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Mẫu đề thi Anh văn cơ bản 1

Allotted time: 60 minutes
Part 1. Listen and choose the correct answers for these questions:
1. The Corrs are a pop band.
A. True
2. Caroline plays the drums.
A. True
3. Andrea can play the violin.
A. True
4. Andrea doesn’t go shopping.
A. True
5. Sharon can speak German and French.
A. True

B. False

C. Not mentioned

B. False

C. Not mentioned

B. False

C. Not mentioned

B. False

C. Not mentioned

B. False

C. Not mentioned

Part 2. Listen and choose the correct answers for these questions:
6. Where is Min-ji?
A. At Miami beach
7. What’s the weather like?
A. It is bad.
8. What does Min-ji do every day?
A. She goes fishing.
9. What’s in her hotel room?
A. A bed, a desk, a chair
10. Where is the beach?
A. It is next to the hotel

B. At the beach

C. At school

B. It is amazing.

C. It is so hot.

B. She goes swimming.

C. She goes shopping.

B. A sofa, and a bed

C. A small window

B. It is across from the hotel

C. It is behind the hotel

Choose the best answer to complete each blank.
11. Bill Gates is _____________.
A. an actor
B. a businessman
12. J. K. Rowling is ___________.
A. a waiter
B. a chef
13. A: What’s your __________?
B: 14 East Street.
A. e-mail address
B. birthday
14. My father’s mother is my _________.
A. grandmother
B. daughter
15. A: Are you from Taiwan?
B: ________________
A. Yes, I’m.
B. Yes, I am.
16. A: _______________
B: No, they’re my grandparents.
A. Is he your husband?
C. Are they your brothers?
17. A: ____________________________

C. a student

D. a chef

C. an actress

D. a writer

C. address

D. sign

C. grandfather

D. aunt

C. No, I not.

D. No, I’m.

B. Are those your parents?
D. Is he your father?

B: No, it’s 589-4344.
18. A: Is your name Calvin?
B: _____________________
A. No, it’s not. It’s Dave.
C. Yes, it’s calvin@me.com.
19. Our children __________ books.
A. reads
B. read
20. _________ Amanda _________ yoga?
A. Does/ does
B. Does/ did
21. Toby _____________ a bike.
A. cannot ride
B. cans not ride
22. We often play _____________.
A. shopping
23. I don’t like jazz. It’s ____________!
A. terrible
24. Can you _____________ a computer?
A. ride
B. use
25. Can you _____________?
A. French
B. play French
26. I really like electronica. It’s ___________!
A. terrible
27. I can sing ___________.
A. amazing
B. terrible
28. A: What can you do?
B: ________________________
A. I can play the guitar.
C. Yes, I do.
29. Your T-shirts are __________ the drawer.
A. in
B. on
30. Rick is wearing a cool ____________.
A. shirt
B. sneakers
31. The convenience store is ____________ the corner.
A. on
B. next
32. Is there a public __________ near here?
A. restroom
B. station
33. A: _______________________________
B: She’s wearing a long red skirt.
34. A: Look at that boy. Isn’t he cute?
B: _____________________________
A. Which cute?
B. No, he doesn’t.
35. A: Where’s the TV?
B: __________________
A. It’s right there!
B. There’s a TV.
36. A: _____________________
B: It’s next to the post office.
A. Where are the drugstores?
C. Where’s the post office?
37. A: Thanks a lot!
B: ____________________
A. Of course!
B. That’s right!
38. A: _____________________
B: Yes, it’s across from the park.
A. Is there a park across from the bank?
C. Is there a park near here?
39. A: Where’s the subway station?

B. No, it’s Kavin.
D. No, my sign is Pisces.
C. reading

D. to reading

C. Does/ do

D. Do/ does

C. can’t rides

D. not can ride

C. tennis

D. yoga

C. not bad

D. amazing

C. play

D. do

C. rent French

D. speak French

C. not bad

D. amazing

C. at all

D. very well

B. No, I can’t.
D. I do yoga on Fridays.
C. under

D. behind

C. pant

D. jeans

C. across

D. between

C. office

D. store

C. Yes, he does.

D. Which boy?

C. They’re right here!

D. That’s right!

B. Excuse me. Where’s the drugstore?
D. Where are they?

C. Excuse me!

D. You’re welcome!

B. Where is the bank?
D. Is there a bank near here?

B: __________________________
A. There’s one in the kitchen.
B. It’s under the desk.
C. Cross the First Street. It’s next to the bank.
D. Yes, there is. It’s across from the park.
40. A: ___________________
B: No, she’s talking to her friend.
A. Is she dancing?
B. Is she wearing a white T-shirt?
C. Isn’t she cute?
D. What’s she doing?
41. I need __________ tea. Do we have ___________?
A. some/ any
B. any/ some
C. a/ some
D. some/ a
42. There aren’t _____________ tomatoes, but I can buy ___________.
A. any/ some
B. some/ any
C. a/ any
D. any/ any
43. There’s _____________ bread on the table.
A. any
B. some
C. a
D. many
44. There’s some ____________ in the kitchen.
A. coffee
B. apple
C. potatoes
D. banana
45. Please buy some juice. We don’t have ____________.
A. a
B. some
C. any
D. no
46. We ___________ at school on Friday.
A. didn’t
B. weren’t
C. wasn’t
D. didn’t be
47. A: ___________________
B: Yes. It’s on the table.
A. Do we have any cookies?
B. Do we need any food?
C. Do we have any juice?
D. Where’s the bread?
48. A: I wasn’t at home this morning.
B: ____________________________
A. No, I wasn’t.
B. Where were you?
C. I was at home, too.
D. Were you at home?
49. A: ______________________________
B: Yeah, it was OK.
A. What did you do this weekend?
B. Where did you go?
C. Did you have a good weekend?
D. When did you do your homework?
50. A: What did you do on Friday evening?
B: _______________________________
A. They saw a movie.
B. Yes, I did.
C. It was great!
D. We went to a party.
51. A: When did you visit family?
B: ______________________________
A. On Sunday.
B. Yes, I did.
C. At the Internet café. D. I was so busy!
52. Which sound is different from the others: could
A. would
B. put
C. shut
D. could
53. Which sound is different from the others: faithful
failure fainted
A. fairly
B. faithful
C. failure
D. fainted
54. Which sound is different from the others: worked
stopped forced
A. forced
B. wanted
C. worked
D. stopped
55. Which sound is different from the others:
A. sew
B. new
C. few
D. nephew
56. Which sound is different from the others: noon
A. noon
B. blood
C. tool
D. spoon
57. Which sound is different from the others: chicken
A. chicken
B. church
C. chemist
D. teacher
58. Which sound is different from the others: thought
A. tough
B. thought
C. taught
D. bought
59. Which sound is different from the others:
A. heat
B. meat
C. feed
D. pleasure
60. Which sound is different from the others: champagne

Read the following passage and choose the best answer.
Hi Andrew!
I’m having a great time here in Amsterdam. I’m with my friend Chris. (Do you know Chris? She’s in my
class at college.)
We’re in an Internet café right now. Chris is sending an e-mail to her mother, I’m writing this e-mail to
Amsterdam is beautiful. You can rent bikes here and ride around the city. It’s a lot of fun.
There are lots of great stores and coffee shops. Chris and I go shopping every day! There’s a park near the
We play tennis there in the afternoon, and then in the evening we go to the restaurant in the hotel.
The food is great. There’s also karaoke at the restaurant. Chris likes karaoke, and she sings all her favorite
But I don’t like karaoke because I can’t sing!
61. Who is Chris?
A. Grace’s friend
B. Grace’s mother
C. Grace’s sister
D. Grace’s father
62. What are Chris and Grace doing in the Internet café?
A. They are having coffee.
B. They are writing e-mails.
C. They are chatting.
D. They are working.
63. What does Grace think about Amsterdam?
A. It’s noisy
B. It’s crowded
C. It’s boring.
D. It’s beautiful.
64. According to Grace’s e-mail, there are a lot of great _____________ in Amsterdam
A. stores
B. malls
C. hotels
D. schools
65. Where do Chris and Grace play tennis?
A. In the hotel
B. In the club
C. In the park
D. At the beach
66. What do Chris and Grace do in the evening?
A. They go to the hotel restaurant.
B. They go to the park.
C. They ride a bike around the city.
D. They sing karaoke.
67. Why doesn’t Grace like karaoke?
A. Because there isn’t a karaoke bar.
B. Because she can’t sing.
C. Because it is noisy.
D. Because the music is terrible.
68. Where is the restaurant?
A. It’s in the park.
B. It’s in the hotel.
C. It’s next to the hotel.
D. It’s across from the pool.
69. What means of transport can you rent to go around the city?
A. Bicycles
B. Cars
C. Boats
D. Buses
70. When do Chris and Grace play tennis?
A. At night
B. In the afternoon
C. In the morning
D. In the evening

This is the end of the sample test


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