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internet as a source of info

Internet when used as a source of information, has more drawbacks
than advantages. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
(Band 7)
Some people believe that internet access creates problems. There are several possible reasons why
it can happen.
First, some data may be unverifiable. For example, everytime they search for a data, there would
be lots of choices that would appear on the screen. They would not be sure if the data they are
reading has accurate information. Some sources have even outdated informations. Second, some
sites may be unreliable. For instance, people sign up on one site that sells goods using online
purchases. The goods would be paid for by credit card but the purchaser would not receive
anything. And finally, not everything is available through the net. When my friend had tried to
research for some pictures of 18th century paintings, he did not find any results. Then he was told
by his teacher that it would only be available in the library.
Others believe that internet is very useful and these are the justifications. First, it is hard to get
data, that is available in the net by other means. For example, if directory information could not
give me the accurate address and contact number of the place I want to visit, I normally check that
information from the Internet. In just one click, I would get all the details of that certain company.
Second, research becomes more comprehensive. For instance, I do not have to buy lots of reading
materials to complete my research. Most of the needed information can be found if I have Internet
access. And finally, data is easily compared and contrasted. I remember, my cousin researched the
study about overweight children a decade ago and at present. He was able to finish his research in

just one day, as compared to week if he would not use the Internet.
In conclusion, let me reiterate that the Internet plays a big role in our life, because it makes data
retrieval and comparison easier.

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