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A topical approach to life span development, 6e chapter 4

Chapter 4

Physical Development Terms

REM sleep - time during which dreaming occurs
(more present in early infancy)

SIDS - Sudden infant death syndrome- when infant
suddenly stops breathing and dies without an
apparent cause (shared sleeping may contribute)

WIC-Women, Infants, and Children program - nutrition
producing positive benefits in low-income families

Motor Development - Terms

Dynamic System View (Thelen) - Explains how motor
behaviors are a complex result of many factors

Nervous system

Physical properties

Movement possibilities

Goals/motivation of child

Environmental support

Motor Development - Terms

Reflexes-automatic movements



Moro reflexes

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor skills

Sensory and Perceptual
Development - Terms

Sensation- when information interacts with the eyes,
ears, tongue, nostrils, and skin

Perception- interpretation of what is sensed

Ecological view (Gibsons) - The view that perception
functions to bring organisms in contact with the
environment and to increase adaptation/action

Affordances- opportunities for interaction offered by
objects that fit within our capabilities to perform

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