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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (17)

Choose the correct answer.
1. ______ do you pronounce this word?
A. What

B. Who

C. How

D. Which

2 Complete the square.
Young old

A. heavy

B. short

C. small

D. slow

3. Match 3.30 pm with the correct part of the day.
A. nifht

B. mornoing

C. afternoon
4. Which sentence is correct ?
A. Susan don’t work in a bank
B. Susan doesn’t works in a bank.
C. Susan not work in a bank.

D. eveming

D. Susan doesn’t work in a bank.
5. _ ______
_ Yes, I do. I really enjoy it.
A. Where do you work?
B. Do you like your job?
C. Does your wife enjoy her job?
D. Does your wife work for a computer company?
6. There are two pictures _____ the wall.
A. on

B. over

C. for

D. with

7. How many people _____ ?
A. is there
C. has there

B. are there
D. have there

8. Which sentence is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
The house is big.
A. We live in a big house.

B. It’s a big house.

C. I buy a big house.

D. Is the house big.

9. Which word is the odd one out?
A. pink

B. green

C. dark

D. red

10. Is this _____ floor?
A. thirteen

B. the thiteen

C. thirteeth

D. the thirteenth

11. There’s Liz with _______ .
A. her three friends close

B. her three close friends

C. three friends close her

D. three close friends her

12. _ ______
_ Anna often has breakfast at 6.00 am.
A. What does Anna often do at 6.00 am?
B. What time does Anna often have breakfast?
C. When does Anna often have breakfast?
D. A, B& C
13. My school is _____ Le Duan street.
A. under

B. at

C. on

D. for

14. How many syllables are there in the word competition?
A. two
C. four

B. three
D. five

15. Where is _____?
A. Mr. Fred office
C. office of Mr. Fred

B. Mr. Fred’s office
D. Mr. Fred’s an office

16. There are ______ in the school.
A. eight hundreds student

B. eight hundreds students

C. eight hundred student

D. eight hundred students

17. Which class ______ ?
A. are you in

B. you are in

C. you are study

D. are you study

18. _ Is there a library in your school?
_ _______
A. Yes, it is
C. Yes, it’s

B. Yes, there is
D. Yes, there’s

19. Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation.
a. Pleased to meet you, Edward. Myname’s Linda.
b. Hello, I’m Edward.
c. I’m from Singapore. And you?
d. Where are you from?
e. Nice to meet you, Li nda.
f. I’m from London.

A. c-e-f-d-b-a

B. a-c-e-f-b-d

C. b-a-e-d-c-f

D. a-e-d-f-b-c

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