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Phan nghe tiếng anh 3

Unit 1
A The men are playing pool.
B They are biking in the forest.
C There are a couple of free tables
on the terrace.
D They are on stage performing a play.
E They are hiking in the wilderness.
F The men are playing board game in the pool.
G The players are on the field.
H The couple is dining outside.
Listening 2
1. Would you happen to know what time the café opens?
A No, I don't know what happened.
B Yes, we're aware of that.
C At quarter to twelve.
2. Could you please show me how to use these chopsticks?
A Gladly. You first have to learn how to hold them.
B Yes. We were all very pleased with the show.
C No. She hasn't been able to show her work.
3. I wonder if anyone would like to go out for a drink this evening?

A It's a wonder they're here.

B Nobody won this afternoon.
C We'd love to.
Unit 2
A. He is converting some money into another currency.
B. They are withdrawing cash from an ATM.
(Automated Teller Machine)
C. She is checking some sheets of dollar bills.
D. The bank teller is assisting the customer.
Listening 2
A, My home is already worth 140 000 dollars. Would you advise me to
sell it now or would it be better to wait for it to appreciate?
B, I have been the same salary level for the last 2 years. How should I
go about asking my boss for a raise?
C, Is there an annual limit on the amount of money I can put into my
pension fund?
D, I am interested in buying stocks. How should I choose which
companies to invest in?
E, I recently inherited some money. What type of investment would
give me the best return?
Unit 3
Listening 2

Woman: Could you recommend a nice hotel near the convention
Man: Try the Hyatt Regency. It's only one stop from the conference
center by subway.
Woman: Oh, great. That's perfect.
Man: Has anyone turned in a small black leather address book?
Woman: Do you have any idea where you might have left it?
Man: I'm not sure exactly, but I think it must have been at the
telephone booth next to the newsstand.

Man: The basic charge is $475 for one week.
Woman: Does that include unlimited mileage?
Man: Yes. But full insurance coverage is on top of that.
Listening 3
1. Do you offer a shuttle service from the airport?
A. Yes, 24-hour room service is available.
B. We can arrange that for a small fee.
2. If one of our guests wanted to play golf would you be able to
arrange that for us?
A Yes, they want to.
B We could do that.
3. In the case of a cancellation, would you return our deposit?

A As long as you notify us at least 48 hours in advance.
B I'm sorry. No briefcases have been turned in.
4. What can we offer our clients if they're interested in eco- tourist
A We're very interested.
B They can choose from a range of exciting options.
Review 1
Part 1
A The people are sitting indoors.
B Dinner is being served by the pool.
C The waiter is taking their orders.
D The tables are set up on the sidewalk.
A The teller's counting out the money.
B The woman is closing the window.
C The customer's using an automatic teller machine.
D She's clearing the counter.
A He's dropped the racket.
B He's returning the ball.
C He's repairing the net.
D He's waiting for a court

A The passengers are boarding the plane.
B They're packing their bags.
C The tourists are looking at the display.
D They're standing in the baggage claim area.
Part 2
Part 2
5. How much is the one-way fare?

You can pay by credit card.


It's very far.

C. That depends when you travel.
6. Can you tell me how long it will take to transfer the
funds to my account?
A. Yes. I've taken that into account.
B. You should be credited within the next three days.
C. It only takes fifteen minutes by subway.
7. Have you paid off your mortgage yet?
A. Yes, I know. I really should pay them more.
B. No, I still have six more months to go.
C. Our hard work has really paid off.
8. Could you put that on my bill, please?
A. Certainly, If you'd just sign the check.

B. Actually, I built it myself.
C. I'm sorry but Bill is not on duty today
9. Are you going running this afternoon or would you rather play
A. I'd prefer not to arrive too late.
B. Unfortunately, we've run into a few problems with the
new tenant.
C. Sounds like fun. I'll meet you down at the court, say
around three.
10. Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
A. I'll get one for both of us.
B. A table for four, please.
C. Either is fine with me.
11. Isn't the art center open on Mondays?
A. It usually is, but they're setting up a special exhibition
this week.
B. Yes, the registration fee covers all art supplies.
C. No, I sent her the artwork on Tuesday.
12. The tour guide was outstanding, don't you think?

Her comments were both entertaining and informative.

B. Yes. The guidelines seem to be very complete.
C. Well, I think the next tour starts in an hour.
13. Would you happen to know when the next ferry sails to the

A. It happened when they were sailing.
B. Our entire stock goes on sale tomorrow.
C. It's boarding right now from Dock 5.
Part 3

Does the hotel offer a courtesy shuttle from the airport?
Yes, we do. Pick-up is from Arrivals at Terminal 1.

Woman Could you reserve us three places? Our flight gets in at 2 p.m.

There's no need for that. There's plenty of room on board, and our service runs every 20

Questions 17-19:

I'd like to pay for these items by credit card.

I'm afraid I can't accept credit cards today because our machine isn't working. Can
you pay by cash or check?

I don't have my checkbook with me, but I can go to the nearest ATM and take
out some money.

There's one right across the street, next to the library. I'll keep your things here at the
register until you return.

Part 4
Questions 20-22:
Flight 517 to Houston will now begin boarding from gate three. As we will be boarding from the
rear of the aircraft, we ask passengers sitting in rows 44 to 32 to report to gate three
immediately. Please have your boarding passes ready to present to airline personnel. Passengers
are reminded that federal regulations currently limit air travelers to one carry-on item per
 Questions 23-25:

Welcome to the Museum of Modern Art and thank you for choosing our audio guide to
accompany you on your visit. The audio guide provides commentaries about some of the
paintings in our permanent collection. Before you start your visit please listen carefully to the
following instructions. Beside selected paintings, there is a white sticker with a corresponding
audio guide number. To hear a commentary, enter the number displayed next to the painting. If
you wish to interrupt the recording, you can press the red pause button. To restart, push the
green play button. Use the arrow keys to set the volume.
Should you have any questions about the audio guide or if you experience difficulties using it,
please ask the staff to help you. Before leaving the gallery, please remember to return your
audio guide to our staff. We hope that you will enjoy the museum collections.
 Unit 4

A Palm trees grow along the coast.
B The cottage overlooks the sea.
C The freeway runs past the skyscrapers.
D The high-rise buildings are on opposite sides of the river.
E Cattle are grazing in a field next to the refinery.
F The farmland is being plowed for planting.
G The laundry is hanging from the balcony.
H The houses are only three storeys high.

A Well, there should be about 100,000 on board at any one time but only 40,000 of
them will actually be residents. There will also be a crew of 20,000 and the
rest will be visitors.
B The construction phase hasn't actually started yet.But some specialists are
suggesting that it could be launched within three years.
C Well there's really no limit on where it can go. So probably it will travel
regularly around the world, calling at many of the major cities with seaports.
D It'll have a fully operational airport on the top deck - so planes will be able to
fly in and out rather like on an aircraft carrier. And there will also be a marina
so that smaller ships can dock with it.
E Well, it's been designed as a city not just as a ship. So you'll have a full range of
commercial activities going on inside with trade centers and so on - just like
in any normal city. And, of course, you'll have schools for the children who are
living on board and a fully-equipped hospital.
F Well, there's a whole selection of real estate investment opportunities. These
range from luxury suites to much more simple "living units". The starting
price should be about 180,000 dollars and the top price will probably be
around 40 million dollars.
G It's a project that's attracting a lot of interest from potential residents, and
that group includes not only people who are looking for a secure environment
for their retirement but also business people who are interested in living and
working in a city that's not part of anyone nation.
H I think that convenience is certainly one of the main factors. The idea is that
this will be like a compact city and you'll have everything you need within easy

reach. So there will be no need to take public transportation and, of course, the
weather is another factor. The ship will be able to position itself in warm weather
all year round - and that's certainly a major advantage.

Unit 5
A They' re exercising on the beach.
B He's kneeling next to the patient
C They're lifting weights in the gym.
D The physical therapist is stretching the patient's arm.
E They're balancing on one leg.
F The doctor's examining the man's chest
G They're holding hands.
H The relief workers are handing out food.
Listening 1
1 Man 1

So you're in for your annual check-up and cleaning, is that it?

Man 2

Yes. And I was wondering if you could take a look at one of my
molars on the top left. It's been sore lately, especially when I chew.

Man 1

OK, I'll have a look and then take an X-ray. Open wide, please.

2 Woman

Do you remember when you last came in for a complete physical?


Actually, it was sometime ago. Four, maybe, five years


You know, even if you are in good health, you should see a doctor
every 2 years for a check up.


You are right. But never seem to have enough time.

3 Man

Hi. I’d like to have this prescription filled, please.


Certainly. Which would you prefer, branch name medicine or the less
expensive generic drugs?


Humm. I think I’ll go with the branch name, since that’s what my
doctor’s prescribed.

4 Man 1

Will I have to wear corrective lenses all the time?

Man 2

No, no. You have very good eyesight. This prescription will correct
your vision so that you can read comfortably at night.

Man 1

That’s good news.

5 Woman1 The health insurance benefits package we offer our employees
includes full medical and dental coverage.
Woman 2

Will my policy include prescription drugs?

Woman 1

Yes, it does. It reimburses 90% of all doctor-prescribed medications.

Review 2
Part 1

A The patient is wearing a watch.
B She's reading the manual.
C He's looking for his glasses.

D She's checking the patient's eyes.
2 A He's clearing the snow away.
B He's showing his house.
C The street is covered with snow.

D He's shoveling the soil in his garden.
3 A The parking lot is full.
B There's an overpass across the freeway.
C Traffic is stopped in both directions.
D The commuters are riding the bus.

4 A The man is waving to the cyclists.
B He's raising his arm above his head.
C The man is directing traffic.
D He's pointing out the problem.

Part 2
5 Where do you stand on this issue?
A Yes, we're near the elevator.
B Over there, next to the photocopier.
C I share Dons point of view.

6 How about next Tuesday for your annual check-up?
A It's about the checking account.
B That would be fine.
C About twice a week.

7 Wouldn't it be better to get a second opinion?
A You're right. It wouldn't help at all.
B Good idea. Let's ask Tashiro.
C Unfortunately, the results haven't improved.
8 May I have this prescription filled, please?
A I'm sorry. There's no more room.
B I'll need to order this. You can pick it up this afternoon.
C It certainly is very filling.
9 Have you heard the weather report?
A Yes, the announcement was delayed.
B I'm not sure whether it's hers.
C The forecast is for clear, sunny skies.
10 Would you be interested in joining our fitness group?
A Thank you for asking, but I already have a membership
at the gym.
B Could you get me a larger size? This one doesn't fit
C Yes, we can open a joint account.
11 When do we need to submit our planning application?
A To the planning department.
B Next Tuesday at the latest.
C By two members of the department.
12 Didn't you think that last apartment was too small?

A But considering the location it's a great deal.
B We were thinking about going to the mall.
C Yes, it lasted longer than I thought it would.
13 When will the commuter lanes re-open?
A We'd be more than happy to pass on the message.
B Not before next week. Until then we'll just have to leave earlier.
C You can come as late as you want.
14. Did the doctor tell you to change your diet?
A He didn't say anything about that.
B Yes. I'm meeting them at four.
C No, I can't tell the difference.
Part 3
Questions 15-17:
Man John said that you are moving into a new house in the suburbs. Is that
Woman Yes. Real-estate prices were so high that we couldn't afford to buy in
the city.

I know what you mean. Housing costs have skyrocketed in the last year.


Yeah. We were lucky to get it for such a good price.

Questions 18-20:

Man Hi, Mary. You're in early this morning, aren't you? I thought you usually
started at nine.
Woman Well, I used to, yes. But I've decided to start work one hour earlier every
day. That way I don't get stuck in traffic on my way in and when I go home.
Man I wish I could do the same, but there's no way I can start this early every
day. I usually have to drop the kids at school before I get here.
Woman Well, you'd certainly save some time if you could. I reckon it's reduced
my travel time by at least an hour every day.
Part 4
Questions 21-23:
Hi, my name's Steve Zachery and I'll be leading today's seminar entitled "On-thejob Fitness". We will be looking at how and why your company should consider
developing a corporate fitness program. But let's begin with the bottom line; what
are the real, tangible benefits of a corporate fitness program?Human resources
directors that have implemented complete health plans have reported many
positive outcomes. These benefits range from fewer worker absences to better
attitudes, greater corporate loyalty, and less stress. Companies have also found
such fitness programs to be a valuable recruiting tool that improves employee
retention. One of the most significant long-term advantages is reduced health
insurance costs for you and your employees. These are just a few of the points
we'll be covering today in greater detail. So turning to ...
Questions 24-26:
The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for tonight.
Temperatures over the state will remain cold enough to produce steady snow

through at least midnight. Snow is expected to accumulate from three to five
inches across Jefferson County, while four to six inches are likely in Madison
County. Motorists are urged to exercise caution while driving. Many roads across
the advisory area will be snow-covered and icy. Due to the heavy amounts of
snow, schools in Jefferson and Madison Counties have announced a "Delayed
opening" tomorrow. School will begin one hour later than normal in order to
allow road crews to clear roads and highways. In the event that heavy snow makes
it dangerous to hold regular classes and forces closure of school, an announcement
will be made by the school district and broadcast tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. on
this and other radio stations. Stay tuned for further information.


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