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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (60)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. _____ a beautiful Christmas tree!
A. Which
B. What
C. Where
D. When
2. How _____ eggs do you need for the cake?
A. more
B much
D. _
3. Which word is the odd one out?
A. always
B. often
C. never
D. well
4. I_____ my hair every day.
A. wash
B. washing

C. washes
C. is washing
5. -Are ou going to the______ ?
- Yes. I need to buy some vgetab1es.
A. bookstore
B. supermarket
6. There _____ a lot of food in the fridge, so help yourself.
C. are
D. _
7. Luis _____ early, but today he’s late.
A. arrives usually
B. usually arrives
C. is usually arriving
D. usually arriving
8. Barbara often _____ jogging in the morning.
A. walks
B. runs
C. goes
D. rushes
9. Rosemary ______ to agree with us now.
A. is appearing
B. appear
C. appearing
D. appears
10. Anita _____ very hard at the moment.
A. is studying
B. studies
C. study
D. studying
11. _____ we all have a walk in the country?
A. Let’s
B. Shall

C. Ought
D. Why not
12. Adel sometimes listens to music ______ the evening.

13. Could I have ______ sugar in my tea, please?
A. any
B. some
C. little
D. few
14. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. teacher
B. future
C. watch
Read the text and choose the answer that you think best fits each space.
For many young people sport is a popular part of school life and (15)_____ in one
of the school teams and playing in matches is very important. (16) ______ someone is in
a team it means a lot of extra practice and often spending a Saturday or Sunday away
(17)______ home, as many matches are played then.
It (18) _____ also involve traveling to other towns to play against other school
teams and then (19) _____ on after the match for a meal or a drink.
Sometimes parents, friends or ot,her students will travel with the team to support*
(20) _____ own side.
When a school team wins a match it is the whole school which feels proud*, (21)
only the players. It can also mean that a school (22) ______ well-known for being good
at certain sports and pupils from that school may end up playing (23 ______ national and
international teams so that the school has some really (24) ______ names associated with
*support (v) : ñng hộ
*proud (a) : tự hào
15. A. having
B. being C. taking D. putting
16. A.If
B. As
C. Then
17. A. at
B. on
C. for
D. from
18. A. ought
B. is
C. can
D. has
19. A. being
B. staying C. leaving D. spending
20. A. their
B. its
C. our
D. whose
21. A. but
B. however C. and
D. not
22. A. turns
B. makes C. comes D. becomes
23. A. up
B. to
C. for
D. beside

24. A. old

B. new

C. common D. famous

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