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of all student school , physics is a subjects bring favorite too much known ledge, dream, and it
also is a favorite subjects at school, because of 3 reasons
firstly, I like physics because of the importance of it , as we known, physics is one of
compulsory subjects. and it is studied by millions of people in the world for this reason, If I
want to get good result . I will have to make to study physic well . so I need study physic
secondly, I belive that physic will be a most useful subjects for me after I leave . Know ledge
of physic is necessary for all advance course in technology engineering and scientific research
. Many deportment of industry or industrial company always find . so, the good job will be
got if I study physic .
Thirdly, physic bring for me creativity, happiness and intelligent brain . because physic have
high applicability . after studying at school we can use those in order to purpose at home as
calculating electric money, installation repair some furniture in addition , calculate the lenght
of the street, the speed of motor the temperature of the sonorous water
conclusion, that are all answer why I like studying

Daily activity
as a student, my daily routine is quite simple . I always get up at 6:00 and do morning exercise
with my mom for half an hour . then, I brush my teeth, wash me face and have a breakfast .
next I get dressed and go to school . My school is far from my house . so I go there by bike .

my lesson start at 7:00 and end a quarter past eleven . I usualy have 5 minute breaks after
every lesson . after school I come back home to have lunch . Then I take a short rest and go to
school again at 12:30 . My lessons start from 1pm to 5pm . after I come home . I prepare
dinner with my family and eat together . at 6:30 I watch TV with my family . At 7:00 review
my old leson and prepare next period for tomorrow . then, I go to bed

nobody can deny the benefit of internet in our modern have a lot of advantages. firstly,
internet is a source of information. It is about fast and convenient . way for us to get
information about every as pect from our daily life such as read newspaper or at as fast a
fixed hour of radio or TV . There by, we can up date information at sometime of day by go to
the internet . secondly, by using internet, we can relax after a hard working day . We can listen
to music, play game ...so internet help us relax after stress times. thirdly , internet is a source
of communicate, we can buy a lot of things such as foods, goods . and more, the goods you
buy very easily and have high quality. so internet also helps us to buy some amazing thing .
there fore , people need to raise awainess about internet, even service provider uses to

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