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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (52)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. There is ______ water in the jar.
B. many
C. a lot
D. few
2. Professor Smith is ______ a biology teacher.
A. me
B. mine
3. Although the children are very young, their parents let them______ up as late
they want.
A. staying
B. stay
C. stays
D. to stay
4. Nora seems ______ happy with her new job in the hospital.
A. be

B. being
C. tobe
D. been
5. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. easy
B. ear
C. bee
D. eat
6. I’m going to ______ the bus to work.
A. catch
B. collect
C. gather
D. pick
7. Susan is______because she doesn’t have any close friends
A. happy
B. fat
C. lonely
D. sympathetic
8. My father’s overweight. He must go on a ______ .
A. morning exercise
B. practice
C. training
D. diet
9. Fred’s brother is a ______. He flies for Singapore Airlines.
A. cook
B. doctor
C. engineer
D. pilot
10. What are your plans for the _______? What are you going to do?
A. future
B. yesterday
C. tomorrow
D. past
11. Lan often spends two hours ______ her homework.


A. for do
B. doing

C. to do
D. for doing
12. Which of the fol1owmg does not go with the verb go?
A. games
B. swimming
C. shopping
D. for a walk
13. ______ you going to do any homework tonight?
A. Are
B. Do
C. Will
D. Can
14. Are there any films that you ______ like to see at the moment?
A. are
B. would
C. should
D. being
15. _____ water do people need to drink every day?
A. How many
B. How long
C. How much
D. How often
16. - _____ to get to your school by bus’?
- About 20 minutes.
A. How far is it
B. How often is it
C. How long does it take
D. How many minutes does it take
17. - How often do you visit your grandparents?
- ______
A. All weeks.
B. One the week.
C. Once a week
D. This week
18. - _____ do you usually have lunch?
- At about 12.00.
A. Where
B. What
C. How
D. When
19. Which sentence is correct?
A. I not going to spend my vacation in Hue.
B. I am not go to spend my vacation in Hue.
C. I am no going to spend my vacation in Hue.
D. I am not going to spend my vacation in line.
20. I’m going to buy some ______ for my friends.
A. memories
B. souvenirs
C. entertainments
D. celebrations
21. What’s ______ the radio this morning?

A. in
B. at
C. about
D. on
22. We won’t be home for ______ dinner this evening.
A. that
B. a
C. the
D. _
23. Let’s play chess ______dinner.
A since
B. after
C. on
D. for
24. My little brother spends a lot of money ______ picture books

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