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tong hop bai tap ngu am lop 9

1 visited devided arrived wanted
2 correspond official compulsory comprise
3 baggy material fashion
4 minority comic unique tunic
5 collecu information question federation
6 gather begin gas generation
7 chance machine chores exchange
8 government income wonderful control
9 deny exactly family study
10 media benefit remote deny
11 tunic suitable culture include
12 row folk flow rock
13 treasure persue
14 faucet received recent nuclear
15 bath think thank there
16 account household resource proud
17 considerate celebrate decorate nominate

18 humor honest hang behave
19 kind tidal lift highland
20 public subject erupt pull
21 mosque optional notice tropical
22 divide impress official comprise
23 climate federation separate apartment
24 ethnic currency secondary official
25 Buddism compulsory puppet instruction
26 corridor correspond worship borrow
27 crush business drum button
28 imagine another man language
29 who we wear walk
30 tool moon soon cook
31 invite pick ticket kitchen
32 lock shock block programe
33 bad sad day catch
34 greet teeth deer knee
35 sign high sit mind
36 abroad primary pal additional
37 invited wanted ended liked
38 beach lead great pleased
39 unit climate city ethnic
40 comb plumb climb disturb
41 equal fashion champagne match
42 comic cotton cross economic
43 baggy minority style symbol
44 design ghost clothing strong
45 casual sale sleeveless slit
46 baggy fashion label casual
47 economy occasion freedom logical
48 encourage young proud enough
49 rivalry economic symbolic comic
50 embroider subject label poet
51 inspiration label occasion logical
52 grow novel cotton comic
53 modern pattern confident equal
54 musician necessary recently since
55 design loose style symbol
56 practical logical rivalry champagne
57 economic conclusion sailor monority
58 tunic unique slit print
59 clothing ethnic weather those
60 subject occasion inspiration style
61 jean wear cheap meat
62 fashion generation situation occasion
63 convenient together today modern
64 colour choice school clothing
65 argument artist arrow article
66 pagoda banyan gather relax
67 bamboo afternoon soon took
68 collection comment rest blanket
69 crop grocery locate pinic
70 business hamburger tomb baggy
71 relax gather hamburger pagoda
72 grocery crop hero flow
73 blanket uncle drink shrine
74 snack collection locate picnic
75 symbol sightseer sure soil
76 exchange bank hamburger bamboo
77 parent intinerary grocery relax
78 gather earth theater thanks
79 collection question nation inspiration
80 advance advertise attend amount
81 aspect edition experience examine
82 campus until supply publish
83 polite candidate deposit persuasive
84 amount found course council
85 campus candidate award examine
86 exercise persuade detail
87 dormitary edition examine terrible
88 order scholarship oral foreign
89 scenery advance grocery notice
90 reputation scholar disagree grammar
91 terrible attend advertise
92 disagree program beginer foreigner
91 deposit dormitory foreign oral
92 persuasion campus supply stale
advertise candidate advance
94 edition deposite detail persuasion
95 polite oral order dormitory
96 teacher ready speaker easily
97 hard delicious wonderful
98 media article
explore forum force
100 television benefit deny exploration
101 watch channel chat chemistry
102 access interactive costly crier
103 interactive limitation stage
104 information violent opinion informative
105 sleeveless internet media designer
106 primary ring
107 newspapers magagines controls adults
108 amount achieve dynamite
109 complain conserve cover
110 protect
currency persuade
111 complaint check secondhand cover
112 walked filled died prayed
113 wrap mass area sand
flow post ocean
refreshment environment
116 treasure sewage save campus
117 spoil folk float violent
118 divide quiet quite quit
119 cans jams save wrap
120 pinic similar pesticide provide
121 about group soup route
122 value use music public
123 quarter category crack standard
consume innovation household
125 luxury ultimately nuclear sum
126 of faucet leaf surf
127 bulb plumber profitable label
128 model hobby profitable solar
129 crack nuclear faucet car
130 account for appliance solar label
131 receive energy efficiency replace
132 receive crack recent faucet
133 ancient celebrate decorate receive
134 generous guest groom
135 decorate describe celebrate generous
136 considerate decorate freedom solid
137 house hug humor hour
138 charity considerate miss sticky
139 ancient parate slavery celebrate
140 fly sticky slavery priority
141 decorate considerate
142 bulb plumber humor hug
143 chair near engineer museum
144 thin math with thank
145 skips toes bikes waits
146 on hot soccer one
147 juice wash works gets
148 names friends parents theaters
149 house hold hour hat
150 says stays plays lays
151 hungry thirsty finally recycle
152 month weather thick throw
153 fat cat table sat
154 please pleasure easy teacher
155 comprise divide primary religion
156 what who where when
157 sugar source sale sight
158 north south gather month
159 too food soon good
160 houses faces horses places
161 ear wear hear near

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