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Thank you life waking up every morning

"Thank you life waking up every morning
We have added new dates to love "
This life is really meaningful when we learn to love and give love to
Love is not something so great in life, that is the feelings between people,
comes from a sincere heart, the beginning of the most sacred feelings. Loving is
diversified but including family love, friendship, ... So why we should love?
Because love will help people more confident in life, overcoming hardships,
change the life. Love is like an invisible glue that holds people together. Love is
the most precious thing in life that people can give each other.
Love shown through every words, gesture, actions of each person. Each of
us from birth has received the love from parents, grew up in the love of people. So
happy when we received sincere love from others. And even happier when we can
share the love for everyone. As poet To Huu wrote:
"There is nothing more beautiful in life
Humans live to love each other ...! "
Yes, everyone loves each other will add strength to overcome the trivial
things. Uncle Ho's typical - beloved Old Father of our nation. In a moment of
spiritual change 02-9-1945 morning in historic Ba Dinh Square, Uncle Ho asked
the people attending the launch of the Declaration of Independence that "Everyone,
do you hear me? ". The question was rustic, homely so it made many hearts of

Vietnamese people flutter. Because this famous saying showed the closeness,
respect his heart for all of the people. Can find love seemed important in our life.
But there still has the people who are selfish, petty know only their own lives.
They ignore the difficulty of the same type. Without love they will become
insensitive. So we need to do so that we can communicate and receive happy?
From the actions of interest, share or words of love, of the sweet embrace is when
we give love to others and what we get back is the sweet fruit of happiness.
"Living is giving, not only get their own" so each person needs to keep the
flame of love for someone close beside us, love from the most simple things and
transmit the love we have to beyond. I will cherish, cherish and love given to the
ones around me to start each days are a most wonderful day.

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