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Negotiations 6e mcgraw hill chapter 13

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Multiple Parties
and Teams

Two Situations that Involve
Multiple Parties
• Multiple parties are negotiating with one
another and attempting to achieve a collective
or group consensus.
• Multiple individuals are present on each “side”
of the negotiation
– The parties to a negotiation are teams against teams


Differences in Multi-party v. Two
Party Deliberations
• Multiparty negotiations have more negotiators
at the table.
• More issues and more information are
introduced than when two parties negotiate.
• The environment changes from a one-one-one
dialogue to small group discussion.
• The process for multiparty negotiators is more
complex than two-party ones.

• Those parties in multiparty negotiations that
are individualistically motivated are trusted
less and are involved in more argumentative
sessions. Why?

Importance of Communication
• Inserted slide – Read Box 13.1 p. 380

The Prenegotiation Stage
p. 385 -7
• Establish participants
• Form coalitions – Coalitions exist before
negotiations begin.
• Define group member roles
• Understand the costs and consequences of
no agreement
• Learn the issues and construct an agenda


The Formal Negotiation Stage

Appoint an appropriate chair p. 388
• Use and restructure the agenda p. 388
• Ensure diversity of information and
perspectives p. 390
– Key process steps: p. 391

Collect thoughts and composure before speaking
Understand the other person’s position
Think of ways both parties can win
Consider the importance of the issue
Remember parties will likely work together in the future


• See Box 13.3 – p. 390

The Agreement Phase p. 398

Select the best solution
Develop an action plan
Implement the action plan
Evaluate outcomes and the process


Interteam Negotiations p. 400
• Integrative agreements more likely when
teams are involved
• Teams are sometimes more competitive
than individuals and may claim more


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