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Mẫu đề thi Anh văn cơ bản 2

Allotted time: 60 minutes
Part 1. Listen and choose the correct answers for these questions:
1. How many members are there in The Corrs?
A. 4
B. 3
2. What can Jim do?
A. Jim can sing and play the piano.
B. Jim can sing, play the piano, and play the guitar.
C. Jim can sing, play the piano, and cook.
3. Is Andrea an actress?
A. No, she isn’t.
B. Yes, she does.
4. Sharon can speak German and French
A. False
B. True
5. Where do the Corrs get their talents?
A. Their cousins
B. Their parents

C. 5

C. Yes, she is.
C. Not mentioned
C. Their friends

Part 2. Listen and choose the correct answers for these questions:
6. The man has a girlfriend.
A. True
B. False
7. His girlfriend does yoga twice a week.
A. True
B. False
8. What kind of music can she play?
A. Rock and jazz
B. Pop and rap
9. Can she play the piano?
A. Yes, she can.
B. No, she can’t.
10. The man likes to _____________ and draw sometimes.
A. watch TV
B. watch movies

C. Not mentioned
C. Not mentioned
C. Rock and Pop
C. Yes, very well.
C. watch cartoons

Choose the best answer to complete each blank.
11. My children’s children are my _________.
A. great grandchildren B. grandchildren
C. grandparents
12. Are _________ your parents?
A. this
B. that
C. these
13. Last Saturday, I went shopping at the ____________.

A. mall
B. library
C. laundromat
14. Last night I _____________ with friends.

D. grandsons
D. those
D. Internet cafe

A. looked
B. took
C. hung out
D. saw
15. There isn’t any ___________ in the refrigerator.
A. cookies
B. bananas
C. apple
D. milk
16. We went to ____________ on Sunday.
A. hiking
B. a trip
C. shopping
D. the beach
17. A: ____________________
B: I’m a Gemini.
A. What’s your nickname?
B. What’s your phone number?
C. What’s your sign?
D. Who’s your favorite singer?
18. _________ Matthew?
A. Your name
B. You name
C. Name is
D. Is your name
19. A: I’m a Leo.
B: ___________________
A. My name is Alan.
B. Me, too!
C. Yeah, it is. Help yourself.
D. Nice to meet you.
20. Vicky ____________ tennis on Mondays.
A. plays
B. play
C. to play
D. playing
21. Jim __________ coffee with friends on Thursday.
A. have
B. has
C. takes
D. take
22. I ___________ movies on Friday night.
A. rent
B. have
C. do
D. go
23. There are ________ bananas in the kitchen.
A. many
B. any
C. a
D. much
24. Tom and Peter ________ at the mall yesterday.
A. were
B. was
C. are
D. liked
25. I was at the _________ last night. I washed all my clothes.
A. laundromat
B. school
C. gym
D. mall
26. On Saturday morning, I __________ hiking with my sister.
A. watched
B. went
C. played
D. did
27. My parents _________ a trip last month.
A. took
B. went
C. saw
D. watched
28. The party was awful. We ________ fun.
A. had
B. have
C. don’t have
D. didn’t have
29. The department store is ___________ First Avenue.
A. at
B. of
C. on
D. over
30. There isn’t a __________, but I can watch movies on my computer.
A. lamp
C. stereo
D. sofa
31. There’s a ____________ on the desk.
A. park
B. window
C. convenience store
D. stereo
32. A: Where’s the coffee?
B: ___________________
A. They’re in the fridge.
B. Yes, we do. It’s on the stove.
C. We don’t have any.
D. Noe, we don’t.
33. A: We need some juice and some apples.
B: ___________________________
A. We don’t have any juice.
B. OK. What’s else?
C. It’s in the fridge.
D. I can’t.
34. A: Do you want to go shopping?
B: __________________________
A. I can buy some.
B. Yes, I can.
C. We don’t have any bananas, either.
D. I can’t. I’m busy.
35. A: This kitchen is messy! It’s your job to clean it.
B: _____________________________

A. I don’t know.
B. No, I wasn’t!
C. Well, I was just there.
D. Sorry! I was too busy
36. Her sisters, Pam and Lara, _____________ sports.
A. does
B. do
C. doesn’t like
D. don’t like
37. A: Do you rent movies?
B: _______________
A. Yes, I rent.
B. Yes, I do.
C. Yes, I does.
D. Yes, I am.
38. A: I don’t like jazz.
B: __________________
A. Me, too. I like jazz.
B. Really? I like jazz.
C. Well, let’s go to a concert.
D. No, not really.
39. A: ____________________
B: No, not really.
A. What can you do?
B. What’s your favorite kind of music?
C. What’s your address?
D. Can you dance?
40. Alex ____________ a computer.
A. is using
B. are using
C. is used
D. use
41. ___________ is the place where you exchange money.
A. a department store
B. a convenience store C. a bank
D. a house
42. Turn left ________ the corner.
A. at
B. on
C. under
D. in
43. I went to a great ____________ on Saturday.
A. homework
B. friend
C. weekend
D. party
44. Do you want to take a ___________ this weekend?
A. hotel
B. trip
C. party
D. beach
45. There’s ________ coffee on the table.
A. some
B. a
C. many
D. any
46. A: Latin music is a mazing.
B: _______________________
A. Yeah, it’s great.
B. Yeah, it’s terrible.
C. Pretty good, thanks. D. Yes, she is.
47. Is she ____________ a sweater?
A. wear
B. wearing
C. wears
D. wore
48. _________ there any curtains behind the sofa?
A. Is
B. Are
C. Have
D. Has
49. The bank is ________ of the Pine and Elm.
A. on the corner
B. between
C. among
D. in
50. The public restrooms are ________ to the subway station.
A. on
B. near
C. next
D. behind
51. __________ is the place where you buy stamps.
A. a post office
B. a drugstore
C. a subway station
D. a payphone
52. Which sound is different from the others: union
A. union
B. rough
C. sum
D. utter
A. champagne
B. chalk
C. machine
D. ship
53. Which sound is different from the others:
A. hide
B. tide
C. fly
D. knit
54. Which sound is different from the others: put
A. put
B. but
C. could
D. push
55. Which sound is different from the others: slow
A. slow
B. how
C. town
D. power
56. Which sound is different from the others: talked
A. talked
B. asked
C. listened
D. liked

57. Which sound is different from the others:
A. hear
B. bear
58. Which sound is different from the others:
A. heat
B. beat
59. Which sound is different from the others:
A. blood
B. pool
60. Which sound is different from the others:
A. unit
B. undo


C. clear
D. ear
C. beak
D. great
C. food
D. tool
C. university
D. unique

Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

Spring Break- An American Tradition
“Where did you go for spring break?”
Every spring- usually during March- college students in the US go on vacation for a week. It’s called
spring break.
Many students go to the beach. Florida, Texas, and Mexico are popular places. Let’s find out where
these students went!
Linda Porter
Age 21
California State University
“All my friends went to Mexico for spring break, but I stayed home. I wanted to go, but I had too
much homework.
I didn’t have any money, either.”
Brian Hicks
Age 19
Duke University
“I’m from Canada, so I visited my family. It was cold, so we stayed home, watched TV, and rented
movies. It was OK.”
Carla Lewis
Age 20
New York University
“I had a great time! My sister and I took a trip to Florida. We went to the beach every day. At night,
we went to parties and saw a lot of interesting people.
61. When is spring break?
A. In January
B. In March
62. Where do many students go for spring break?
A. They go to college
C. They go to the mountain
63. What did Linda do for spring break?
A. She went to Mexico. B. She went to the beach.
C. She visited her family.

C. In June
B. They go to the beach
D. They stay home.

D. She stayed home.

D. In April

64. Where did Brian go this year?
A. He went to Canada.
B. He went to Duke University.
C. He went to the States.
D. He took a trip to Florida.
65. What did Carla do for spring break?
A. She went to New York University
B. She took a trip to Florida
C. She went back to her hometown
D. She went to the mountain.
66. Who didn’t have a chance to go away for spring break?
A. Linda
B. Brian
C. Carla
D. No one
67. How long does the spring break normally last?
A. Two days
B. A week
C. A month
D. Two weeks
68. Who studies at New York University?
A. Linda
B. Brian
C. Carla
D. All of them
69. According to the article, who is the oldest?
A. Brian
B. Carla
C. Linda’s friend
D. Linda
70. Where are the popular places most students go for spring break?
A. Mexico, Florida, and Texas
B. San Francisco, Texas, and Mexico
C. California, Mexico, and Texas
D. Texas, California, and New York

This is the end of the sample test


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