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HUE, 1/ 2014


1. Nguyen Thao Nguyen
2. Nguyen Thi Yen Anh
3. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuong
4. Nguyen Thi Nhat Hang
5. Nguen Thi Hong Nhung


I . Introduction of Islam……………………………….
II . The process of infiltration………………………….
III . Situation of Muslims in Southeast Asia…………...
IV . Conclusions………………………………………….

I . Introduction of Islam
Islam ( / ɪslɑ ː m / ; Arabic : ‫ اللسل م‬al - ʾ Islam IPA : [ aelʔɪslae ː m ] ) is a
monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur'an , a book
Considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God ( Arabic : ‫ا‬
Allāh ) and by the Teachings and normative example ( Called the Sunnahand
composed of hadith ) of Muhammad , Considered by them to be the last

Prophet of God . Called An adherent of Islam is a Muslim . Islam born in
Saudi in early seventh century , canon law has on the traffic type strictest
religious law . Five pillars of Islam : Testimony , Prayer , Alms - giving ,
Pilgrimage and Fasting.
II . The process of infiltration
So far , the researchers have yet to agree on a conclusion the process of
Islam introduced in Southeast Asia , however , opinion is still the most
favored and this Islam introduced through Arab merchants and India from
around VII - XIII centuries . Islam occurs in the presence of Christian, but
really influential few centuries later and Islam has spread steadily along the
waterway trade route linking western India with East Asia . The first
territorial intrusion northern Sumatora , the first Ache -resident Muslims .
When Malacca became prosperous , it became the University center spread .
Islam to Malaisia , Indonesia , Malaisia road then spread through the South
Island Philippines . Until the fifteenth century , the islands of Southeast Asia
are tied together by a string of national trade Muslims . The process of " Islam
" of that time is completed through conversion and conquest of the island , to
expand Islam region bordering along the existing trafficking . The coastal
cities such as Malacca , Aleh , Pasai plays an important role because they are
the city and is the center of trade in the region , therefore , we are Islam first
place to invade .
On Southeast Asia , Islam children not scroll through the crystal because
it " refinery " this planet can enter India - where Islam immigration before

introduced into Southeast Asia and is influenced by cultural humanity
natives . Although access to the Middle East and Islam AD by the holy war ,
but it is the path to peace in South East Asia through trade and merchants
Islam , should easily be accepted and increasingly profound impact in
economic life , political , cultural , especially in island nations like Malaisia ,
Indonesia, Philippines . ( in the Philippines , with states like Sulu Islam ( X XV centuries ) , Mindanao ( XVI ) .
Southeast Asian mainland , the Islam community has been established in
Myanmar , Thailand , VietNam and Cambodia. However, the Islam
community in this area is just minority communities , not strongly developed
as in the islands of Southeast Asian countries , because Islam has faced one
major obstacle is Buddhism . However, Islam in this area there are specific
religions and cultures .
III . Situation of Muslims in Southeast Asia
In Southeast Asia , religious paintings are varied by the process of
historical development , convergence here have the system fully conscious
thinkers from both the East and the West . In the picture of the culture of
Southeast Asia , Islam certainly status in many countries of the region . along
with the collapse of many ancient nations and states born Muslim , Islam has

contributed significantly to the development of commodity economy and is
one of deep religious intervention in political life most of the Southeast Asia
countries .
Can say Southeast Asia is home of Islam the world's largest , rims
traditional stretching from North Africa to the South West . But Muslims in
Southeast Asia in the heart outside the scope of these problems gloves
Muslim spiritual boards , psychology Islam is very deep and powerful , not
much different in authentic Islam but other places
Currently Southeast Asia is one of the main territories of Islam with more
than three fifths of the population are Muslim , or almost 200 million people .
Especially in Eastern Indonesia , approximately 130 million people in
approximately 5-6 million and then to Malaysia , Philippines , Moros
approximately 3 million people . Islam is the state religion of Brunei , is the
official religion of Malaysia and Indonesia , is the religion of a large minority
groups in the Philippines , Singapore , Thailand ... and was present in
Myanmar , Thailand , Cambodia , Vietnam . Islam is a political force , big
society in Southeast A. Muslims in different countries in many aspects :
language , race , particularly ethnic issues. The specific situation of Islam in
some Southeast Asian countries .
• Indonesia
The population of Indonesia about 225 million people , in which 85 % the
population is Muslim. Therefore, Islam is considered the national religion of
this country. In addition to Islam, Indonesia have the other religions such as
Hindu, Buddhism and Christianity. From the 8th century , Islam has
penetrated into Indonesia through the Indian traders and then the Arabians .
The first, Islam appeared in Ache, northern Sumatra , and from there spread
around Indonesia.
In Indonesia, the majority Muslim have pretty liberal views with Islam.
Example women Muslim in Indonesia are much freer than women in other
Islam countries . They do not have to wear a veil , instead, they ware a
colorful short skirt and a bundle skirt is called xarong . However, in Jakarta,
Muslim women not wear skirts instead wear the pants but their hair must
cover by a big scarf.
Many women although Muslim but still popular West style completely, is
mean they wear modern short skirts and their head no scarf. With youth , they
dress very modern no different with western countries .
Regarding food , Indonesian people eat quite simple . Rice is considered main
dishes, can be used for breakfast , lunch and dinner . When eaten, the
Indonesian people not use bowl and chopsticks, used the plate and hand to
Hand to eat must use right hand because the left hand is considered dirty.
Left hand is hand upon, many Indonesian people write by left hand .In the
hotel,people usually use knife and fork , but in the families and in restaurants,

people still use the hand to eat. Before eating , the restaurant calves for
everyone a small tureen made of inox to wash their hands and put there until
the meals finish.
• Malaysia
Islam came from neighboring country India has captured the love and
faith with over 60 % of the population and is the national religion of Malaysia
at present.
In Malaysia , Islam occupied a very important position and can dominate
as well as participating in all aspects of life from economic , political ,
educational and have a separate ministries Islamic law , Islamic courts and a
some other vital organs. Islam of Malaysia has some issues that need to know
and should be avoided such as take off the shoe , hat before entered the
temple , shrine or on the house of Malaysian and sitting is not cross your legs
( according to the Malaysian this action is very rude ) . Malaysian Muslims do
not eat pork and drink alcohol , Islam is the national religion in Malaysia,
according to 2010 statistics , approximately 61 % Muslim.
Among Muslims , the Muslim of Sunni occupied majority, while nondenominational is the second largest group with 18 % .
Follow the Constitution , all Malaysian people are considered Muslim.
Muslims have obligations follow to the decision of the Syariah courts in
matters concerning their religion . The Islamic judges are considered the
school of Islam Shafi law, madh'hab of Malaysia . Powers of Shariah courts is
limited to Islam community in matters such as marriage , inheritance , divorce
, apostasy , proselytizing . The crimes and other civil violations within the
jurisdiction of the civil courts , civil courts not handling the matters related to
Islamic practices

• Brunei
Although 70% of the population are Muslims, but Islam is the national
religion under the law, Muslim practice is very spacious and adhere strictly in
Brunei. Brunei has announced introduction of strict Sharia law of Islam. The
Act applies only to Muslim contains provisions stoned to death as those with
adultery and theft bleach. Religion Brunei had strict regulations than
neighboring Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, for example
banning the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The new law has
been applied very strict. In the penalties for offenders who dropped but
drinking beer or abortion. Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, 67, a notice of
applying the law, said it was "part of the great history of our nation." Before
that, he would put into mandatory regulations as all Muslim children to learn
about religion and start businesses to close for prayer on Friday. Brunei is a
Muslim country with 70% Muslim population. The title is used to show the
high esteem in vocative in Brunei. An ordinary men called is Dayang Awang

and women. Pengiran title of royal lineage. Those who greatly contributed to
the country in various fields, the King bestowed titles and Pehin Dato. The
Brunei titles used in daily communication on replacing names. The Brunei not
use their name, typically the son is padded bin, binti daughter, followed by
the name of the father. Married women do not call her husband by name, but
his name remained.
• Singapore
Singapore is a country with a population of about 2.5 million , but is a
multi-racial , multi- language and multi- religious . 77 % of the population are
Chinese, 15% Malay , 6 % Indian people . Like other Southeast Asian
countries , Muslims in Singapore are not homogeneous . The majority of
people follow Islam is Malaysia . Some people follow Islamic States is very
small . Malaysian Muslim community is weakest economic and social versus
Islam must not repainting Malaysia , even lower than all academic.
• Philippines
Islam in the Philippines has a long history . Islam began on the islands in
the southern Philippines in the late fourteenth century , in the year 80 of this
century in the islands Tavitavi , Simunul started to reappear but the first
Muslim community . Start colonial foreign invaded this country , but Muslims
in the southern Philippines were against the invasion of the Spanish colony .
However, massive invasion of Spain has reduced and almost entirely
eliminates the Muslim states in this process and repel Islamic expansionism in
northern Philippines . Therefore , the influence of Islam is only found in the
original location , when it was invited to Sulu The Mendanao and Muslim
areas south , it was not until the early twentieth century flower competition
beginners enter the country on a common from the administrative system .
Muslims in the Philippines is called Moros . Moros of approximately 4.5
million people or about 9 % of the population . The majority of them
fishermen , engaging in agriculture . A small number did was state employees
or teachers , military or judiciary.
• Thailand
Islam is the second religion Buddhist actual number of . Muslims in
Thailand accounted for 4 % of the country's population of 50 million people .
In terms of ethnographic information can divide religious groups Thailand bar
Muslim Malays and Muslims must not Ma Lai . Muslims account for about
70-80 % Malay Muslim country. At present , although it has become Thailand
's citizens , the Muslim Malay preserve cultural identity Malay and gloves
closely with Malayan world in many ways , especially in language fisheries ,
cultural - economic , social . Son of non- Muslims believe Ma Lai including
moving India , Pakistan , Iran , China , Indonesia ... It should be noted , were
the non- Muslim Malays are considered officially Muslim Thais , by their
famous Thai , mingle with Thai culture scene . Basically, Muslims in
Thailand live in the countryside, farming , catching . Children in urban areas ,

according to the majority of Muslim shopkeepers , workers and State officials
, a number of other less successful in many different areas . In economic
terms , Muslims are not much different Buddhist believers . Muslims in
Thailand scattered across the country. Yet this also 4 crowded places
especially in the southernmost province of Thailand ( where the majority
Malays ).
• Myanmar
Islam started entering Myanmar from XIII - XIV century , originated from
Bengal . In the sixteenth century , most residents of northern Myanmar,
according to Islam, while the center is still Buddhism. Then , in the British
colonial era Islam, residents series India migrated here , make stronger Islam.
Community today , outside the area also has a number of cities in Central and
Southern Myanmar , the Myanmar side Thailand world , is also developing
Islam .
• VietNam
Muslims number more than 72,000 people (including Cham and Cham
Bani Islam ) , reside in the area 13/63 provinces and 257 cities nationwide and
70 church dignitaries. Due to geographical location and circumstances
missionaries , living conditions and exchanges of Cham especially outside the
Muslim world but in Vietnam 2 blocks forming Muslim with significant
differences :
+ Central Vietnam Muslims called Cham Banih Islam
+ Muslims in South Vietnam 's Cham Muslim Islam .
The only ethnic Cham in Vietnam Muslim . Muslims world have strict
rules but when introduced to Cham communities it has been changed a lot and
humane nation imbued by the vitality of indigenous cultural traditions .
It is characterized Cham culture - culture is dominated and tied strongly by
intercalation and tolerance of religious beliefs and practices .
For those who care , there are Muslim huge impact in the life-cycle rituals and
daily living habits as birth , weddings , funerals .
Costumes :Cham's costume in the South is a combination of many factors .
Women who take Islam as exposed or when the roads are living turban on his
head to cover the hair and not carry the network as Muslims in Arab countries
IV . Conclusions
Islam increasing influence in the political life of many Southeast Asian
countries . In many countries , the national director Islam and really play a
role in running the country . however , different from the Middle East
countries Islam , Islam though capable of governing , affecting peace and
stability in the region but the domination of Islam in Southeast Asia is still
quiet and less stressful . This shows that the action backwards to integrate into
his civilized exterior of indigenous cultures of Southeast Asia.

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