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Animal English essay

Topic: Nowadays animal experiments are widely used to develop new medicines and to test the
safety of other products. Some people argue that these experiments should be banned because it
is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are in favor of them because of their
benefits to humanity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many people believe that animal experiments play an important role in the development
of new medicines and in the safety test of other products. While others argue that those
experiments should be banned because to cause animals to suffer is morally wrong.
Personally, I am totally in favor of examinations on animals which will bring
considerable benefits to human’s life.
There is no denying that carrying out experiments on animals has several advantages.
Firstly, those experiments are very essential to discover new medical drugs and
treatments. Thanks to the researches on white mice, rabbits or primates; everyday
thousands of people are saved from painful diseases, for example cancer, paralysis,
epidemic diseases…Secondly, it is necessary to test the safety of new drugs before
providing for patients. In fact, some drugs have subsequent effects or contain chemical
ingredients causing allergies. Without prior test on animals, people’ health will be
harmed or they will even be died by using those medicines.
On the other hand, some people argue that doing these experiments is totally immoral.
Animal experiments cause animals a lot of pain and thousands deaths of animals due to

failed medical studies or unnecessary cosmetic tests. Animals are the important part of
the earth and they should be respected. Everyone has the right to life. So do animals.

In conclusion, though it is wrong when testing drugs on animals, until now there is no
better alternative but to do that. Therefore, I personally believe that the test of new
medicines and the safety of other product should be allowed. However, the experiments
on animals should only be used for the most important medical research and those
animals should be treated with the minimum sufferings.

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