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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (53)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. George_______video games now.
A. plays

B. playing

C. play

D. is playing

2. – Who’s that?
A. It’s a balloon

B. They’re balloons

C. That’s Brad

C. Those are my children

3. Mr. Hung is _______.
A. businessman

B. a businessman

C. businessmen

D. a businessmen.

4. Which word contains a different sound froom the others?
A. come

B. streering

C. come

D. some

5. Nam is _____ his bike.
A. driving

B. steering

C. rowing

D. riding

6. _______
- They’are walking to school
A. Who are they?

B. Where are they going?

C. When do they go to school?
D. Do they go to school on Saturdays?
7. How many syllables are there in the word intersection?
A. three

B. four

C. five

D. six

8. I”m waiting_______ the train .
A. For

B. to

C. as

D. about

9. - ________
- They’re singing.
A. How are they doing?

B. What are they doing

C. How do they do?

D. what do they do?

10. - _______
- By bike.
A. How is she traveling?
C. What does she do?

B. Where is she going?
D. What’s that?

11. It’s five o’clock______the afternoon.
A. at

B. on

C. in

D. about

12. His father is ______.
A. taxi

B. driver taxi

C. a taxi

D. a taxi driver

13. Complete the square.


A. another

B. that

C. different

D. ours

14.______is waiting?
- Fred is
A. Where

B. What

C. Why

C. Who

15. Mr. Binh is driving______Hanoi.
A. at

B. until

C. to

D. reach

16. They’re loading the truck_____fruits.
A. with

B. in

C. over

D. on.

17. – Are Minh and Trung doing their math exercises?
- Yes, ________ .
A. there’re

B. they are

C. they’re

D. there are

18. Are the children playing_____?
A. a soccer

B. the soccer

C. soccer

D. for soccer

19. Which word is the odd one out?
A. ceiling
C. television

B. computer
D. radio

20. I work for a newspaper . ______about you?
-I’m a secretary.
A. Which

B. Who

C. Where

D. What

21. Can I____you to Bob and Dane? They are from the USA.
A. speak

B. introduce

C. talk

D. call

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