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1.Students have two each day.
a.20-minutes breaks b.20-minute breaks c.20-minutes break
d.20-minute break
2.What awful restaurant!
a.an b.a c.one d.the
3.I lives 12 Tran Hung Dao Street.
a.in b.on c.at d.from
4.This dress is the expensive of the four dresses.
a.best b.more c.most d.the most
5.Benches are comfortable than armchairs.
a.most b.the most c. more d.better
6.What is your ?
a.birthday b.day birth c.date of birth d.day of birth
7. is it from here to school?
a.How far b.How high c.How long d.How
8.They arrived home at 6.30 the evening.
a.in b.on c.at d.__
9.What’s television tonight ?
a.in b.on c.at d.of
10.We table tennis to badminton.

a.like b.would like c.prefer d.love
11.You shouldn’t watch TV so much. It’s not good your eyes.
a.with b.in c.for d.on
12.Are you interested that story?
a.in b.of c.at d.to
13.All children should take part outdoor activities with their friends.
a.on b.in c.at d.with
14.Nga likes beef and my brother likes beef, .
a. too b.so c.either d.neither
15.It’s time recess.
a.on b.for c.to d.with
16.Mai learns to use a computer.
a.what b.when c.where d.how
17.Tim and Hoa are the same .
a.year old b.years old c.age d.tall
18.Talking is common way of relaxing.
a.more b.most c.the most d.best
19.All students enjoy on the weekend.
a.camped b.camp c.camps d.camping
20.Are there lamps on the wall?
a.any b.a c.some d.lot of
21.He writes articles for a newspaper. He is a .
a.journalist b.teacher c.doctor d.musician
22.Her birthday is Friday, August 20
a.at b.from c.in d.on
23. you like a cup of tea ?
a.Will b.What c. Could d.Would
24.We will our old friends next Sunday.
a.to meet b.meet c.met d.meeting
25.Does Nam often play marbles recess?
a.on b.at c. in d.for
26.He his teeth after meals.
a.to brush b. brush c.brushs d.brushes
27. does Nga have History? - On Monday and Thursday.
a.When b.what time c.How long d.How
28. novels are very interesting.
a.These b.This c. That d.There
29.We have four today.
a.class b.classes c.period d.times
30.The students have a break between two periods.
a.five minutes b.five minute c.five-minute d.five-minutes
31.Her parents live Ha Noi .
a.on b.at c.far d.in
32.This river is very for the swimmers.
a.danger b.dangerous c.dangerously d.safely
33.I like swimming . - .
a.So I do b.I do so c. Yes,I do. d.I do, too.
34.I stay in bed because I have a bad cold.
a.must b.ought c.can d.shouldn
35.My mother always drives .
a.careful b.carefuly c.carefully d.slow
36.You ought to the dentist’s.
a.to go b.go c.going d.went
37.How is your brother ? _ He’s 1.70 meters.
a.high b.tall c.weight d.heavy
38.She her teeth three times a day.
a.brush b.brushs c.brushes d.brushed
39.Stop, please. That is too coffee.
a.many b.lots of c.little d.much
40.A balanced diet is good your health.
a.to b.with c.in d.for
41.We won’t attend the meeting tomorrow and will he.
a.so b.too c.either d.neither
42.He can speak English very well and can his sister.
a.so b.too c.either d.neither
43.You mustn’t up late.
a.to stay b.stay c.staying d.stayed
44.My mother didn’t wash it but I .
a.did b.didn’t c.do d.don’t
45.I would like some fruits and vegetables .
a.to buy b.buy c.buying d.bought
46.She the beef into thin strips.
a.made b.heated c.sliced d.did
47.She doesn’t like pork, and does her uncle.
a.too b.so c.either d.neither
48.You should your hands before meals.
a.to wash b.wash c.washing d.washed
49.How is Nga ? – She’s 38 kilos.
a.high b.kilos c.weight d.heavy
50.He very happy yesterday.
a.is b.was c.were d.be
51.I received a letter my aunt last week.
a.of b.to c.in d.from
52.Are you scare seeing the ghost ?
a.of b.with c.at d.in
53. did you see her? – Yesterday morning.
a.When b.where c.What time d.How
54.It was a green skirt with white flowers it .
a.in b.at c.on d.of
55. does your class start ?
a.What b.What time c.Where d.Which
56.Mr. Tuan has days off than Mr. Jones.
a.many b.much c.less d.fewer
57.Jane is beautiful than her sister.
a.more b. the more c.the most d.fewer
58.Thanh helps children to learn. She is a .
a.doctor b.teacher c.fireman d.journalist
59.My sister loves stamps.
a.to collect b.collect c.collecting d.collected
60.What about videos ?
a.to watch b.watch c.watching d.watched
61. don’t you come to my house ?
a. Why b.What c.Let’s d.How
62.Thanks inviting me.
a.for b.to c.you d.because
63.We can explore the oceans thanks his invention.
a.for b.to c.you d.because
64.Will your brother be home dinner tonight ?
a.with b.at c.for d.to
65.English books are on the shelves the right.
a.on b.at c.to d.in
66.Would you like to go the library ?
a.to b.with c.on d.at
67.How is the blue hat ?
a.far b.long c.many d.much
68.The mini-mart is the restaurant.
a.near b.far c.between d.next
69. He has plenty of homework tonight.
a.to do b.do c.doing d.will do
70.They to visit their old friends tomorrow.
a.will b.are going c.be going d.going to
71.Nam often an hour a day playing video games.
a.takes b.has c.spends d.spending
72.She goes to the public library .
a.carefully b.regularly c.suddenly d.regular
73.Hoa the busy city traffic now.
a.used to b.uses to c.gets used to d.gets use to
74.I am going to the center.
a.amuse b.amused c.amusing d.amusement
75. were you born? – In a small village in Viet Nam.
a.When b.Where c.Who d.How
76.Jakarta is in .
a.Malaysia b.Myanmar c.Indonesia d.Philipines
77.It’s easy the book with the title.
a.to find b.find c.finding d.found
78.I don’t want much sugar in my coffee. Just ,please.
a.few b.little c.a little d.a few
79.May I have sugar ?
a.one b.a c.some d.any
80.On the table, there are vegetables, bread and two large .
a.bowl of soup b.bowls of soup c.bowl of soups d.bowls of soups
81. Do you know when ?
a.did Thomas Edinson born b.wasThomas Edinson born
c. Thomas Edinson was born d. Thomas Edinson born
82. I hope the can repair our car quickly.
a.mechanic b.reporter c.nurse d.journalist
83.The boss wants his to type some letters.
a.secretaryb.novelist c.journalist d.author
84.My new house is very different my old one.
a.with b.from c.to d.in
85.Mrs. Brown is .
a.a child b.a girl c.married d.not married
86.It took us an hour to Nha Trang.
a.to drive b.drive c.driving d.drove
87.What kind of do you like ? – I like cartoons.
a.books b.pictures c.films d.flowers
88.He come here last night .
a.isn’t b.doesn’t c.won’t d.didn’t
89.Let’s to the drama club.
a.to go b.go c.going d.went
90.What about to dinner with me ?
a.to come b.come c.coming d.came
91.Lan a box of chocolate.
a.often gives me b.gives often me
c.often me gives d.gives me often
92.My daughters didn’t meet their father a long time.
a.in b.from c.for d.at
93.Are there any good on TV tonight ?
a.showings b.screens c.programs d.performances
94. noodles for dinner last night ?
a.Did you eat b.Were you eatc.Did you ate d.Do you ate
95.The Robinsons always go to Vietnam plane.
a.in b.on c.with d.by
96.The will take your suitcases to your room.
a.porter b.author c.engineer d.hairdresser
97.Khanh is a English speaker.
a.good b.goodly c.well d.best
98.Would you like to go to the movie theater with me tonight ?-
a.Yes, I would. b. Yes,I like.
c.No, I wouldn’t. d.I’m sorry.I don’t think I can.
99. Are you very good English?
a.in b.at c.with d.for
100.General Giap’s forces the French in 1954.
a.to defeat b.defeat c.defeated d.defeating
A.Find one which is different from others:
1.Good morning Thank you Hello Good afternoon
2.parents uncle friend aunt
3.nice miss pretty different
4.July May Monday September
5.late easy homework long
6.summer holiday spring fall
7.review keen interesting important
8.vacation Easter Christmas Thanksgiving
9.typical definitely lazy family
10.Christmas trees presents flowers wine
11.felt had fine ate
12.spinach beef cucumber pea
13.terrible carefully awful healthy

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