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Đề khảo sát chất lượng lần 2 năm 2016 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10 trường THPT Nguyễn Trãi, Thái Bình

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NĂM HỌC 2015 – 2016




Ngày thi: 21/05/2016
Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút

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Số báo danh:...............................................................................

I. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined
part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
Question 1: A. breakfast

B. peasant

C. pleasure

D. creation

Question 2: A. tool

B. moon

C. wool

D. boot

Question 3: A. climate

B. communicate

C. accurate

D. unfortunate

II. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the
other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.
Question 4: A. exchange

B. collect

C. persuade

D. profile

Question 5: A. recommend

B. suggestion

C. initial

D. unhelpful

III. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of
the following questions.
Question 6: I would rather ______ at home last night. The film was very boring.
A. to stay

B. stay

C. have stayed

D. I stayed

Question 7: It’s difficult to decide which is ______ between the two machines.
A. the better

B. the best

C. the good

D. better than

Question 8: I am sure I locked the door. I clearly remember _______ it.
A. lock

B. to lock

C. to have locked

D. locking

Question 9: Mr. Ram ______ accustomed to living in this rickety house since his company went
A. has been

B. got

C. was

D. has got

Question 10: The packet containing a lot of books and precious materials _______ last night.
A. were lost

B. has lost

C. lost

D. was lost

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Question 11: If it hadn’t been ______ her carefulness, she would have had a terrible accident.
A. upon

B. on

C. for

D. of

Question 12: I _______ with my teenage children now, we haven’t had any arguments.
A. keep in touch

B. keep pace

C. am on good terms

D. get on my nerves

13: I’ve got to take my son to the dentist’s for a check-up tomorrow. I just hope he

doesn’t need to _______.
A. have anything done

B. get him to do anything

C. be done anything

D. have him do

Question 14: Peter went out of his house ______ his favorite song.
A. and whispering

B. whisper

C. whispering

D. whispered

Question 15: It was great when I ______ to find the right person that I wanted to meet at the party.
A. was able

B. could

C. was likely

D. might

Question 16: I will do the job you offer me to the best of my ______.
A. knowledge

B. ability

C. talent

D. capacity

Question 17: It is clear that John works much harder than ______.
A. does she

B. is his sister

C. does his sister

D. his sister is

Question 18: Will you buy a 3D television when they _______ available?
A. are becoming

B. become

C. became

D. will become

Question 19: ______ you cheated at the examination was reported to the headmaster.
A. What

B. When

C. All the things

D. That

Question 20: If you are too_______, other people will take advantage of you.
A. untrustworthy

B. trusted

C. trustworthy

D. trusting

Question 21: “It’s my birthday today, dear.”
A. Long time no see

B. Nothing on earth!

C. Many happy returns

D. May I have a rain check


22: Lan: “Let’s do something to prevent the environment from becoming worse and

Mai: “______”
A. So long.

B. Great idea

C. Sorry, I haven’t got it here

D. Well, never mind

Question 23: It’s important to set yourself clear _______ so you know what you are doing for.
A. goals

B. ambitions

C. decisions

D. opportunities

Question 24: The female birds eat very little food _______ the males.
A. in addition to

B. compared to

C. according to

D. dedicate to

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IV. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) SIMILAR in
meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 25: In 1985, the Coca cola company altered the secret formula of the drink’s ingredients.
A. proposed

B. modified

C. restored

D. enriched

Question 26: In my experience, freshmen today are different from those I knew 2 years ago.
A. new students

B. new counselors

C. first-year students

D. young professors

27: To prepare for a job interview, you should jot down your qualifications, work

experience as well as some important information about yourself.
A. Your big data and special qualities

B. what you have experienced

C. your own qualities in real life

D. what you have earned through study

Question 28: With the dawn of space exploration, the notion that atmospheric conditions on Earth
may be unique in solar system was strengthened.
A. beginning

B. continuation

C. expansion

D. outcome

29: Roget’s Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally

arranged by the ideas they express rather than by alphabetical order.
A. as well as

B. unless

C. restricted

D. instead of

V. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs
correction in each of the following questions.
Question 30: In the middle of the grassland a lot of tiny flowers are blooming because it is spring
A. it is spring time

B. a lot of tiny flowers are blooming

C. the grassland

D. the middle


31: Finally, the rescuers found the couple and their car which were swept away by the

A. which

B. found

C. Finally

D. swept away

Question 32: Alike other forms of energy, natural gas may be used to heat homes, cook food and
even run machines.
A. homes

B. Alike

C. may be used

D. even run

Question 33: They had the suggestion that the children would spend two weeks with their parents.
A. the

B. would spend

C. that

D. with their parents

Question 34: I asked him whether he had done it on himself or someone had helped him.
A. him

B. had done

C. whether

D. on himself

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VI. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.
Just more English is being taught in primary schools worldwide, so there are a (35)
_______number of language schools in English-speaking countries that are (36) _______courses for
younger learners. In Britain, most young learners’ courses are (37) _______to 11- years-olds and
upwards, with a few that cater for children as young as seven. But is a sensible age to start sending
children abroad to study? (38) _______, even adults learners find the experience of traveling to a
strange country and encountering people who speak a barely comprehensible language challenging.
A great deal depends on how a child has been (39) _______up. For example, if they have been
exposed to new things and have already started to learn independence, then thy are (40) _______to
enjoy the experience. (41) _______, children who have previously traveled abroad with their parents
will be well prepared to undertake a study (42) _______in an English-speaking country on their (43)
_______Getting (44) _______to the idea that other countries have different customs and cultures is
an important stage in the process of learning a foreign language.
Question 35: A. increasing

B. raising

C. growing

D. rising

Question 36: A. setting

B. studying

C. granting

D. offering

Question 37: A. access

B. fit

C. suit

D. open

Question 38: A. At last

B. After all

C. Finally

D. At the end

Question 39: A. grown

B. put

C. brought

D. turned

Question 40: A. possibly

B. about

C. easily

D. likely

Question 41: A. On the other hand
C. More of

B. Further on
D. In addition

Question 42: A. trip

B. travel

C. voyage

D. journey

Question 43: A. own

B. self

C. alone

D. lonely

Question 44: A. aware

B. used

C. to know

D. on well

VII. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
A rather surprising geographical feature of Antarctica is that a huge freshwater lake, one of the
world’s largest and deepest, lies hidden there under four kilometers of ice. Now known as Lake
Vostok, this huge body of water is located under the ice block that comprises Antarctica. The lake is
able to exist in its unfrozen state beneath this block of ice because its waters are warmed by

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geothermal heat from the earth’s core. The thick glacier above Lake Vostok actually insulates it from
the frigid temperatures on the surface.
The lake was first discovered in the 1970s while a research team was conducting an aerial
survey of the area. Radio waves from the survey equipment penetrated the ice and revealed a body of
water of indeterminate size. It was not until much more recently that data collected by satellite made
scientists aware of the tremendous size of the lake; the satellite –borne radar detected an extremely
flat region where the ice remains level because it is floating on the water of the lake.
The discovery of such a huge freshwater lake trapped under Antarctica is of interest to the
scientific community because of the potential that the lake contains ancient microbes that have
survived for thousands upon thousands of years, unaffected by factors such as nuclear fallout and
elevated ultraviolet light that have affected organism in more exposed areas. The downside of the
discovery, however, lies in the difficulty of conducting research on the lake in such a harsh climate
and in the problems associated with obtaining uncontaminated samples from the lake without actually
exposing the lake to contamination. Scientists are looking for possible way to accomplish this.
Question 45: The purpose of the passage is to ______.
A. explain how Lake Vostok was discovered
B. discuss future plans for Lake Vostok
C. present an unexpected aspect of Antarctica’s geography
D. provide satellite data concerning Antarctica
Question 46: The word “lies” could best be replaced by ______.
A. tells falsehoods

B. sits

C. sleeps

D. inclines.

Question 47: What is true of Lake Vostok?
A. It is completely frozen.

B. It is not a saltwater lake.

C. It is beneath a thick slab of ice.

D. It is heated by the sun.

Question 48: Which of the following is closet in meaning to “frigid”?
A. Rarely recorded

B. Extremely cold

C. Never changing

D. Quite harsh

49: All of the following are true about the 1970 survey of Antarctica EXCEPT that it

A. was controlled by a satellite

B. made use of radio waves

C. was conducted by air

D. did not measure the exact size of the lake

Question 50: It can be inferred from the passage that the ice would not be flat if ______.
A. There were no lakes underneath

B. radio waves were not used

C. the lake was not so big

D. Antarctica were not so cold

Question 51: The word “microbes” could be best be replaced by which of the following?

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A. Tiny organisms

B. Rays of light

C. Pieces of dust

D. Trapped bubbles

Question 52: Lake Vostok was potentially important t scientists because it ______.
A. It has already been contaminated
B. It may have elevated levels of ultraviolet light
C. It can be studied using radio waves
D. It may contain uncontaminated microbes
Question 53: The word “downside” is closest in meaning to ______.
A. negative aspect

B. buried section

C. underside

D. bottom level

Question 54: The paragraph following the passage most probably discusses ______.
A. further discoveries on the surface of Antarctica
B. ways to study Lake Vostok without contaminating it
C. the harsh climate of Antarctica
D. problems with satellite- borne radar equipment
VIII. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each questions.
Very few people in the modern world obtain their food supply by hunting and gathering in the
natural environment surrounding their homes. This method of harvesting from nature’s provision is
the oldest subsistence strategy, and has been practiced for at least two million years. It was, indeed,
the only way to obtain food until rudimentary farming and the domestication of animals were
introduced about 10,000 years ago.
Because hunter-gathers have fared poorly in comparison with their agricultural cousins, their
numbers have dwindled, and they have been forced to live in marginal environments such as deserts
forests or arctic wasteland. In higher latitudes, the shorter growing season has restricted the
availability of plant life. Such conditions have caused a greater independence on hunting, and along
the coasts and waterways, on fishing. The abundance of vegetation in the lower latitudes of the
tropics, on the other hand, has provided a greater opportunity for gathering a variety of plants. In
short, the environmental differences have restricted the diet and have limited and possibilities for the
development of subsistence societies. Contemporary hunter- gathers may help us understand our
prehistoric ancestors. We know from the observation of modern hunter- gathers in both Africa and
Alaska that society based on hunting and gathering must be very mobile. While the entire community
camps in a central location, a smaller party harvests the food within a reasonable distance from the
camp. When the food in the area is exhausted, the community moves on to exploit another site. We
also notice a seasonal migration on pattern evolving for most hunter gathers, along with a restrict

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division of labor between sexes. These patterns of behavior may be similar to those practiced by
mankind during the Paleolithic Period.
Question 55: With which of the following topics is the passage primarily concerned?
A. Hunter- gathers

B. marginal environment

C. the Paleolithic Period

D. subsistence farming

Question 56: Which is the oldest subsistence strategy?
A. farming

B. migrating

C. domesticating animals

D. hunting and gathering

Question 57: The word “ rudimentary” is closest in meaning to ______.
A. rough

B. backward

C. preliminary

D. ancient

Question 58: The phrase “in short” can be replaced by ______.
A. in want

B. shortly

C. in demand

D. to cut a long story short

Question 59: The word “abundance” is closest in meaning to ______.
A. plenty

B. amount

C. majority

D. density

Question 60: The word “mobile” is closest in meaning to ______.
A. portable

B. movable

C. carried

D. transportable

Question 61: When was hunting and gathering introduced?
A. 10. 000 years

B. 2000 years ago

C. 2000000 years ago D. 1000000 years ago

Question 62: What conditions exist in the lower latitude?
A. more coasts and waterways for fishing

B. greater dependence on hunting

C. a large variety of plant life

D. a shorter growing season

Question 63: How can we know more about hunter-gathers of prehistoric time?
A. by studying similar contemporary societies. B. by studying the remains of their campsites.
C. by practicing hunting and gathering.

D. by studying the prehistoric environment.

Question 64: Which of the following is not mentioned in the above passage?
A. Because of the shorter growing season in higher latitude, the availability of plants is limited.
B. More and more people in the modern time live on the food they gather in the natural
C. The more vegetable in the lower latitude in the tropics there is, the greater opportunity for
gathering around their homes.
D. The environmental differences result in restricted diet.

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Part I. Finish each of the following the sentences in such a way that it means the same as the
sentence given
Question 65: “Why don’t you complain to the company, Peter?” asked William.
William suggested…………………………………………………………..
Question 66: He started learning English five years ago.
He has ……………………………………………………………………..
Question 67: I can’t swim because the water is too cold
So cold …….………………………………………………………………
Question 68: Mary wasn’t capable of finishing the project on time.
It was ……..………………………………………………………………..
Question 69: Ann prefers books to music.
Ann would rather ……………………………………………………………
Part II. In about 120 words, write a paragraph about one of the beauty spots in Vietnam.
- - - The end - - -


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