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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (21)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. How much does that watch ______?
A. spend
B. pay
C. cost
D. fix
2. _____ far is it from here?
A. What
B. How
C. When
3. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. father
B. lamb
C. camp
D. family
4. - _____ is Tom going to stay in France?
- For two years.
A. How much

B. How long
C. How often
D. How far
5. Let’s play volleyball ______Sunday morning.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. for
6. - Why don’t we go out for a walk?
- ______
A. Me too.
B. Yes, I can.
C. That’s a good idea.
D. Not at all.
7. - What do you want to do on the weekend?
- ______
A. I do, too.
B. I’m free on the weekend.
C. Yes, that’s great.
D. Play soccer with my friends.
8. Nancy and Bobby are going to travel to Thailand_____ January.
A. for
B. at
C. on
D. in
9. - Where are they going to spend their summer vacation?
- _____
A. For a week.
B. By bus
C. In Edinburgh.
D. Tomorrow.
10. Why _____ Nam want to walk?

A. not
B. no
C. isn’t
D. doesn’t
11. - ____ does Teddy want to travel?
-By bus.

A. Why
B. What
C. How
D. Where
12. - Let’s go sailing tomorrow.
- _____
A. Good idea.
B. Not very well.
C. Because I want to.
D. Yes, I am.
13. - Why do you want to go by bus?
- _____ I’m very tired.
A. For
B. About
C. Because
D. Although
14. What about _____ camping next week?
A. go
B. to go
C. going
D. we go
15. Which word has three syllables?
A. vacation
B. camping
C. entertainment
D. movie
16.- _____ place are you going to visit first?
- Ngoc Son Temple.
A. Where
B. Why
C. How
D. Which
Read the text and choose the answer that you think best fits each space.
What do you like doing best (17)_____ your spare time? My cousin Paul likes going
(18)_____ in the country and (19) photos. Sometimes he (20) _____ with his friends, and
they (21)_____ at the park or at the beach .They always (22)_____ a good time. His
brother Chris isn’t (23) _____ on walking. He spends most of the (24) _____ at home
17. A. for
B. when C. in
D. at
18. A. for walks B. walks C. a walk D. to walk
19. A. making B. having C. taking D. doing
20. A. travels
B. gets up C. sees
D. goes out
21. A. enjoy
B. hobby C. go
D. have fun
22. A. have
B. make C. do
D. like
23. A. interested B. out
C. decide D. keen

24. A. other

B. time

C. people D. money

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