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Bài tập môn tiếng anh lớp 6 (16)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. There are two ______ rivers in Vietnam: The Red River and the Mekong River.
A. tall
B. long
C. heavy
D. high
2. The Nile River _____ to the Mediterranean Sea.
A. files
B. comes
C. flows
D. starts
3. My brother is 1.70 meters_____ .
A. tall
B. taller
C. tallest
D. more tall
4. We have ____ picture books.
A. many
B. lots of

C. a lot of
D. A, B & C
5. - Does Vietnam have many mountains?
- ____
A. Yes, it does.
B. Yes, it is.
C. Yes, it has.
D. Yes, it have
6. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. double
B. ground
C. voucher
D. south
7. _____ tallest boy in my class is David.
A. Some
B. A
C. The
D. one
8. There aren’t _____ CDs on the table.
A. an
B. any
C. some
D. much
9. Which sentence is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
Our house is smaller than yours.
A. Our house is big but yours is small.
B. Your house is bigger than ours.
C. Our house is not as big as yours.
D. B&C
10. This book is ______ than the other one.

A. good
B. well
C. better
D. best
11. Most fish live in the ______ .
A. forest
B. hill
C. beach

D. sea
12. This house is one of ______ in our town.
A. old
B. older
C. the oldest
D. the more older
13. We cannot cross the ______ because there isn’t a bridge.
A. mountain
B. hill
C. beach
D. river
14. Tim is not ______ tall as his brother.
A. more
B. less
D. much
15. After our swim, we often rest on the _____ .
A. river
B. beach
C. lake
D. sea
16. They spend their summer vacation _____an island.
17. Hung is ______ than me.
A. happy
B. happily
C. happier
D. happiness
18. Mandy is _____ person in the village.
A. rich
B. the rich
C. the richer
D. the richest
19. The children enjoy playing on the ______ .
A. seaside
B. beach
C. water
D. sea
20. I’ll post your letters. Do you have ______?
A. stamp
B. a stamp
C. any stamp
D. any stamps
21. The streets are empty. There aren’t _____ there.
A. people
B. peoples
C. some people
D. any people
22. There is no room on the bus. There are _____ people.

A. much
B. too much
C. not enough
D. too many
23. I’m still very hungry. There’s _____ food.
A. too much
B. not enough
C. enough
D. many

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