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.Chapter 2
Item 1

Chapter 2

Item 2

Describe a TV commercial you like very much.

Talk about your favourite writer (author).

You should talk about:
Why TV commercials are important to us
What factory sponsors that
What it is about
Why you like it very much.

Talk about:

Who he or she is
Who introduced him to you
What his or her best work is
What he or she usually writes about.

You know.... Some eo Ie who watch TV uite often believe
that TV commercials are better than the programs. In the past,
w didn't have so many commercials oll1>i:itnow we have
pi nty of them before, in-, e middle and after each pro ram. I
think TV commercial add ariety
to -..--.:~
the programs because
>-- metimes the program ecomes
monotonous and some
V commercials give ou a chance f9r ~ent. You can see
diff rent people, characters and cartoons in a couple of minutes.
I gues the commercial I like very much is sponsor_e~ a
dory making washing powder. It is about a pro uct called
NO ryan which in English means "the sea". A couple are asked
how they spend the weekend and they say "beside Darya"
whi h means "by the ~ then the husband is shown washing
I thes with "Darya". I like it so much since it is clever and
initiative. Generally I like the ads 'and commercials in which
th y make use 0
uns. I mean humorous use of words and
hr ses.



First of all, I believe that a good writer can change th~_w~orl~
with his works comm..-en1s. words creativity and even by his
sense of
our. Writin
makes the difference between
civilized man and bar arians. In other words, writers were the
real emperors of new civilization anc,i c:ultlJ~e. They conquered
the h~s and minds of people. The writer I admire so l1!..uch is
[5:iar IwalD, He was introduced to me by a teacher, I g~ess he
was our Math teacher. He has written several mast~rPl~ces. I
suppose his best work is "Adventures of Huckl~berry Fi~n"
since it depicts the w'!.y a white boy and a Negro can 1.lve
together in piece. This book, in my opinion, is~ ra_C1s~
and discrimination. He wrote about social issues in ,!_Ianguage
that is understandable to everyo[1e.
Hemingway says
Huckleberry Finn is the basis of western literature and I agree
,with him. This book 'impressed me a lot. It somehow affected
later life. I talk about that in different occasions and
encourage people to read it. It's wortb r~gdj.IL ore than_once.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



Item 3
Item 4
Describe a city you have visited which has im ressed you.
Describe a memory of your childhood.
You should sax:
Where it is situated
Why you visited it
What you liked about it.


You should sax:
What it was
When it happened
How it affected your later life
Whether you remember it as a pleasant or disgusting memory.

When you are a child everything is considered a memory. Most of
them sta fres in your mind even er some deca~es. A few of.th~h~
aren't difficult to remem er. I was a five-.year-old kid and I wa~ In
mark~ and I was la In around and wat~hlng ~he
win~ found out that I .
st. I was ke~e
TtOil'lor one da till m famil could find me at last. You know part
is 't nd can't be leasant, being lost
a good memory but
whenever I remember how warml the ollcemen treated me ~nd
how ha R -Twas w en I saw eve one cryin for me and,can~g
t . leasant
about me, I consl' d
er ' 1
. - - emory. But believe me
. I m Th
wary 0 mar e s.
. h
I e
interesting point about this memory is tha~ before that mls ap, wa~
afraid of poli~behlndm mothe.r whenever
saw ~ police patrol, but after t at I liked diem so
much since t e were very Ind to me, I remember that one of the~
bought som~e. A~yway, things ma not look so bad If
you reconsider them some th time.



Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.


a ter 2
J!, "


Item 5

./lItem 6, /


Talk about your favourite country.


Talk about:
Which country it is
In what continent it is situated
Whether you have been there. If yes, when
What is very fantastic about it.

like Canada. It is in North America. I think it's the
secon largest count
in the world. A vast territory of the
country is cov red with ice most of the ear. The interesting
point is that ou can find Eskimos in nort ern Quebec. I was
eal, a bilingual city where
there two years ago. I was in
many people speak both languages, but most of t -em-speak
either English or Frenc~. It is a ve nice country and the l2 eo ple
are coming from different ulture, so it is a multi cultural
country. That
is why you don't encounter that
discrimination as in some Europ
countJies. The we her is
very, dive~~a~trY.1 w;s in"MOntreal
and It was very cold. The winter is rather long and somehow
depressing. I also appreciate the sho in malls~hem
are und~the ..&r£.l.!n~Li!l subwa st tion . I en'oyed watching
skunks v.el}'_m ch. Museums are also very attractive for tourists.
Jazz festival fascinates mft~y people during summer. The social
security system and the health insurance were amazing as well.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

Talk about your favourite superhero.
You should mention:
Who he or she is (was)
What he or she did
Whether he or she is a national or an international hero.

I~mstroo~my superhero I really admire h.im and I.know
~'m not the' only one, so man eo I~ see him as a kind of
- im.e e end. I wasn't even born yet when he set foot on
moon but even now when you look back, it still amazes you.
People of a hundred years a. 0 couldn't even dream of that.
steppi~g on moon was mentioned in fictions and legends. I had
~y-s been so fascinated b what he did .that I've read ~any
books and watched movie a documentaries and eve thlO I
could to know him better. I don't know if all people feel the
same way or not when hearing that famous expression~e
small st~ for maIl, QD.e$ant lea for man . d/l but it makes me
energized anEi keyed up. Anyway, he was Q!le of the three men
who were sent 0 the moon in 1969 and one of the two who
actually and~d on the moon and the very first human . e~g
who -alke on the moon. I think that's what makes him an
internatlona superhero! After_all we're all human bein sand
feel proud o.! massive achievements by other human beings.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.


Ir. ().






~ /A,e,v--- ~ ow1'lc .




S QlJ'lt~m 7

Item 8












L~,.... +-0- I"""


Describe a friend whom ou admire v~..J!!uch.












Ik b

a a out:
How long you have known him or her
What is very admirable about him or her
How he or she has influenced your life
.Whether you parents like him or- er too.



Well, a friend who is ~eall s ecial to
is actually a c1a_ssmate
of mine. I've known~y'ea a I have..!9.8. I really
admire hi
or the gualities I've s ® iJl_him. I think most of the
other gu s in our class like him, even the ones ho d 't now
him for a long time. He's that kind of person that.. you know..
acts very.-illl rt;y-! Although he becomes ve nau ht at times,
he is absolutel disci lined and that' re ~ble about
him. He's somehow found a ~t ba§nce e ween humour
and order and it really worKs. One thing about him that
very much alike. I
influenced me is thatlthin(";e are mentally
.--think to myself that I can be like him because I see we share,
. lets say, vision. That also has another advanta~, and that's why
my parents like him and we feel 0 fortable and close to each
other. We are realLy~90cLJriend~ He knows the ~ of
friendship '!..n-2 h.?s_a ~ re a~JQ!:j.!-®.9~highly of
him. ~e ~s ~henomef1g,1.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

Describe one of the members of your family whom you respect
very much.
You should mention:
Your relationship to him or her
How he or she looks~
What he or she is like.
I should say the one in my family who I really look up to, of
course besides my parents, is my elder sister. She's four years
older than me. There is this gap between her and me as far as
age is concerned but I think it works in my favour. Yo~ kn?w
I've had friends who were in more or less the same situation
and they were always complaining that they can't get along well
with their siblings, but that's not the case with me. Well.. to be
honest.. I can't say we are always laughing with each other and
things like that but.. she does have a good sense of humour.
One thing that is quite interesting to me is how we can convey
what is going on in our minds by the way we look. Well I'm not
sure if she understands it too.. I hope I'm not too predictable (1) I
think. I can have an insight into her mind by her facial
expressions. I always turn to her for advice on how to do my
works or specially for book suggestions because she's really into
books ..and .. she is often very friendly and patient. In a sense
she's everything I want to be in future.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
_~ \:\1- e
'V'~JI, Vi"-\-"'-

~ e...') . J ~L
s..\~~t- .tb(~,


~~'" ,D



Item 9

Item 10

u have just watched.
You should mention:
What the title of the film was
What kind of film it was
Who played in it
What lesson you got from it.

Describe an invention that appeared before computer.



You should talk about:
What it was
How important it was
What disadvantages it had
How it affected the human community


The other day I had the chance to watch this movie called The


l):~~ I can't remember exactly: when it w~~. bu"t"'CO'U'Ple of
years a 0 when the movie was outl t
es.. I mean in t e nited
States and EuroP'e:"lr~ber it wa tippe as a great movie so I was

really keen on watching it. -Jtm---e 11(i!.Y" stars in the movie, maybe
you've heard IS name because ne IS mostly known as a comedian. I
think he deserves his re utation rea but... well I can't say I'm a fan
of him/Anyway.. he la edt erole.ofap~nto
be on
reens round the clock! HIS 'show' started even before he
was born. You know... when the baby isnoryet born but you can see
it in those black & white monitors in the hospital.. That was the
beginning of his show, The Truman Show. And he didn't know! He
didn't know he's being watched by millions of people. Really
amazing you know ... the way they had creat~d a place for him to live
... a city in an island, identical to a real city with shops, people and
everything! I strongl recomme' it to ou. I think the movie wanted
to say ... I mean what I got from it, t~at how important it is to be
one's real self, living in a real world rvep if things are not always
going to turn out the way we want them to .. \ it's worth watching.

One invention that was introduced before computers were
invented was Radio. I think in some ways it revolutionized
means of communication that were available at the time and
when it was mass-produced and it was affordable by all people
it really brought something... lets say... interesting into lives.
People would spend time together listening to radio programs...
or people who were alone found a new companion. It ~Iso
helped educating people a lot and managed to deliver
information to different places and I think we can say it was the
beginning of a new era. Still I think it had some disadvantages ...
but then again every new invention has its disadvantages you
know ... we see how people talk about internet addiction and
disadvantages of the internet. ..well I can imagine at the time
radio was introduced the same problems emerged. But anyway I
think radio acted as ste[lQ.l!l8=slQnes for the age of technology
and it brought people closer
each other and tried to make the
world a better place to live.


Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.





Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
-K'~ ;Cf'

_ \~t.J("t "\,~.J


~>-'>Ac.J .......... .,


c...~ ~c>_~


Item 11

Item 12

Describe your favourite da of the week.

Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your

Talk about:
How it is different from the other days
How you pass it

You should say:
Where and when you met him
What subject he taught
What was special about him
And explain why this person influenced you so much.

How the other members of your family think about it.

;u~~ ,me ~~e

fa;ourite day of th@ls definitely Thursday. I
urs a s. It's the beginnin of the weekend ana when
wa e up I have the feeli gJba tblc;; is aoina tr'lb
and I'
- -=-o~ an eas ay
not t at bus and it seems like there's enough time for
e~eryt Ing. Well it only seems to be like th;t because there's
a ways works left undone for the weekend you know I
~ersonall like Thursda s as we don't have a a~ked schedule
~kjl o~er d1ays . ~f the week. Usuall there's work till noon and
o~y .. It s not hard~l(; Ma';be I'
but maybe I'
,~---'" m no sure
ll!LUnC?nSCIous t inkin of Frih I'd
m~~t ay t~n la.nnln on ~do ... where to go... whom to



I think all my tea~ ether at school or the university had great
.lmR.as:.ts on me. Whatever know now is the outcome of their
(attemgts, consideration and heed) However, a teacher who reall had
a ~~my math teacher in the second Brade of
high school. He had a unique p.ersonplity; he was well mannered,
well dressocl, punctual, articulate and well educated. Also, he had a
specia~e.of..h,.u[QQ,mJh l,lgh=tlf was very strict at times.
All these characteristics made him symp9 in my: life. Whenever we
discuss the ualifications of a ood teac er
rof or I' m diately
remember him) you know ... sometimes you can't explain why but
some pe;pfe have lasting impressions on you. Even one single
sentence made by a person may be imPlinted in your mind and that
single remark may change your life. And one more point, he was
alwa s read to lis en to us about our roblems of all kinds, he was a
counsellor too. I think he worshi ed his 'ob otherwise he col.! n
In use fflatmuch love and spirit his job. Teaching for him was not
ap;:;i~ssion but an obse;sion. "
- ... -=

these'" tho~~nA~d S~ls Thursdars somehQ.~ as.s easier with
obligation t -:--k----~·J.b.~~~-!!.9~9tlme and no
late Th ;
~a e u S~!!Y ~_da after. I usually stay up very
U[s-. ay- nl hts and well. .. enjoy the wnc.1. E'
in bed. I think e ~
.. ~e . .ily morning
-....ry ~'~D.J?.!.~r:J:!1embersof family also
k Th d
I e
~ s B
- - -...- - - ,
t" th
~.\t.ClY_,_.1 orgot to say that w~ at lunch
~~~per, _~h.ean_~w~ fa.!!lily, and en'oy talking about our
IaIIllWol~S ac leve e
h es il.nd so on.





Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

- \.\.~

r(~ ~c

. . .· ('




~ I.-




• \:,""',.. ~ 1- ...-


l,'" ->JV

.. r."c,"





.... I..." ,







j "" au'i .....~

iL . -







if t'~('4



_ .......




f - - .. r -

,?~\ 1l',C '- V\J\ .'.'IlJ'

.. ",I;'


\ " •." "t.


;/, ".<:. , - ) ,

t y"

(!..........J. ,c,\,~.





Item 13

Item 14

Describe a TV program you like very much.

Describe a dream that ou have .had.

You should say:
"""'-a..h S\""'When it is on
'-'-.0. ""j ""0.( <>v- yWhy you Iike it
'" 'lV\\d;::.7...
Whether the other members of your family like it or not

Well ... er... to be o~ I seldom watch TV, because of its
terrible program I ~eb'o read or spend time on searching
throu h t
et,.but I w'!f1.!...t9..L!~e !!.e!Qgram which I admire
so much l.,EhoQs!:. the s.erial speeches deliver by Dr. Elahi
Ghomshei. We can watch it on Thursday evenings though I
guess it is repeated once more on another day of the week. He
is a good composition of human sciences. He knows art music
literature and religions. He is ve()Larticulate and poet~ is th~
spice of his lecture. Peo Ie from all a es and from all social
groups watch it and enjoy it, maybe everyone just gets a portio"n
of the message but I haven't seen anyone not Iiki ng this
program. He uses lots of uns, I mean play on words, in his
language. As I said almost all people enjoy that In Spl e 0 t e
fact t at he sometimes repeats the s me issues in different
bers are not exceptions, the adore it. I
sessions, m fa .
have a feeling that his love for his ideas and--;mitudes gives
flavour to his speeches and that's why people are so impressed
with them.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



"::f'J"" ~'ul.

<0 ..

"",-, "-";,,,, _~ "",




~ ih;




l;v~_ ..

~\, tI


r.LX .

You should mention:
When you had it
What it was about
What you usually dream of when you sleep.

Well, usually I don't remember m dream u ess he re either
so important or the ha~ght before waking up, and you may
wonder but sometimes my dreams com true. 1\nyway, a couple
of night a 0 I dream of being stolen b aliens, I was jogging in
the park near our ho.!}stio..the ea[ly~ng. Suddenly a bright
light appear ~_me ani. I_was sucked UJ:! in 0 the UFO and
then I underwe
t a lot of str~ge ests, you see ... I remember that
~~~"----the aliens had ve!y differ.enL-app.ear.ances and figures, quite
opposite to what we see on fill)) about aliens. As I said, I don't
dream very often or lIgybe I doo't retriE:lleh!Dl.ater, but if I do
that is usually aboll!...-lleJ:¥. ~range thi~s. My dreams are
sometimes excha e a '0 es' t e f mily. However, I usually
wh~ full ~us. I dream of a world at
I es e .u
~ not
peace. 1\ world in w.bic
·ngat~cutedJ.or...their.-Opioions and ideals.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

napIer ~




Item 15

Talk about a photograph that affected your life.
------------------------------.~ ---...rYou should mention:
- C~ffSi7'Om •
When you saw it
(1 ~~tv(,.4' •
What it was about
., '$(;)H1C shtt.d'e,,'Jfs,.
How it affected your life.

Describe a typic~1 workday of your life.
Talk about:
When you start it
How you get to work
What you specifically do
Whether you like to have a different job or not.

19u kno~.. nea verybody in the world has a
~ .RO c~r:tainlY.-a1f.~s~manner

goal for
life and
even his understanding. I was a velY.....laz st~ent at t e first
gra e 0 Ig school. I didn't use t~ at all. I continued this
~ay of s~.u.dy~n& ti}11 .awii.Y.~, b~'llJ~ and DJ nin ful
there was a
solIlfL-Stl,l~ The teacher was teachin and the students were
Jl..steninQ.... Th~re was aGO ~[ar, a very oO;:-Qoy, be.bJ.n
He was
c1~t~. He had a dirty ~ce,~. eru.p..L.-b.elr~_n(l.to.ru.s.boes.I
in{ag.ined.. tbaLb~e~sblo..tQ b..e_a
could r~ Ii s·
~t.~b.at sin Ie i tur~ an, ~ be ~onest, I felt
ashamed ~c:
_~d_mo.~~~J.YJblng "*_, I di.dn~wen.
They say, a pIcture IS worth a thousand woys". pictures can be
much more
than words.

~~h.e ~,




If you want to be alive and live happily you must have income,
no difference whether you have a white collar job or a bl.ue
collar job. You should earn a livin~. A,nyway, I'm ,an English
teacher and at the same time I'm contmumg my studies. I wake
up early in the morning, I take a shower and ,say my pra~ers
then I go to the study room and review or preview something,
usually the lessons I'm going to teach or the ones I need for my
university classes. Then I go to work b~ Q.4?, you see I've got a
car but I prefer to use public transportation, you now the streets
,are so busy and whenever I take my own car I feel exhausted
when I get to work. I usually work ti II noon .and then I have my
lunch either at home ~r. in a fast food restaurant. After that I go
home and take a short ~ap, I think it rest~res your energy, th~n I
go to desk again and start doing my assignm~nts, prepanng
quizzes for my classes and checking my emalls. Then I stop
work at about 5:00 pm and go for some refreshment.

~sroom, a~ach~r


Item 16






Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher. .

\_'1"\1 i


__ \=

.)AJ' ~"

?'\ ....-'"


,,~)o(\k ·~\3\\..'....}. ".

Jo-A v r



iA,..J c-<.


v\ ,

\, c.J





\0,\ " " \""

Y,:""""1 ' "



... ,,) \A, \""" G, \







'napler 1.


Item 18
Describe a recent party that ou liked ve ....much.
You should mention:

You should talk about:
When it is held
Whether it is national or international
How it is celebrated
Why you like it so much.

Where and when it was
Who were the participants
What was special about it
And explain why it was so attractive to you.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



...... -


• .,..

Talk about your favourite festival.


- ........
















- 1-~


. ,J ...




.- .

oet.. "..


C",,)C Y




'D CJ:/Ifu~(.\~dY"'-1



(J I





c-v<\,-lW _'~


Item 20

Item 19


Describe the process of getting a driver's license in your country.

Describe your favourite time of day.


You should talk about:
At what age you are qualified to get it
How you get ready for that
What organization is the sponsor.
What other qualifications you should have.

' \ 1M









Try to talk about:
Why you like it
How it is different from the other times
What you specifically do during that.

Ok it isn't an easy

One should be 18 and Slider to apply for driver's licence. First
of _aL w sh uJsi-PEctis:e ~n9.J.1.g,b-.ir1.9J.le.J)Ltbe.,.siriv'
that a~he~raffic and Dr" 'ng Organization) We
should practice drivin under su
ision for about 50 hours or
so, later we should pass
writte te~traffi~les and
owever this is ...':.lot el)ough. We have t~~an
qp~, if we need eye lasses we should proviae t em
before the practical
- ~ .drivil}g
- - test, and then w~e
ivin test and Rass it successfull . Eventual I we are gra~ted
the licence. You know... In the l2..asUt \V~sn't that difficult but
because of so man accidents and th~ a.r~ . u ber of
irres onsi19le
, t e rganization has decided to take it
seriously, and it is reall what we need.¢r.~and rmgligence
can't be tolerated an·. more)1 think mental maturity should be
tested too.

uestion' this is the first time I'm thin
ab~ut t~rTlOst~ f day fOJ me is
~. After a light din r_and .0P-2i.~ I,go to ~he st
~ and join~a new message, IJeRly thaU!nQjU. ne~~end an email,
it. Then I entermx favourite web 'sites, Yahoo and Google. I
this time of the da since it i~ !!ite~n~d, eaceful,'everybo
laslee"R and le'an concentrate wef . Of cour'se;!his is a ers
'd;~i~e no~1I people like this time. 1_ d_9 different t~
Somet{mes i need to d9~Jland YOA. I learn about the I
News Services, mainly
news and'eVents and I '11ay ?!S9join my favo\J!.!te Yahoo Gr
and exchange some messages. You know",. it is an ocea
information, sometim <_
.t ~t jnit, Ij2~YJ~~r. I haves
time limit f~r that about 2 hours



Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



(-J -








.:>.n·" ~f.-. T t;:.- ~ /-"~~ fTt:A !fiG fl/l
IH~Q~' ,~,


O'frIC-A L


C> I< I V IN&' Ie s:.T

" rt:, \



Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teac




",tv r

tv. I(}I [5. JvI~DI(. t!Vt •




v 7 1ft- ,vir .

nc: D to THe r&£-'(..1..;



Chap.er 2



Item 21

Item 22

Describe the differences between a camera and a video recorder.

Talk about your favourite actor or actress.........--

Try to include:
How they are different

Try to include:
What his or her best work is
What he or she looks like
Why you like him or her.

The advantages of each
Which one you like more.

is an instrument which was invented before video

recorder and the former is more prevalent and the latter is less
customary and more expensive, of course we are talking about
ordinary cameras and not very sophisticated ones. Some people
are more interested in photographs; they say they are more
artistic. But the certain privilege of camera is that you can carry

a photograph in your wallet and purse or you may hang it
anywhere. Films made by video recorders have their own
advantages; you may want to record a ceremony or a wedding
party or the voice and picture of a beloved one who is about to

die. I like cameras more, as I said the artistic feature of them
impresses me a lot. I carry my camera everywhere and I prefer
to see my photographs rather than the films. You see... When
you see a picture, you can talk about it with friends and
relatives. The fact that you can carry a photograph and hang it
anywhere you want is a very important privilege that makes it
unique, accordingly I believe that camera can never be replaced
by video recorder.

. ~




-""",- a.~/~(jtIN]
=- jJrl.*'





My favourite actor is Ezatolah Entezami, an Iranian actor. He
has starred in many famous movie~in Iran. To me, his
~t work was Kamalolmolk, the ~nian painter. He IS
~ h~lt, with a Q¥!h.~d ~~n~ vgLce and
grey hair. Mor~o n
a an hln else IS
sen~JQ..Q..ur. I like him since he acts brilliantl and when
you see him-+)la ·n~1I roles ou~at e's
born focthi§ job. I think he feels hi rol
heart, his action is
not su e .ci
r fake. I heard fro
film producer, whose
name I don't remember now, that he plays only once and the
directors are satisfied b hi
edormance. Also he is very
benevolent::;nd c~r:itt:.~ tl1..djlfeJ:eoL.dlaJ:i\i.e}.. I remember
last year when w~ ha an earthguake, he prganized a charity
walk in the market and he collected a large amount of money
for the earth-quake stricken people, he is Ipved b eo Ie as a
real human too.


f~ ,.,

I; \-


tNJ ........ yt p.
(-.. t'b• I

b~ . ""



. ....\.J

\ \..










1J./'W~ IS:SUE:·


apter 2
Item 23




Item 24

Are you saving money to buy something?

Talk about a pe""n from childhood whom you particularly admired.

You should talk about:
What you are planning to buy
How much it will cost
How much longer you will need to save before you can buy it.

You should mention:
Your relation to him or her

What he or she did
What you admired about this person.

Well...e...1 think nowadays everybody is! setting_asjd some
money for future to buy one or a couple of things. I am saving
money to buy a better car, I mean I've got a car now but I'm
not so satisfied about it; it's a bit old and the maint:nance is
very high and it sometimes rejlks_dow~~ The one
I want to buy costs about 11 million Tomans. Of course I n
buy a cheaper one but I want to buy a car that is uite durable. I

want a car, which can meet my needs for at least 5 years. I have
started thinking about it some months ago anCfih'"ave collected
some ~oney but still I need some more. -I guess I have to
eco.nomlze my expenses for about one more year. During this
pe{lod I ha~e to stop squandering money on unnecessary goods
thOugh saving money these days with the rate of inflation we

have isn't so easy. I hope I manage to put a~de that much.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.




- l"''') w;....







..r.f.J-v -...,





l/....... ~

~ "'1' d,"~"
e-..J rJ (:c' ...

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teachel





t;\.u-.J) .........

... +- (.sf, 30.
_ "1


(In this part and similar topics where people's names are to ~
mentioned, you can use the name you like, it can be a he or a she bJ
be careful about the pronouns if you change the gender)
A person I really used. to admire when I was a school student was thl
sports teacher - Mr Popov . I think I admired him because he was l
sort of hero to us all and also because he was very tall. He'd been al
Olympic athlete in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. As far as
remember, he was in the national water polo team - though I don'
think he ever~ally won a medal or anything like that. But for us
just the fact that he'd been in the team, you know ... representing au
country ... was enough to consider him a hero. In fact, he was a goO(
teacher and he always encouraged us to do our best in sport, even i
we weren't very good at it. He used to say 'It doesn't matter if yOI
win or not. The important thing is to do your best.' He also taught u
a lot about ... health ... about staying healthy. Compared to the olhe
teachers, he seemed to be more ... more interested in us, thougl
perhaps it's easier to admire an Olympic champion than ... say ... ,
math teacher! Anyway, we all liked Mr Popov.









Z'i "" ....





Chapter 2



Chapter 2

Item 25

Item 26

Describe a book you have justlead.

Describe a TV commercial you dislike.

You should mention:
Who was the writer

You should mention:
What it is about
What is shown in that

What the theme of the book was.

Why you don't like it.

What the title of the book was

Recently I read Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twine, of course the

full title is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The story is
about a white child, Huck, and other charaders but I liked Jim
more than other characters. He's a black slave and has a very
good relationship with Huck. I suppose Twine in his work was
trying to object to racism. Here Huck is the symbol of white
race and Jim is the symbol of Negroes and Mississippi River is
the ~m~j)of life or historY. Whenever Jim and Huck are on the
raft (Drl:)oat) on the river, they are very honest to eiKh oth~ut
when they go to the riverban and meet other people, they are

cheated and deceive. I think Twine depided Utopia (the ideal
city) on that boat where people of all races are equal and they
aren't judged by their colour. In one of the episodes they are
pursuing Jim because he's a runaway or escapee, but Huck is
very worried and he says "they are chasing usKand not you. In
my opinion, this is the masterpiece of Twine's works. No
wonder that Hemingway believes that Huckleberry Finn is the
basis of western novel writing.

I really hate the commerc@!s about junk foods, I mean the foods
which are high in calories and low in nutritional value.
Actually, I may like the clips but I don't like the contents since

they destroy

the nutritional habits of people and specially

children. Children are the main consumers of these snack foods,
You know ... things such as chi s and cornflakes and pop corns.
In theses clips children are tern ted to buy and consume more
and more and this is done by different tricks. When I say they
destroy their dietary habits, I mean that they don't enjoy eating

real food after having the stuff like those. Also, they are very
saJ!y and they use a lot of chemical additives in producing them
Since they want to cOhserve them for a long time. In many cases
prizes are offered for more and more consumption and I think

this should really be bannJ>(!. Parents shouldn't let the children
replace goodfoods;;thlunk foods, it is really harmful. This
causes a lot of problems such as heart Rwblems in later life.
Nowadays we see high blood pressure even in young children.
This is a disaster, I guess.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

't .\ ........o~


, .• ~~

\:\C.'C.....,) ... I _Ie:.- 'oJ • •·1 v- ".j

o _ _ ~l


~._. P .... p-..."'\:~~2ooP~~

" .. ..\.\- f>\c-'

r\ \ 1


, ) ..




Chip'•• 2
Item 27

Chlpler 2

Item 28

Describe one of your neighbours.

Describe your favourite vacation.

Your answer should contain:
How long you know him or her
How often you see him or her

You should talk about:
When you take it
What ceremonies it has
Howald it is
Why it is very interesting to you.

What he or she does.


My next-d.'!9b n..e!sblzgur-is a real frieQQ.p~ for
about f,ve e~ Actually, '..8ot to kno..w.l!LU!.2Jm:~~ved to
my resent flat. He helped us on that day ~ much an ight
thermnderstood th~!...he's gOQ!la.be one qf.my.b. st friends. I see
him almost every day when I get back home from work or I go
shopping. We get tegether for some hours in the evening and "we

chat about almost every thing. He's always ready to help.
Besides, he is a real benefador. Those who work under him love
him so mu
because he's ve£Y~~ats
them as his own_ relatjv~. He is a civil engineer and he makes
~uildi~ and brl?~ he loves hiLjob'iinclthis is sQ,m!;thirig I
admIre about him vea lJluch. He always talks about thg ~eds
and the probl~nd-..!.Ee ~ey_es..gij~i!U~prQsRl'et..of his
Job. To be honest, I ~1Q.!JJ-oru.himJ:iej~_both.a real friend
and a perfect neighboW. We have an Iranian ex ression, wfiTch
says"fa good neighbour is better than one's relatives"'.

My favourite vacation is the New Year vacation that starts with the
advent of spring; I usually take a vacation from the first day till the
end of theJl· day. The ceremonies begin some days before the New
Year Eve and continue till the end of the 13· day, the Day of Nature.
During the period people pay visits to each other and greet and salute
each other and exchange gifts. We usually take a vacation to the north
for some days, but we try to be in Tehran for the last day when we go
out of the city all together, I "fan the w~ole extended family. "!he
whole festival is about 2500 years old; It goes back to the anCient
Iranian dynasties. From that time onward this celebration has recurred
annually and it has never stopped, even for a single year, even during
devastating wars and disasters as if it had been infixed in the minds of
people. It is extremely attractive and stimulating to me due to its
vividness, it evokes bright and colourful images in my mind whenever
I remember that. People are happy, children are playing around
joyfully and even the objects can feel the freshness, I mean the
clothes are new and the houses and furniture are clean, sparkling and
immaculate. In my viewpoint, it contributes to the psychological
health of the society. I mean it fuels the people for the next whole

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.





Item 29
Describe a serio

Item 30

roblem in your country.

Talk about a volunteer activity you have done in your life.


Try to i nel ude:
What it is
How it affects your society
What solutions you have in mind for that.

Talk about:
jJ.J' ~,r'tv ,A.f~~
What and when it was
~ f,Y~ ~".
\cH'" ,"
How you felt about it
How your parents or other family members thought about that.

WeI ... e .... as far as I'm concerned, the most important social
grobleO) in my country i~ It has afflicted people from
all age. grou~s, specially the b:~ :1 has a lot 0 side effects in
the society; l):;-has led to a
'0 the number divorces. It

Um ...lf I remem~ell, I was in the second grade of high
school when w~ffered a voluntary activity by the dean of
school. We were su.e!f;0sed to helg thg residents ofjl nursing
h~in our neighbour 000. The residents were the-eiderly and
the chronically ill. ~ k it as a fun, you know we
were looking for a variety, but thin~y not a ~r as you
E;.XpeS!) After putting out t~trash bins and emptying the pool,
we were invited by th dea~f the nursing home to meet the
elderly and the chronicall ill and talk to them This art of the
actiVity was extraor Ina i we e~yed listening to their
memories hey a vised us on life and its difficulties, on the
virtue of onesty and on the importanc);")of e,pucation. Their.
recommendations we e e valuable to eve!)' one of us, still I
remember them and~p~ them in my career. When I reported
the experience to my ra-mily, eve bod admired hat and the
were ve
eage to know a ut those gu s and finally I
_ ern to go anP. visit t~.

results in uneOfi>1gyment and unemployment gives rise to plenty
of deli" ue cies (wrongdoings). In mflan uage, Persian, it is

called the father of ali crimes} ddicts form the large~t
~roP..Qttl..o~ and thiS leaCJs to man div r~al
Illnesses. It even adversel affects the next generation. The
Ivorce as we call them in our country, are the
victims an a large number of them are destined to

chi! ren of


become future addicts and outlaws criminals or wr~.
The solution' easy to name but difficult to R'ractice. I strongly
believe t at education and social welfare are th 'ke actors' I
don't exclude other factors but these two are th crucial n~s,
and they are the ones which are most j nored in m country. I
think to~, the government and the people
should start doin somethin~w.~ime is our

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
• VIi'-t./ov.5





3€ rZ-N PlWr'o.s.c;v





• w6 flfOVl-D ;./0' 'lV'
G,ov. w6 UI4 vE. To

• I..IFE~
• v,R:rv£

1lL-'- mG


- AJG,O,
. KeI'1A811_lf.Ar~C£~S ~






CJ -

,,7/'fP' tlf

PI/f.c.Ho(Vli5T'/ .


• • 7H'ti/. f?u;o'""""t#f:iIITIDI'I'> w~<£ R£I'IJ-Y VI'W~f,f.-.G _

Chapter 2


Chapter 2
Item 32

Item 31

Talk about your favourite season.

Describe the first job that you have done.

You should talk about:

You should say:

How it is different from other seasons

How you got the job
What the job involved
How long the job lasted
Describe how well you did the job.

Why you like it
What entertainments you have during it.

This is a vel)' difficult question since every seaso!!. has its own
rivile es' it's very hard to select one as our ch ice , but
genera I spea mgyummer is my~. I adore it for

severa reasons. First of all, ilis different from~ns
in that the ~s are ve ldh'g and we can ~n~he sunsblne
more. Summer is the seas n f cult1vation he f [me 5 work
on the~d I reallytakepleasure~JQesce~e.






All kinds of frbits.ge---"t-hand and_LtakeJlly-lQnggst vacation
dUfi.Qg }l,Lmmer. I usually take a trip to the "crt
f ran and
enjoy the see. Swim ing-h my tav_o.lJri!LSP,qD: and I'm mad
about swimming outdoors and this seaso~nce
for me. It is also the best time fo_L!Qog.ffilJh.!nJb.~try with
or without~_~ st po ulaf ente~t in this
season is swimming though ome people admire that for the
vacations ~ otbers ~t plea~rom staying out ate or
spending timej~rtainment arks.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
• vl'njS f',K6 t-Of'JG." S.V~~ \~~ ~,;;
$E.p..o;.of--l Coy
<::..-J\,,'\IV AT'ON .
Au...l'-INDs <:;)~ ~"t~\.T p..Q.E, l>--:- .... \f'.~t).


... So.,..; I f\o\lJ...\~'"
-l,.btu.... o,.J ,0,11£. f
C!lo rolot ,.. '<\\\iC..1i

The first experience in eVeryfthing is something that lives with
us forever. The first job isn't n exception. The first time I had a
paid job was 10 years ago w en 1started teaching a number of
students in our neighbourhood, I was a freshman studying
English. I was supposed to help them in their final exam of

English. They were five kids, two boys and three girls. I taught
them for three months, one session a week. Two of them were
very weak at English and the others were mediocre. I did my
best since it was my first experience and I wanted to try to make
an impression in others and show my talent. I made a lesson

plan first and I ran the classes based on the plan. I gave them
quizzes regularly and corrected their compositions. Both the
parents and the children were almost satisfied and I earned
some money. The money was very precious to me because it

was the first wage. Finally, all of them could pass the test and
appreciated my effort. That first job provoked me to continue
teaching as my career, and still I'm doing it.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



Item 34

Item 33
Describe an enjoyable event that you experienced when you
were at school

Describe a competition (or contest) that you have entered.

You should say:

You should say:
When the competition took place

When it happened
What was good about it
Why you particularly remember this event.

You know, some experiences are hard to forget, they are with you all
through your life. When I was at primary school, I was a boy scout (a
member of a worldwide organization of young men and boys,
founded in England in 1908, for character development and
citizenship training). 1 enjoyed that very much. It was a voluntary
activity and many students were members of the organization. The
terrific point about it was that it was so vivid and lively that the kids
were crazy about it. They were not forced to join the activity. The
good points that we learnt from that were many. We leamtto be
responsible and to act in different roles, as directors and subordinates.
It taugh\ us to care about others because we made food for other
student, of course free and we used to clean the schoolyard. We
planned the extra curricular activities and the teachers supervised us
very gently. Still I remember that since, as I said before, it was full of
life, you know it was real. It was some how different from the drab
jobs we used to do at school. Maybe you think I'm kidding, but 1still
chat about it with some of my ex-classmates,

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

What you had to do
How well you did it
Describe how you felt about the competition.

When I was a freshman around 4 years ago, I took part in a
novel-reading contest at university. Th,ere were about 50
students participating in the contest. We were to read a coupl
of novels; I think four books, for two weeks. The novel~ w~re

Madam Bovary, The Old Man ~The Sea, Pride and Prejudice

and Gone With the Wind. I failed the competition, I mean
was the sixth in the final list and only the first three guys er


awarded. I should confess that I got a bit disappointed at f",;!
but later I thought about the benefits I gained. I mean I coul
read four good novels that were from among the b:s.t works 0
the world of literature. You see, in my oplOlon, me~~
participation in a competition or rivalry is an achievement If
itself since in a competition you develop your self- confidenCl
and self esteem. You learn to be an unselfish winner and:
patient loser. As a matter of fact, you gain knowl~dge of y.ou
weak points and strong points. Last but not least, taklOg part 10 '
competition adds variety to your life.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teachel



Item 35
Describe ~mus~um

Item 36

or.:ac;rt~a::I:::Je:u..""that you~bave visited.

You should sa~:
Where it is
Why you went there
What you particularly remember about the place.


Describe your favourite Web site.
You should talk about:
Why you like it
How it is different from other Web sites
What you usually search for in it.


:;~~~Cp:~v:"!Y mue was useum of Money in Tehran.
above Vana square. I~ t~r~u~t by
chance, aetuall I was waitin for a friend...and hecaTfedme J
mean y mobile, to te'!-.thal he would be late for an our: I
~ooked around and incidentall~ I found ~t ere. was an. old car belon in&...lQ..Qn..e..f u in s.J..guess it wa
th~ first. car Imported to Iran. In the main hall you could see old
coms, btlls ,and bank drafts~!i!:!ll...ba~ hundreds or even
thousand'.-DLY~~ago. Some of the~lI~gible ~ed
e es of CO.urse tb,ere were priute.doQ,9!.>.-s Jl.l~ms. In
another saloon you co ld visit ola clothes aD:
Ion in to ro al families_and ordinarype..gple. In another you
could get pleasure from watching old car~ts and..Lyg;. Some of
th~m were worn out, but this c ul ' . e
of the
artlfa~l strongltrz::omm~d Y...OU tOqvisitq
there, you won't waste
your tlT!1....
Wnw your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

7~ it1~




.sfc;., Sl"Alvi:\ 'D/lo""~'D ~c.x

~""A~"""~ c.,~,,-\,",,\\'t>~ ~\:S.s(.t'ln\.:l~,'rt~
Si~~ of ~,.N~R , A. ......e..,,~ o\ Q 'F



..... \~e:-<;.

• vNf'oft./vN,..fl!L-y J-o'fl"V-l uF Ttft:

N IH~ v-JA( o~ :IGA6)_

The web site that I am assionate about s X!b.Q.o. I like it so
much~ possibl
because it was the Irs
eb site .that I was
introd;ced----!9-.. y _~ ~ tea~ and first ex~e~s m~
leave lifetime impacts in your mlndjbut apart from that t~ site
has many ~tages, at least as far as my kno~~ut
Jj s·
. It as the moj commogplace nd-,~oputar
email seryice, nowadays everyone has a Yahoo l~,. and .of
course hotmail is als~ery revalen. The second POSitive pOint
about that is Yahoo u6u s. Millions of people are connected t.o
different Yahoo groups. This ij ij grililU!O n
he . orld that IS
d eratel in need of communicatio arno cIvIlizations and
I usually search for t e new.,s and reHab': new.s
agencTes. Another very useful usage f this site for me IS tha.t It
provides the best resour ~
~an~ practice
tests, rtjjQ'U'g'ffi this is surely accessib.le through other ~ltes, but 1
prefer this site since it is very user friendly and fast. .It s also the
i a


Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

I A ~r~d\l..d ---.>- 1

".",,;.,,~ ...-..._~


1. w...Jo ,\\ +elt. _

,,\c:... \..v..,

'-" e"'",~

... ,\"""OG~ c.~ . \'I'\~u'"
~ ...... Qo..\,

'\(.....J ...

I) ' " _ _

Chapter 2



Chapter 2

Item 37

Item 38

Talk about your favourit
Try to include:
Who he or she is
What his or her field of sport is
Whether he or she has broken a record. If yes, what and when
What his or her other good features are.


-My favourit


ortsman is Mr. RezaZade, the famous wrestler.


H~~old medal for wrestling, I mean he was_t e champion
of ~Id in the year 2..QQ3.. Of cours , he has
been awarded se eral 0 e ti es' n "aliona'l'~a':-n~,':nt,ce:-'rnational
sports events. Moreover, he won a ve~ort~!.!!!.~g! for
sport~ie..- t~t is, he had the £.haracteristics of a real
sportsman. You know,ern my,view J.2oint, being skilful illa1i.eld

---------- --

- _

is not the whole issue having sportsmanlike behaviour is
some~at more imf2..0rtant. In addition to h ~ a l

privileges, e r.njoys goodlamily relatio 5 a d he takes ride in
tbAt. He is amous in his own cit for his honesty. and
truthfulness People love him not just because of his
achiev~en~ut also for his pleC!sant personality. For example,
e oesn'l IlkeJo.show pff, he seldom apr.ears on TV and if he
does he never tries to make a m ression in others~speaks
and acts very naturally. High levels of expertise and adroitness
may not be so difficult to achieve, but high standards of
humanity are not readily attainable.
Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.



MGi,A.J' l"T'"".

OJ:t.''r..J Aw!lIt.r:>eD



,AltiEDA t..-s.

c;rItMPtcJI'I<.ff I


Describe a critical environmental proble in our entry.
.../? l-J (.}"
Try to include:
<:-~ -t,...J",.. ~ Iv""" (l.. ~
What it is
,. C~~J'_?J
j f' I .' - (?f"".~..;p\oL~
How it affects
your society f'.1.......
I ,.%), c~- i ..
<:{ .~,,~
:( v
What solutions you have in mlna for that.
:,... :\so...i f......vaea,lJ



--P; ,-

., P<"'{


e most hazardo£environmentaL-problem here istair
ollution. It is having a Large nU~Lc~~ar.lris
one of e principal causes of many heart_diseases_ ManY.-Eabies
are born premCU,ure or with serious mental or physical defects
(problems) and it is regarded as one of the causes of
psye~...!Slh!.>-ms, problems such as ,stres?,-d~ession
and5;a~xi~.l':' That is why they ale veriPrevaient!p large cities
and very ~n urban areas.G..ariou solutio 5 have been
proposed ~ ~ but as ~ t~ hard
to carry o~ean they _need-.A-Yigorous m nag~~~Q!.d cars
shouldoe reglac.!'..Q.. by new ones, gublic ans ortallOn should
be extended and popularised, regular cheelsJ! or cars have to
be mandatory and a lot more, but as I said it isn't difficult to list
the solutions the ritical point is to find ways and methods to
carry them out. he I t oint which 1 lik!:-,to rai2.~~ that
peo Ie should not put all the responsibilit on the government
ave to be active partici ants. They should start
campaigl],s, they s QuI open NGOs .t¢(Non Governmental
Organizations). I, mean e~bore ard.




Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
7'~ rAat-~ "'f1~ ':>J:!.U;«~CM vwt. ~nUlJ&...O
j, v€-t S
• 1Nf,;.tif\l,ArlON I'+l.• N'" "II,JI4 ~
• • JJ..


.... l.t- .

Ac.7 oN 1/1JC"-l.




Item 40

Please talk abovt the effect of technology in your school.

Describe one of your cousins whom you admire very much.

You should mention:
What kind of technology it is
When it appeared in your school
Whether it can replace human teachers.

You should mention:
Your relationship to him or her

How he or she looks
What he or she is like.


Well, you know, ...er... about two years ago we started using
computers in our school and some teachers assigned some homework
that had to be done by means of computer. For example, our English
teacher asked us to find some re~g and listening passages and texts
in the Internet and share them with others. Our math teacher
encouraged us to search for sites related to math problems. About the
third question I think technology can never replace human teachers,
at least at lower levels of education. Teaching isn't just sendingjWd
receiving messages. It goes much further. Teaching includes hu~n
relationship. The way a teacher .l9..Q.ks, smiles Qr frowns at a stud~nt
influences the orocess of learning. There are many peoplfU"lho chose
to be a teacher just oecause thE:Y lo~~cltbe;r teacher or they followed
a career sincJU;heir eacher re.commended...tbat. Nowadays they'say
computers are starting to have emotion and feeling, but I think they
can never act like a human being. You may become yel"Y-.ex..Q.ted
when y-ou see Y"®LPli.D:larY- school te.a~her after twen!y years, but it
never happens that a person Rets excited when visiti..n&1!Lw h,g,LOld
useless computer in the ani&. or basement. of his house. Of course
technology is ?rogressing so fast. ~t we c~n't i":,aginewhat comes to
the market In future. (Mayb~ c1onmLglves~s-.-some new


You see, there are a couple of people who I admire very much

in my rather extended family, but the one who I think highly of
Is my first cousin. I mean my uncle's son. He's my father's

nephew. He looks rather tall, with white hair, dark eyes, healthy
body at age 50, and he is a very tough man. He doesn't wear
slasses and he wakes up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and
exercises for about half an hour. The interesting point about him
Is that he doesn't use an alar1m clock to wake him UPi he has a
biological clock that never loses time. About his personality I

should say that he has worked hard all his life in the army and
his heavily built body indicates that. He usually goes to his
doctor but not for treatment but for a friendly chat since they are
old friends. He is very strict and appreciates discipline very
much. Moreover, he adores his family, he still remembers and
talks about his wife who passed away ten years ago. He hates
films and serials and loves only documentaries.

Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.
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Write your reDlv here and then check it with your classmate or teacher.

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