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TNT toeic reading comprehension test 2 part V,VI

Test 02
Reading Test
in the Reading Test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of
reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading Test will last 75 minutes. There are
three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many
questions as possible within the time allowed.

Part V
Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer
choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence.
Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


-........... power maintenance in the
building, service will be interrupted from
2 to 5 o’clock on Friday.


(A) Not only

(B) As much as
(C) Due to
(D) In fact

The Mayes Corporation plans t o ---------its profits by using cheaper materials in
the future.

(A) access
(B) accessing
(C) accessible
(D) accessibility

(A) increasingly
(B) increasing
(C) increases
(D) increase

They plan t o -----------the careers of
their members by providing more useful
(A) enhance
(B) enhanced
(C) enhancing
(D) enhancement

52 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

The database for the account information
should be both secure and readily
---------- to employees.

Though he was given a great deal of
time, Ms. Turner’s assistant has —
to send out the invitations.
(A) other
(B) yet
(C) most
(D) different


Because of changes to the company’s
security policies, all visitors will be

to show ID before being allowed
to enter the building.
(A) requiring
(B) required
(C) requirement
(D) require


If you wish to reschedule — .......appointment, please contact us by phone
at least two days before your scheduled


(A) need
(B) needing
(C) to need
(D) needs

(A) you
(B) yourself
(C) your
(D) yours

Allan held a meeting to discuss the
government’s in cre a se d ----------- of all
financial transactions by banks.

The agreement that was reached required
to make a large payment
to the company.

The new feature w a s -----------to two of
the company’s copiers, the 4XR model
and the deluxe ZR7500 model.

The Peters Organization has repeatedly
claimed to be the most ---------- source of
information available on U.S. economic
(A) reliable
(B) impossible
(C) operable
(D) deductable

Even though Paul’s Electronics sells
............. kinds of products, most of its
revenue comes from the sale of TVs.
(A) vary
(B) varies
(C) various
(D) variations

(A) adds
(B) addition
(C) added
(D) add-on

The software upgrade may be purchased
by visiting
Kiln Software distributor
in the Park County area.
(A) or
(B) still
(C) any
(D) all

(A) ably
(B) immediately
(C) formerly
(D) firstly

It looks like the --#««— in competition for
the past few years has caused a decline
in sales.
(A) increase
(B) increases
(C) increasing
(D) to increase

(A) regulate
(B) regulatory
(C) regulating
(D) regulated

The aim of this workshop includes
helping sales representatives handle
custom er---------- more attentively.

In ----- -— for this special book fair, we’ve
arranged many books that have received
good reviews.
(A) preparatory
(B) prepare
(C) preparation
(D) prepares


Jasmine Investments, previously «s
TR Financial, is hoping to increase its
client base by 50% this year.

Under the new office structure,
directors will — .......be in charge of
assigning projects to the members of
their departments and overseeing their
employees’ overall performance.

(A) naming
(B) was named
(C) named
(D) name

(A) primary
(B) primarily
(C) prime
(D) primal


The conference on international
marketing being hosted by Houston, Inc.
will most likely be o ver............ 5 PM.


(A) until
(B) by
(C) later
(D) afterward


The investm ent’s success will be
dependent on t h e ----------- of the real
estate market over the next few months.

(A) whose
(B) whom
(C) whomever
(D) who

(A) stabilized
(B) stabilize
(C) stable
(D) stability


Please note that taxes and shipping
— — -- are included in the invoice that
we sent to you yesterday.

The new customer chose —
shipping to ensure that his order arrived
in time for the upcoming holidays.





Doctors are required to attend
conferences regularly to keep up with
medical r—r----- .
(A) contributions
(B) advances
(C) prescriptions
(D) simulation

Employees will be notified about any
changes to the schedule at least 5 days
(A) beforehand
(B) firstly
(C) previously
(D) past

Even though Janet had worked in
accounting---------- , she was still required
to go through the training for new
(A) always
(B) now
(C) past
(D) before

Luckily, Mr. Boone was given the
promotion — -------the mistake he made
on the recent report.
(A) although
(B) like
(C) despite
(D) regardless

The executive wanted to hear from
som eone..............Ms. Lim about the
likelihood of the marketing campaign
(A) as though
(B) thus
(C) since
(D) other than

(A) expedited
(B) expedite
(C) expediting
(D) expedites

The manager insisted that receipts of the
signed invoices included in the package
not b e ---------- .
(A) behaved
(B) operated
(C) ignored
(D) performed

(A) guidelines
(B) rights
(C) charges
(D) concerns


P e op le -----------are interested in career
opportunities are invited immediately to
submit their resumes and cover letters to


Michael Chin, known for
developing effective work schedules, is
retiring, a farewell party will be held next
(A) Unless
(B) Since
(C) Therefore
(D) Despite

54 TNT TOEIC Actual tests


While reviewing the applications---------to him, the personnel manager’s main
focus was on the candidates’ experience
in software design.


(A) violation
(B) understanding
(C) penalty
(D) agreement

(A) submitted
(B) originated
(C) allowed
(D) asked

With the new changes, Condor Bus Lines
will offer m o re ......... — service from San
Diego to Los Angeles.


(A) sizeable
(B) regular
(C) gradual
, (D) monotonous

A spokesperson stated at the press
conference that Tyre-Coleman plans to
promote Hilda Field from her
position as vice president of finance.

Dr. Armstrong is expected to give a
lecture on how t o ----------- illnesses
effectively and easily.


Many reporters believe that the changes
in the housing market will both affect the
international economy and be —
(A) politics
(B) more political
(C) political
(D) politically

The board stated that if the company’s
profits did not -...........$20 million dollars
in the next quarter, the CEO would be
(A) surpass
(B) range
(C) allow
(D) earn


(A) shift
(B) respond
(C) acquaint
(D) diagnose

Even though the event was aimed at
amateur athletes, m a n y ---------- actually
had experience taking part in upper-level
(A) competed
(B) competition
(C) competitors
(D) compete

(A) next
(B) present
(C) concurrent
(D) still

When it was found that the company
was i n -----------of several safety codes,
the factory had to be shut down until the
issues were addressed.

If you would like to participate in a
different seminar, our company will be
happy to move you t o ----------- of our
other classes or give you your money
(A) all
(B) some
(C) one
(D) each


not mandatory, the teamwork
sem inar is a program th a t is highly
recommended by the HR Department of
YRT, Inc.
(A) In spite of
(B) As
(C) Besides
(D) While

Part VI
Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices
are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the
letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Campbell Lainson
From: Molly Ledbetter
Subject: Program Director Position
Dear Mr. Lainson,
We are writing t o ----------that we have received your application for Program Director at Save
141. (A) deny
(B) apply
(C) confirm
(D) schedule
Kids! A number of suitable candidates have shown----------in the position. Indeed, the response
142. (A) interested
(B) interest
(C) interests
(D) interesting
has been rather---------- . Although we have started reviewing resumes, it will not be possible to
143. (A) overwhelming
(B) debatable
(C) predictable
(D) reduced
complete this process for at least two weeks. We hope to interview candidates by the end of
the month. This means that you will receive a response to your application within the next three
Molly Ledbetter
Personnel Department
Save Kids!

56 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

Q u e stio n s 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Spencer Abrahams
19 Medoc Way
Moon, MA 43011' |
Dear Mr. Abrahams,
The Chaplin Comedy Trio performed its final show for the summer season last weekend. It was
also the Trio’s last performance at the Theater on the Bay.
— ........you decide to purchase season tickets with us for our next summer season, we will
144. (A) Even
.(B) If
(G) Then
(D) Instead
provide you with full membership to the Victoria Performing Arts Center, where we will be
performing in the future. Membership includes upgraded seating and invitations to special
events. The facility is much larger and has very good sound and lighting equipment. lt can also
accommodate up to 150 people for each performance.
With better facilities, we hope to offer you better -*^sft*«for the next season.
145. (A) magazines
(B) paintings
(C) menus
(D) performances
The if i j S p f pamphlet tells you more about the new venue as well as the performances we will be
146. (A) enclose
(B) enclosure
(C) enclosed
(D) enclosing
giving next season.

Q uestions 147-149 refer to the following job advertisement.

New Vision Publishers is currently seeking an editor for its fiction writing division.
The editor’s ----------duties will include working closely with writers to edit their works and
147. (A) skilled
(B) primary
(C) observant
(D) promoting
overseeing the timely publication of such works.
Suitable candidates will — ------ relevant qualifications in language, at least three years’ work
148. (A) possess
(B) possessed
(C) possessing
(D) have possessed
experience in publishing, project management skills, good interpersonal skills, and a willingness
to work long hours. We offer a good salary to match experience as well as benefits such as
health insurance, a car allowance, and annual vacation.
If you are interested in this — ----- , please contact Lee-Ann Walters at lawalters@newvisionbooks.net.
149. (A) job
(B) admission
(C) loan
(D) grant

58 TNT TOEIC Actual tests

Q u e stio n s 150-152 refer to the following article.

Consumers are counting down the hours to the Computer of the Future Exhibition---------- this
150. (A) will open
(B) opening
(C) opened
(D) have opened
The exhibition will provide a glimpse into the world of the future. New trends in computer
technology, including the w orld’s smallest notebook computer, will be on show. Computer
experts will be attending the event to demonstrate new model computers which we could be
using within the next ten years. The exhibition will be hosted by the CEO of Computers Unlimited,
Stephen Scahill, who will speak a bo ut---------- trends in computers and software at the opening
151. (A) future
(B) recent
(C) traditional
(D) historic
ceremony tomorrow night.
A few lucky attendees will also be given the chance to test some of the new software and
hardware. This opportunity will only be offered to 50 participants, so interested parties are urged
to sign up early to avoid disappointment. This kind of event is normally w e ll---------- .
152. (A) maintained
(B) planned
(C) deserved
(D) attended
The exhibition starts on Friday evening and will finish on Sunday at 2 p.m.


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