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It is common knowledge that field trip study is a vital event, especially for
students at the university. It may indeed be true to say that field trip study is a bridge
between theory and practice, through it can help student understand about new
interesting things outside to improve knowledge, experience, culture as well as
collecting useful information for their study or further is their job in the future. Field
trip study is also a indirect teaching method that teach students to get soft skills, in
order to become familiar with new working environment where they could work at this
in the future. Students also have opportunity to meet some successful men or women to
ask them the key leads to success and advices about studying, in addition students can
compare what they have studied at school with pratice in order to choose, orientate as
well as consider what is suitable with them or their job in the future, make more
confident when they step out of the road of life to apply the job. Additionally it can
help students approach with technology and science, become familiar with working
environment to have well prepared in terms of spirit as well as choosing a appropriate
job in the future.


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Located in the northeast of the country, Hai Phong port has always acted as

border exchanges of the country's most important. Import goods in 17 northern
provinces and transit of goods northern Laos and southern China through the Port has
come to foreign markets and vice versa. Before August Revolution and in the war
against the French, was a hub port traffic communications, transportation, and material
transfer leadership of our Party comrades abroad and from abroad for revolutionary
activities. In the war against American imperialism, party officials and port workers is
one of the major forces break the siege blockaded port, handling charge, mass transport
of import and export goods to large service for more career institutes liberation.
After the liberation of Hai Phong (05/13/1955), Hai Phong port city and people
step into the restoration and economic development after the war. With the help of the
Soviet marine from the late 60s, the port system has been rebuilt to receive vessels with
a tonnage of 10,000 was equipped with cranes with lifting capacity from 5 to 16 tons
floating crane with a lifting capacity of 90 tons and hundreds of trucks of all kinds,
thousands of tons of marine barges along the relatively modern factories meet the
requirements of the import of goods between our country with other countries. After
the volatility of Eastern Europe losing traditional markets, changes in the structure of
large, cargo ships of the Soviet Union accounted for 64 % (1989) down to 10.3 %
(1993). The volume of exports rose from 135 to 53 %. Previously goods through the
warehouse up to 80% of this cargo shippers mostly direct reception. Moreover,
previous requirements of the innovation requires highly energetic striving of the team
leaders and port workers. From 1990 to 1996, the Port had invested in building and
buying equipment which had lifting capacity about 42 tons, focusing on the areas of
loading and uploading containers. At the same time, they upgraded waterway transport
system in delivery service, supported vessels and communication systems. On 11 th
Math, 1993 the Ministry of Transport decided on establishment of Hai Phong Port
belong to Vinalines. Since 1997, Port urgently deploy project to renovate and upgrade
the Hai Phong Port by Japan’s ODA to build new modern wharves and renovate old
wharves. Goods throughout the port can up to 10,000 million tons annually in the early
of 21th century, in which the number of container can reach 250,000 TEU/year. As of
2000, the port has a length of 2500 m, of which 5 800m long and unload container, the
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crane staging system and shore cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and thousands
of square meters of beach to meet speed import and export growth will increase several
times. On 03/11/1993 MOT 376/TCCB-LDD decision on the establishment of
businesses Hai Phong Port. To be consistent with the market economy, the Port has its
own innovation, reorganization towards specialization founded the Container
Enterprise, Enterprise unloading break bulk, bags, steel products and equipment.
Technology unloading has also been changed to suit the development trend of modal
shipping containers at the seaport modern world.
Port has focused on investing in critical areas, creating fast performance went
with the strengthening of management and exploitation, capacity utilization equipment
available. Port has invested 87 billion, of which two thirds focus on areas such as
upgrading of container, expansion of the system dump, equipped with cranes lifting
concrete and modern vehicles with a lifting capacity of up to 41 tons, while the
construction of CFS upgrade wharfs, the means of transport and the transport vessel for
countless support, computer systems and communications for executive management
and production. The intensive investment, innovative equipment has helped port
improving cargo handling capacity. The previous years, output reached only 7000 tons
unloading / day, but since 1995 only 12h -16h. Ships carrying 5,000 tons of steel can
finish in 40h and thousands of cars are transferred from ship to beach safety in 2 shifts
12 hours. Since 1997, Harbor urgently upgrade and improvement projects. Hai Phong
Port created by decision dated 07.31.1996 492/Ttg adjust some of the prime minister's
government totaling 40.000.000USD by Japanese ODA. Currently the system 2600 m
long wharf, general cargo area is 400.000m2 park, warehousing systems and qualified
38000m2 modern equipments certainly enough ports HP will not only receive 7 million
tons goods/year but can meet growth chief source of imports and exports increased 1.5
times after 2000.
Port HP 's state-owned enterprises of Vietnam Maritime Corporation, with full
legal status, independent accounting business, can open a banking account and use the
seal as prescribed by the state.

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Bagging, Packing and Transporting of Cargoes by national highways and inland
Ship Towage and Assistance.
Cargo handling, Taillying, Forwarding and Storage.
International Cargo and Container Transshipment.
Transporting and freight forwarder.
Logistics Service with a specialised train for transporting containers from HaiPhong
Port to LaoCai provinces and vice versa.
Shipping agents and customs brokers.
Middle freight, international containers.

a. Function of departments:
The organizational apparatus of port consists of 19 functional departments

advising executives, management and organization of production, living conditions for
the workers and employees in the port. Topping the board of directors consists of 4
people: 1 directors and 3 deputy directors, and other departments with different
functions and missions including :
Staffing room: has the function of advising the Director on the work of
organizations such as production, management arrangement, planning, training plans
and workers, construction rules, directing the implementation of the provisions of the
regulations and policies of state officials and employees.
Division of labor wages: advising functions of the Director of the wages and the
mode probability for workers, proposed, advocacy of state, pay plans, bonuses, the city
of the same provisions of other policies.
Department of Planning and Investment: function to advise the director on such
long -term planning, short-term or planned for member firms, set up the project,
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technical and economic feasibility study for the development, repair, inspection, plan
on liquidating assets, rate analysis.
Chamber of Legal Services shall advise the director of the business activities
include legal work, cost of goods, relations with shipowners, exploring resources for
Science and Technology Department shall advise the Director on the work of
science and technology, mining plans, organization and management of mechanical
engineering, mechanical design diagram, mechanical unloading, the use advanced
techniques to ensure production safety for people and equipment during loading and
unloading of transport.
Engineering Department shall advise the Director on the field of land and water
ports, repair and technical supervision, rehabilitation, reinforcement, replacement,
renewal,...to ensure the longevity,construction of port development plan, set up surveys
and project design works.
The center of warehouse supplies: advising the director in the field of materials
planning, procurement organization, management, allocation, check the supplies used
by the unit.
The center of production shall advise the director of the production planning and
directing the implementation, discussed and agreed with the relevant agencies to
owners to effectively implement the plan.
Accounting department: advising the Director on all matters of accounting and
finance as investors seek out, the efficient use of capital, the implementation of
effective accounting, financial statement preparation.


Chua Ve unloading enterprise: mainly tasked organizations unloading, delivery,
storage of containers and other types of general cargo.
Hoang Dieu container terminal: It is a merger between the Stevedoring Le
Thanh Tong Enterprise and unloading Enterprise Hoang Dieu on 1/7/2007 under the
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innovation production policy of HaiPhong and moving HaiPhong Port from state
organizational model to One-member Limited Liability Company. It is responsible for
loading and unloading, delivery, preservation, mainly steel, general cargo, packed
goods, bulk cargo ... receiving 10,000 DWT vessels to make every transmission and
reception areas are 30,000 to 50,000 DWT vessels moored handling.
Tan Cang container terminal: is responsible for the organization of stevedoring,
transportation, transporting goods in the region Dinh Vu (HaiPhong port construction
project in Dinh Vu Peninsula). In addition, the factory also has the function of
transportation of goods by waterway and road, in 2009, the Haiphong port has
officially put into operation two piers (No.3 and No.4) for 2 thousand-ton ship in New
Port Terminal, complete ancillary works including warehouses, parking, loading and
unloading equipment modernization, and the port has started promotion bridges No.5
and No.6 in Dinh Vu.
Bach Dang stevedoring and transporting service company: is responsible for
loading, unloading and transportation of goods in the country, handling super, super
important, support ships to the port, dredging harbor bridge, midstream lighter age
operation; marine supply; import and export activities; petroleum trading; especially
container stuffing/ unstuffing to serve rail transport route HaiPhong - Lao Cai.

Labor is the most important element of the process of production and business

activities, ensuring adequate quantity and quality of labor that resulted in conditions of
business process, a direct effect on improving performance utilization of fixed assets
and fixed capital of port. Hai Phong port has 3702 staffs (including women staff has
more than 900 workers) with many different occupations such as: driving the crane
workers, crew members, stevedoring workers, doctors………


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Figure: The statistic of cargoes volume via port (2000-2011)

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Figure 2: The statistic of containers volume (2000-2011)
Overall the volume of containers and cargoes significantly rose from year-toyear, especially from 2006 to 2011, in this period there was a dramatic increase in both
cargoes and containers volume.

In 2012, the total revenue that the Company Limited HaiPhong Port made 1,300

billion, accounting for 101.6% of the year plan, increasing3.3% compared with 2011;
revenue of port is 1,250 billion, increasing 8.3% compared to the same period in 2011.
The total output of goods through ports is 18.2 million tons (101.1% of the plan),
increasing3.4%; container which is estimated at 950,000 TEU, accounting for 93.3%
compared to 2011 (1.018 million TEU), equivalent to 13 million tons. Profit of year
reached 80 billion, exceeding14.3% of the assigned plan (70 billion), increasing 23.1%
compared with 2011. They paid state budget 77 billion, accounting for 110% of the
plan, and increasing 30.97 percent from the previous year.
In 2013: the first quarter output 4.416 million tons compared to implement your
plan to reach 98.1% and 24.3% of the plan in 2013 (18.2 million tons). Among them:
Exports: 362,000 tons in March performed at 95.3% of the plan. Quarter output
was 1.003 million tonnes implementation plan and increased 100.3% to 8.5% over the
same period last year (924,000 tons). Imports: March performed over 811 000 tonnes
of 11.1% of the plan. Quarter output was 1,960,000 tons implementation of 99%
compared to the plan and by 90.4% compared to the same period last year (2.168
million tons). For domestic: 623,000 tons in March implementing the plan exceeds
27.1%. Quarter output was 1.453 million tons performed 95.6% compared to the plan
and 7.8% over the same period last year (1.348 million tons).
In the second quarter: Performance targets business in April/2013: The total
production of goods through the port reached 1.601 million tons full 97 % target. Fourmonth cumulative output is 6.017 million tons to 33.1 % in 2013 plans (18.2 million
tons). Among them:

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Exports: 331,000 tons implementation plan and 89.5 % in March compared with
91.7 % (331/361). Imports: 695,000 tons implementation plan and by 92.7 % compared
with 85.7 % in March (695/811). For domestic: 575,000 tons implementation plan
exceeds 8.5 % and by 92.3 % compared to March (575/623). The main goods: Goods
handling 81,000 TEUs Container equivalent to 1.105 million tons to 98.8 % of the
plan, compared with 91 % in March (89,000 TEUs). Accumulation four months
reached 308,000 TEUs compared with 31.4 % of the year plan (980,000 TEUs).
167,000 tons of iron and steel goods exceeded plan and increased 11.3% compared to
39.2 % in March (120,000 tons). Machinery and equipment 20,000 tons to 100 % of
the plan, compared with 76.9 % in March (26,000 tons). Fodder: 125,000 tons to 92.6
% of the plan by 100 % compared to March (125,000 tons).
The performance targets business in May: The total production of goods through
the implementation of 1.637 million tons to 99.2 % of the plan, up 2.2 % compared
with April. Five-month cumulative output is 7.654 million tons to 42.1 % in 2013 plan.
Of which: exports: 330,000 tons implementation plan and by 82.5 % compared with
99.7 % in April. Goods import 719,000 tons implementation plan and 98.5 % up 3.5 %
compared with April. For domestic: 588,000 tons done over the plan and up 13.1 %
compared with 2.3 % in April. The main items: Container: 86,200 TEUs 1.102 million
tons equivalent of 7.8% over the plan, up 6.4 % compared with April. Accumulation 5
months reached 395,200 TEUs compared with 40.3 % of the plan. Fertilizer: 11,000
tons and 44 % plan increased 2.8 times compared with April. Machinery and
equipment: 29,000 tons over 45 % of the plan, up 45 % compared with April. Fodder:
135,000 tons over 8 % of the plan, up 8 % compared with April. These firms are
members fulfill the set tasks. Private enterprise Tan Cang perform output exceeds
524,000 tons planned 2.7 %, up 7.6 % compared with April .
The third quarter outputs 2013 were higher than the same period in 2012.
Results manufacturing business and the specific aspects of work achieved as follows:
The total production of goods through the entire port : September was 1,545,000 tons
performed 95.4 % of the plan . Third quarter reached 4.751 million tons, 96 % of the
plan, up 4.6 % compared to the same period in 2012. 9 months 13.992 million tons to
72.1 % in 2013 plans Corporation Vietnam Maritime Affairs (19.4 million tons) and
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75.6 % plan to Hai Phong Port Corporation proposed adjustment (18.5 million tons).
Among them:
Exports: 430,000 tons in September implementation plan exceeds 2.4 % .1.246
million tons over the third quarter reached 11.2 % and 7.8 % plan compared with the
same period in 2012. 9 months 3.32 million tons, up 3.9 % compared to the same
period in 2012. Import of 690,000 tons in September performed 97.2 % of the plan.
Third quarter reached 2.137 million tons, compared with 95% of the plan, up 6.3 %
compared to the same period in 2012 (2,010,000 tons). 9 months by 98.7 % to reach
6.236 million tons compared with the same period in 2012 (6.318 million tons). Local:
September carried out 425,000 tons to 86.7 % of the plan. Third Quarter 1.368 million
tons implementation plan and % 86.7 100.1 % compared to the same period in 2012. 9
months to reach 4.436 million tons of 98.4 % over the same period in 2012.

Project and investment
a. Tan Dinh Vu port project
Project scale 7 terminals (for 2 thousand DWT vessels) with a total length of

1.405m and pier capacity of 15 million tons/year. Phase I, Tan Dinh Vu Port (includes
two terminals 1, 2) was constructed in 2003 and completed in 2007. By 2011,
production of goods through the Dinh Vu area has reached 4.3 million tons, turnover
420 billion. Phase II, Tan Dinh Vu Port (including the port number 3, 4, 5, 6) the Board
of Directors of the Corporation approved Maritime Vietnam 5/ 2005 to meet the goals
of goods through in 2010 in Hai Phong seaport area of about 35 million tons/year. In
particular, Tan Dinh Vu Port (Phase II ) was 8.5 million tons, in line with the urban
planning of the city. Project scope includes 4 berths for 2 thousand DWT vessels. Total
length is 785m and the 4 terminal building yards, warehouses, systems architecture,
infrastructure works synchronously on a land area of 47.5 hectares. The total
investment for Phase II VND 1,500 billion in additional equity capital and mobilize the
port of Haiphong. Early in 2011, Tan Dinh Vu Port Project Phase II has basically
completed and put into use 4 stations 3, 4, 5, 6 and 15ha beach terminals 3 and 4.
Recently, after a year of rapidly executed and the direction of facilitate all levels of the
industry, Company Limited Haiphong gave berth No. 7 in Tan Dinh Vu Port in mining.
This is the end of the jetty project in Hai Phong Tan Dinh Vu Port, contributing cargo
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capacity through Haiphong port area. As expected, in 2015, of goods through ports of
Hai Phong area with an output of about 55 million tons, of which, 22.5 Haiphong
million tons contributions, private enterprise will reach Port handling 8 million tons.
The process of construction of berth No. 7 and Tan Dinh Vu Port project, the owner
and the construction company had to overcome many difficulties. 7 port facilities are
completed on schedule plan, showing great determination and a very serious direction,
implementation of project personnel to resolve Haiphong reached the sea, maintaining
the brand's 138years international ports in Hai Phong.
The formation of Dinh Vu port area has increased the appeal, attract investment
by domestic and foreign companies for the development of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone in
particular and in general Haiphong city, creating jobs for many parts businesses and
local residents, accelerate economic restructuring towards industrialization-servicesagriculture, strengthen and enhance the national defense-security, an important
contribution to successfully implement the Resolution 32 of the Politburo on the
development of Hai Phong city and Resolution of the 4th Conference of the Party
Central Committee 10th Vietnam marine Strategy 2020.


Lach Huyen port project

According to the development plan system seaports in Vietnam during 2020 and
orientations to 2030, Hai Phong port is the port defined aggregate national,
international gateway type IA, in which the Lach Huyen port the station is especially
important. The project is also in the list of infrastructure projects critical traffic,
essential stage in 2020.
Detailed planning international gateway port of Hai Phong is complete after 9
years of preparation, including 4 years of study completed detailed planning, 3 years of
research formulation, appraisal and approval of projects and 2 in the implementation of
the detailed design, tender. The project was built from the south Lach Huyen, on the
island of Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city, along the flow of the current port to the
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natural depth of -3.0 m with a total length of nearly 8,000 m; entire stream length of
about 18km with 14m low - flow vessels. According to design, Hai Phong international
gateway port will be invested in infrastructure and technology handling synchronous
and modern, capable of getting big container ships of 4,000 to 6,000 TEU to 8,000
TEU and (the equivalent of 100,000 tons of ships operating in remote marine
transportation). The work consists of two components: Component A Vietnam
Maritime Bureau as an investment component B by a joint venture partnership between
Vietnam and Japan as an investor. International gateway port in Hai Phong (after the
expected completion in 2016) will contribute to the implementation of the Strategy
2020 Viet Nam Sea: strive taking Viet Nam to become a powerful nation on the sea,
marine economic contribution about 53-55% of GDP, exports 55-60% of the country,
solving social problems, significantly improve the lives of people ...coastal waters and
contribute to goods, imports of northern areas have direct access to markets in Europe,
the Americas and also attract cargo transit through Laos Northeast corridor and EastWest across the South China region the line of two corridors program.

a. Advantages
Since the state implemented the open economic policies, the country 's economy

is constantly evolving, creating favorable operating environment for businesses. The
producers, general business and HP Port in particular has experienced strong growth in
recent years. HP port activities in the field of loading and unloading, transportation,
storage of goods and some other shipping services are well-established, has a team of
skilled workers and experienced, with complete systems yards. Production and sales
are made dependent on the import and export situation of domestic goods. So in terms
of the market economy, goods produced in rich countries, international trade
expansion, export activity has created vibrant base for transportation of goods by sea
found strong. Moreover, the strategic adjustment of state changes in export policies
nationwide have increased the amount of goods through the port over the last year,
contributing to increased sales and profits for HP Port. Hai Phong Port is a major port,
has important strategic position in the North should be city as well as state concerns
and invested in the renewal and modernization of infrastructure machinery, vehicles
and equipment. Since 1997 HP Port project to upgrade and renovation totaling
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40.000.000 USD from Japanese ODA. The first phase of the project has been
completed and the port is gradually put into operation the second phase aimed at
increasing business productive forces, Port quickly become a modern sea port to meet
the demand of goods transport domestic and foreign, that is not to mention the other
small shippers.


The biggest difficulty is HP 's current outbound port to port and dried sediment
was great, the ship rotation limit, the berth area has not been overcome, the transfer is
unstable to small not to affect production and trading port. On the other hand, the
transition to market mechanisms, HP ports difficult to invest in new capital equipment.
Most of these vehicles are of great value from a few hundred million to billions
requires a huge amount of capital investment. While many properties are too old media
obsolete degradation requires new investment or upgrading. In addition, the number of
workers crowded, excess demand from many parts used in waste reduction and
production efficiency. Shipments in Port unstable making it difficult to process and
manufacturing business. Moreover, water and electricity prices rising fuel costs
affecting the formulation and implementation of the plan cost. Higher material costs
also lead to higher rates will reduce the attractiveness to customers, difficulties in


Incorporates all of the port resources, focus on exploiting all sources, measures to
strengthen economic governance, improve business performance, make savings, value
added tax law, ensure the background relative financial stability, healthy firmly against
losses, reduced debt. Continue to invest in the renewal of equipment, especially the
unloading equipment on the wharf with large capacity. Exploiting transshipment areas,
Bach Dang wharf well, raising the competitive power of the port, maintaining
traditional customers, actively seek new customers, ability to expand port operators.
Gradually upgraded by ODA Port Phase II on mining business effectively.
Reorganizing the structure of labor to fit the advanced production methods contribute
to boosting production, ensuring revenue officials and employees higher than last year.
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Conducting equitization in order to improve production efficiency in the enterprise
business members as well as around the port.


Hai Phong Port play an important role in the maritime industry of the Northern as
well as Viet Nam, it is an important gate in the import and export of goods, creating
more favorable conditions for exchange and barter with other countries in the world.
Nonetheless, there are also many problems and difficulties need to be resolved,
therefore officers and employees of Hai Phong port must have a unanimous consensus
of the political system in the enterprise: From the leadership of the Party committees,
the leadership- Executive Council Members and Board of directors, the activities of the
mass organizations such as trade unions and Youth to create the power to unite and
overcome difficulties to successfully implement political tasks set. We can believe
deeply that officers and employees of Hai Phong port coming years will definitely have
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to build step Harbor robust, comprehensive, on par with the required period of
accelerated industrialization, modernization, international integration of the country. In
the future, we expect that Lach Huyen project will bring many advantages, profits and
reputation for Hai Phong as well as Viet Nam, can help Viet Nam improving economic
situations, enhancing the living standard.

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