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What are the types of friends?

Topic: What are the types of friends?
Harry Emerson Fosdick said that “No man is whole of himself,
his friends are the rest of him”. In our life, we exposed many types of
friends, but nobody is completely good with you and nobody is
completely bad with you. There are three types of friends that you
have in your life.
The first type of friends is best friend. They are very important
to us because they always share happiness and sadness with you. In
addition, they also can share their secrets with you and vice versa.
They are always beside you to help you whenever you need the mind
and material. Furthermore, they are considered a member in your
Acquainted friend is the second type of friends. Acquainted
friend has just exposed in learning and working. You only see them
in the case of compulsory such as education and work. Sometimes
they will help you in the emergency cases. Long time they can also
become the best friend, for instance, classmates or colleagues.
Finally, bad friend is the last type of friends. Bad friends are
people who always want to get and rarely to give. They want you to
do things for them, but until you need them you do not see them
anywhere. In front of you, they are good people, but behind you they

always say bad things about you. As for this kind of friends, you
should stay away from them.
In closing, depending on character and actions, so we divided
people into three types of friends. The best friend can help you too
much, the acquaintance friend is also help you in the emergency
cases, and the bad friend just want to take advantage of you to
achieve their purposes. I think that having a best friend is better
than having lots of bad friends.

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