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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (34)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. This picture is _____ than that one.
A. funny
B. most funny
C. funnier
D. funniest
2. Have you got ______? - I can help you.
A. luggage
B. a luggage
C. any luggage
D. any luggages
3. The boys are going to camp next to a small _____ .
A. sea
B. lake
C. ocean
D. water
4. Which word contains a different sound from the other?
A. pen
B. lemon

C. pretty
D. let
5. These shoes are cheaper _____ the other ones.
B. more
C. so
D. than
6. Which sentence is losest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
This room is very crowded.
A. There are few peorile in this room.
B. This room is small.
C. There is a crowd of people in this room.
D. There are too many people in this room.
7. Your hotel is _____ comfortable than ours.
A. more
B. most
C. so
D. as
8. I don’t buy those CDs. They cost_____ money.
A. too many
B. too much
C. enough
D. not enough
9. – Do you like _____ ?
- No, I don’t. Thank you.
A. those hot milk
B. many hot milk
C. some hot milk
D. these hot milk
10. How many syllables are there in the word participation?

A. three
B. four
C. five
D. six
11. Bob stay in a small village in the _____ .
A. outside
B. country
C. sea

D. lake
12. Nancy and her friend are sitting ______ a tree and having a picnic.
A. at
B. under
C. in
D. over
13. - _____is the biggest hospital in this city.
- New Life hospital.
A. Who
B. Which
C. How
D. Why
14. They cannot go to the local library today. There is _____ time.
A. not enough
B. too much
C. enough
D. too many
15. There isn’t______ in this house.
A. furniture
B. a furniture
C. some furniture
D. any furniture
16. Ben is _____ than Bob.
A. short
B. shorter
C. less short
D. shortest
17. We’re lucky because we have _____ good friends.
A. any
B. much
C. a lot
D. lots of
18. The soup is salty. There’s _____ salt in it.
A. too much
B. enough
C. too many
D. not enough
19. Which sentence is losest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
I’m very busy, so I can’t come out.
A. I’m free tonight.
B. I don’t want to come out tonight.
C. I’m going to come out tomorrow.
D. I have too many things to do, so I can’t come out.
20. There is a castle _____ the top of the hill.
A. at
B. in
C. above
D. over

Read the text and choose the answer that you think best fits each space.
Dear Charles and Betty,
We’re (21) ______ a couple of weeks here in Italy. We’re in Rome (22)_____ the
moment. The weather’s fantastic and we see most of the famous sights - the Forum, the
Colosseum, etc. It’s a bit (23) ______ but we’re having a wonderful time. This afternoon
we’re (24) _____ to see the Vatican. Hope all is well with you. See you when we get
Sally and Mark
21. A. using
B. taking
C. spending
D. running
22. A. in
23. A. tired
B. tiredness
C. tire
D. tiring
24. A. wanting B. going
C. visiting
D. doing

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