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mau khang cao kenh chet do cong dong

Hi admin Youtube,
I have received complaints about the video “Tên video đã die, links
video “ violates community guidelines Youtube.
My whole Youtube account “Tên kênh” was suspended due to some
videos that was flagged for spam, scam, and commercially deceptive
content, and I have reviewed the community guidelines and I don’t see
how my video violates them in any way.
I could not agree with the reason for this penatly was because the
video was allegedly flagged for spam, scam, and commercially
deceptive which violates Youtube’s Community Guidelines. These are
the following reasons I don’t agree with the penatly:
1. Videos do not have the pornographic images, videos do not tend to
be violent, or stimulate others to do violence. My video is no shocking
images or splash. Video of me no offensive images or racist.
2. I set the default thumbnail of video you upload.
3. I do not repeated many times in the tag keywords and description
4. I believe my video was flagged by one individual or one group of
certain fixed assets destructive of me.
We wish Youtube – google reconsider my case, and have a better

Sincere thanks!

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