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What are the effects of cell phone use on teenagers?

Topic: What are the effects of cell phone use on teenagers?
Nowadays the cellphones bring many benefits, besides that it also
brings harm to humans. There are three harmful effects why cell
phones are harmful on teenagers. The first effect is about health.
Some researchers in the world have shown that using the phone too
long with close distance causes aging eyes and refractive errors
such as nearsightedness. Besides, using the phone at night in the
dark environment is cause of a lot of harm by dangerous light from
the screen to attract high-level attention of the eyes, easy fatigue,
headache, sore eyes if you use it for a long time, it gradually can
increase the risk of nearsightedness. In addition, a new research by
scientists at the University of Washington (USA) has shown that
using the phone at night not only causes serious damage to your
sleep but also makes working efficiency reduce on the next day.
Some previous researches also showed light blue or light emitted
from mobile phones can make you sleepless because they stimulate
the body to produce melatonin - chemical control of the biological
clock body. Especially, phone waves can cause brain tumors or
cancer in humans. The second effect is time. Teenagers are
attracted to the features of the phone such as texting, gaming, etc.
Nowadays, teenagers also spend all free time for cell phone. For this

reason they do not care what is going on around themselves as
family, friends or other activities. This makes them more aloof and
increase away with things happening around them. The last effect is
thought. Along with the advancement of technology, today's phones
are more and more applications to serve the needs of the
entertainment such as watching movies, surfing the web and
making friends with all over the world. Hence, teenagers can be free
to explore the curious as watching porn web sites and having a bad
relationship with bad people. That leads to thoughts and actions
distorting their age. After all, teenagers should not use cell phone
early and use it in a healthy way to protect health and life better.

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