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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (36)

I. Chọn từ mà phần gạch chân được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại, khoanh tròn
vào chữ cái A,B, C hoặc D ở phần em chọn :
A. game
B. geography
C. vegetable
D. change
A. read
B. teacher
C. eat
D. ahead
A. tenth
B. math
C. brother
D. theater
A. engineer
B. between

C. teeth
D. greeting
A. tomatoes
B. cabbages
C. goes
D. potatoes
II. Khoanh tròn vào đáp án đúng A, B,C, hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau
1. Quang is arriving ______ the farm .
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. of
2. How ________ is Anna going to stay in Ha Noi? – For two weeks.
A. much
B. many
C. far
D. long
3. Fall means __________ in British English .
A. summer
B. winter
C. autumn
D. spring
4. How often do you do morning exercise in the summer ?
A. I sometimes B. Yes, I do
C. I play soccer
D. No, I don’t
5. Lan likes ______. She swims and does Aerobic .
A. music
B. sports
C. games
D. literature
6. There is a lot of ____ in Viet Nam, so our country is very green.
A. desert
B. land
C. rain
D. pollution
7. ________ grams of meat does he want?
A. How often

B. How much
C. How many
D. How far
8. There are _____ flowers on the table.
a. any
b. a little
c. much
d. a few
9. They often go _____ in the summer.
a. camp
b. to camp
c. camper
d. camping
10. What ______ do you want ? – Medium.
A. size
B. kind
C. color
D. time
11. The traffic lights are red. You _______________.
A. mustn’t stop
B. must stop
C. can stop
D. must stops
12. Mr Hai doesn’t buy any eggs in the market because his chickens_____ a lot of them.
A. do
B. feed
C. grow
D. produce
13. Ha Noi is ________ than Bac Giang.

A. big
B. bigger
C. biger
14. She feels _________. She would like orange juice.
A. thirsty
B. hungry
C. full
15. The Nile River is the _________ river in the world.
A. longer
B. long
C. longest

D. biggest
D. sleepy
D. shortest

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