I had had a good time the year before
D. Tom asked me whether I have had a good time the year before
Câu 15: The girl who is standing over there is my sister.
A. The girl stands over there is my sister.
B. The girl standing over there is my sister.

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C. The girl who standing over there is my sister.
D. The girl to stand over there is my sister.
Choose the sentence that best combines the pair of sentences given
Câu 16: The students have to learn many words. They are very difficult
A. The students have to learn many words which are very difficult
B. The students being very difficult have to learn many words.
C. The students who are very difficult have to learn many words.
D. The students whom have to learn many words being very difficult.
1. Câu 17: He doesn’t have time to do physical exercises. he is unhealthy.
A. If he did physical exercise, she would be healthy.
B. If he does physical exercise, she would be healthy.
C If he did physical exercise, she would have been healthy..
D If he had done physical exercise, she will be healthy.
Read the text below and choose the correct word or phrase for each space
In the western customs ...(18)... hands is the customary form of greeting, but in China a nod of the
head or slight bow is sufficient. Hugging and kissing when greeting are uncommon. Business cards
are often ...(19)... and yours should be printed in your own language and in Chinese. Also, it is
more respectful to present your card or a gift or -any other article using both hands. The Chinese
are ...(20)... applauders. You may be greeted with group clapping, even by small children. When a
person is applauded in this practice it is the custom for that person to return the applause or a
"thank you." When walking in public places, direct eye contact and staring is uncommon in the
larger cities, especially in those areas accustomed to foreign visitors. ...(21)... , in smaller
communities, visitors may be the subject of much curiosity and therefore you may notice some
stares. Generally speaking, the Chinese are not a touch-oriented society, especially true for visitors.
So, avoid ...(22)... or any prolonged form of body contact. Public displays of affection are very rare.
On the other hand, you may 3note people of the same sex walking hand-in-hand, which is simply a
gesture of friendship.
Do not worry about a bit of pushing and shoving in stores or when groups board public buses or
trains. In this case, Apologies are neither offered or expected. The Chinese will stand much closer
than Westerners.
Câu 18 : A. grasping
B. hugging
D. taking
Câu 19: A. converted
B. exchanged
C. transferred D. changed
Câu 20: A. enthusiasm B.enthusiast
C. enthusiastic D. enthusiastically
Câu 21: A. Moreover
B. Whatever
D. Furthermore
Câu 22: A. touching
B. touched
D. to touch
Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.
Câu 23: The sign says, "Keep off the grass."
A. The sign says, "Grass should not be grown here."
B. The sign says, "Water the grass, please."
C. The sign says, "Don't walk on the grass."
D. The sign says, "Have someone cut the grass immediately."
Câu 24: We always stand by you when you are in need.
A. We can never stand your necessity.
B. We cannot do anything for you though you are in need.
C. Whenever you are in need, we stand next to you.
D. We always continue to support and help you when you are in need.
Câu 25: Go over the report before you submit it.
A. Type the report quickly and then submit it.
B. Before you write the report you have to find enough information.
C. Before you submit the report, you should be finished writing it.

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D. Read the report carefully before you submit it.
Câu 26: I will take up golf this year.
A. I will build a golf court this year.
B. I will begin to play golf this year.
C. I will enter a golf competition this year.
D. I will stop playing golf this year.
Câu 27: Housewives do not have to spend a lot of time doing housework any more.
A. Housewives have to spend more and more time to do housework.
B. No longer do housewives have to spend a lot of time doing housework.
C. Never have housewives spent as much time doing housework as they do now.
D. Housework will never be done by housewives any more.
Câu 28: The fortune-teller ______ around here for a long time.
A. hasn’t seen
B. didn’t see
C. hasn’t been see
D. hasn’t been seen
Câu 29: The captain said to his men: “Cut the power supply immediately!”
A. The chief fireman ordered his men to cut the power supply immediately.
B. The chief fireman suggested his men cut the power supply immediately.
C. The chief fireman requested his men to cut the power supply immediately.
D. The chief fireman invited his men to cut the power supply immediately.
Câu 30: John: “Why don’t you take a break?” - Alex: “_________”
A. Because I’m tired
B. I don’t agree
C. Sure, go ahead
D. I guess I should
Read the passage below. Then choose one best answer (A), (B), (C) or (D) to each question
Today’s cars are smaller, safer, cleaner and more economical than their predecessors, but the car
of the future will be far more pollution-free than those on the road today. Several new types of
automobile engines have already been developed that run on alternative sources of power, such as
electricity, compressed natural gas, methanol, steam, hydrogen, propane.
Electricity, however, is the only zero-emission option presently available. Although electric
vehicles will not be truly practical until a powerful, compact battery or another dependable source
of current is available, transportation expects foresee a new assortment of electric vehicles entering
everyday life: shorter-range commuter electric cars, three-wheeled neighbourhood cars, electric
deliver vans, bikes, and trolleys.
As automakers work to develop practical electric vehicles, urban planners and utility engineers
are focusing on infrastructure systems to support and make the best use of the new cars. Public
charging facilities will need to be as common as today’s gas stations. Public parking spots on the
street or in commercial lots will need to be equipped with devices that allow drivers to charge their
batteries while they stop, dine, or attend a concert. To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the
most convenient parking in transportation centres might be reserved for electric cars.
Planners foresee electric shuttle buses, trains and neighbourhood vehicles all meeting at transit
centres that would have facilities for charging and renting. Commuters will be able to rent a
variety of electric cars to suit their needs: light trucks, one-person three wheelers, small cars, or
electric/gasoline hybrid cars for longer trips, which is no doubt take place on automated freeways
capable of handling five times number of vehicles that can be carried by a freeway today.
Câu 31: The following electric vehicles are all mentioned in the passage EXCEPT........
A. trolleys
B. trains
C. vans
D. planes
Câu 32: According to the passage, public parking lots in the future will be......
A. more convenient than they are today.
B. much larger than they are today.
C. equipped with charging devices.
D. as common as today’s gas stations
Câu 33: The author’s purpose in the passage is to........
A. narrate a story about alternative energy vehicles.
B. describe the possibilities for transportation in the future.
C.support the invention of electric cars.
D. criticize conventional vehicles.
Câu 34: The word “charging” in this passage refer to.......
A. lightening
B. electricity
C. parking
D. credit cards

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Câu 35: It can be inferred from the passage that..........
A. electricity is the best alternative source of power as it is almost free of pollution.
B. the present electric engines are the best option as being practical.
C. the present cars are more economical than their future generation.
D. many new types of practical electric engines have been developed.
Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the
sentence printed before it.
1.Hellen didnt study hard, so she failed the exam.
If Hellen........................................................................
2. People speak English all over the world
3.Alan is my best friend. His father is a famous singer
Alan, ............................................................................
4.No one in my class is as tall as Peter
Peter is..........................................................................
5.My mother doesn’t allow me to go out at night
My mother doesn’t .......................................................
6. He couldnt go to school because he was ill.
Because of.....................................................................
----------- HẾT ---------ĐÁP ÁN TỰ LUẬN.
1. If Hellen had studied harder, she would have passed the exam
= If Hellen had studied harder, she wouldnt have failed the exam
2. English is spoken all over the world
3. Alan, whose father is a famous singer, is my best friend.
4. Peter is the tallest( boy) in my class.
5. My mother doesn’t let me go out at night.
6. Because of his illness, he couldnt go to school.
= Because of the fact that he was ill, he couldnt go to school.

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