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Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh lớp 12 (Unit 11)

Unit 11: BOOKS
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
1. a. entertainment b. information c. difficulty d. understanding
2. a. swallow b. subject c. digest d. enough
3. a. imagine b. important c. example d. wonderful
4. a. different b. carefully c. holiday d. reviewer
5. a. knowledge b. forever c. journey d. action
6. a. picture b. action c. question d. future
7. a. swallow b. below c. slowly d. allow
8. a. enough b. loud c. about d. amount
9. a. reading b. easy c. pleasure d. please
10.a. killed b. enjoyed c. described d. digested
11. a. book b. too c. who d. lose
12.a. fewer b. wonderful c. swallow d. chew
13.a. tasting b. subject c. sleep d. pleasure
14.a. source b. resource c. course d. colour
15.a. advice b. pick c. might d. kind
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the
underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
16.Which subject is this book ________?
a. for b. on c. of d. up

17.Francis Bacon lived ________ about the same time as Shakespeare.
a. at b. for c. in d. over
18.People enjoy a book ________ different ways.
a. on b. with c. upon d. in
19.This book is not really ________. It is a waste of money buying it.
a. inform b. information c. informative d. informatively
20.Sometimes it is ________ to find suitable books for our children.
a. difficult b. difficulty c. difficultly d. difficulties
21.A book may be evaluated by a reader or professional writer to create a book ________.
a. review b. reviewing c. reviewer d. reviewed
22.As for me, I consider reading ________ important part of ________ life.
a. an / Ø b. the / a c. Ø / the d. an / a
23.Anne says that she reads about half ________ hour a day, at least.
a. a b. an c. the d. Ø
24.Different people like specific types of books, and some people just like ________ literature in
a. a b. an c. the d. Ø
25.____ books are ones in which the story is told or illustrated with pictures.
a. Comic b. Thriller c. Romantic d. Science
26.Boy, stop reading. ________ the book down and go to bed.
a. Take b. Put c. Set d. Pick
27.A book may be studied by students as the ________ of a writing and analysis exercise in the form of
a book report.
a. limit b. time c. subject d. interest
28.It is a good book. I think it is interesting enough for you to ________.
a. put down b. swallow c. look up d. understand
29.A ________ is a report in a newspaper or magazine in which a writer gives his opinion of a book, a
film, or a play.
a. page b. subject c. review d. journey
30.If you ________ a book, you have a brief look at it without reading or studying it seriously.
a. dip into b. put away c. pick up d. put down
31.Those letters ________ now. You can do the typing later.
a. need typing b. needn't be typed c. need to type d. needn't typing
32.The museum is open to everybody. It ________ between 9am and 5pm.
a. visits b. visited c. can visit d. can be visited
33.The train ________ by bad weather. I am not sure.
a. might delay b. might be delaying c. might have delayed d. might have been delayed
34.The room ________ once a day.
a. should clean b. should be cleaning c. should be cleaned d. should have cleaned
35.Two tablets ________ twice a day to have you recover from the illness quickly.
a. must take b. must be taken c. must have taken d. must be taking
36.Theresa walked past me without saying a word. She ________ me.
a. can't have seen b. can't see c. can't have been seen d. can be seen
37.I think the match ________. Everybody's gone into the stadium and you can hear them cheering.
a. was started b. will be started c. must started d. must have started
38.We found the exam extremely easy. We ________ so hard.
a. needn't study b. needn't be studying c. needn't have studied d. needn't have been studied
39.There is plenty of money in our account so those cheques ________ to the bank today.
a. needn't be taken b. needn't be taking c. needn't take d. needn't taking
40.The picnic ________ because Peter has just had a traffic accident.
a. will cancel b. will be cancelling c. will be cancelled d. will have cancelled
41.It is important ________ students to read as many books as possible.
a. up b. about c. to d. for
42.Who does the book belong ________?
a. for b. to c. on d. through
43.He picked ________ the book and turned page after page.
a. up b. on c. away d. in
44.Read the book ________ and you can find the information you need.
a. care b. careful c. carefulness d. carefully
45.Not many people find reading more ________ than watching TV.
a. interest b. interested c. interesting d. interestingly
46.To become a novelist, you need to be ________.
a. imagine b. imagination c. imaginative d. imaginarily
47.A ________ is a story long enough to fill a complete book, in which the characters and events are
usually imaginary.
a. pleasure b. novel c. page d. review
48.A ________ is the story of a person's life written by somebody else.
a. romance b. fiction c. biography d. science
49.When a reader reads an interesting book slowly and carefully, he ____ it
a. reviews b. chews and digests c. swallows d. dips into
50.Since their appearance, books are a previous ________ of knowledge and pleasure.
a. source b. pile c. amount d. sum
51.Many teenagers are not much ________ in reading books, except for what they are made to read at
a. excited b. important c. slow d. interested
52.This book ________ to Peter. It is not mine.
a. possesses b. owns c. has d. belong
53.Have you ever read ________ "Oliver Twist", ________ interesting novel written by Charles
a. the / the b. Ø / an c. Ø / Ø d. an / the
54.I like ________ books better than ________ films.
a. Ø / Ø b. the / the c. Ø / the d. the / Ø
55.The room is too dirty. It ________ now.
a. should clean b. should have cleaned
c. should be cleaning d. should be being cleaned
56.The situation ________ to continue.
a. cannot allow b. cannot be allowed c. cannot have allowed d. cannot be allowing
57.The machine ________ on by pressing this switch.
a. can turn b. can be turned c. must turn d. should be turning
58.Everybody agrees that no more staff ________.
a. should employ b. should not be employed
c. will not be employed d. will he employed
59.Things ________ clear to them so that they can do the work in the way that you have told them.
a. are making b. ought to be made c. have made d. needn't be made
60.Cigarettes ________ at a bakery.
a. most buy b. cannot buy c. cannot be bought d. should not buy
61.The next meeting ________ in May.
a. will hold b. will be held c. will be holding d. will have held
62.________ in simpler words?
a. Has this issue expressed b. Can't this issue express
c. Can this issue express d. Couldn't this issue be expressed
63.All traffic laws ________.
a. is observed b. must be observed
c. must have observed d. had better observe
64.Tomatoes ________ before they are completely ripe.
a. can be picked b. can pick c. needn't pick d. should be picking
65.This letter ________, not handwritten.
a. should be typing b. should be typed
c. needn't type d. needn't be typed
66.Many people are not interested ________ reading books as much as seeing films.
a. in b. with c. for d. about
67.We spend more time watching TV than reading books. But ________ fact. TV has not kill reading.
a. for b. upon c. at d. in
68.Books are a wonderful source ________ knowledge and pleasure.
a. with b. of c. in d. about
69.After leaving school, many of us only read for ________.
a. please b. pleasant c. pleasure d. pleasing
70.Mary enjoys reading ________, adventure, and whatever else she can either buy or borrow.
a. romance b. romantic c. romanticize d. romanticism
71.The novel has had a tremendous impact on ________ and publishing markets.
a. entertain b. entertainer c. entertainment d. entertainingly
72.Please give me some advice to buy suitable books for my ten-year-old girl.
a. recommendation b. information c. fiction d. interest
73.Tommy likes the books that he borrowed from the school library very much. He has read them with
a. entertainment b. romance c. tasting d. pleasure
74.The reviewer ________ Mathew's new novel as a new style of modern science fiction.
a. chewed b. digested c. described d. drew
75.I have nearly finished reading the book. There are only a few ______ left.
a. pieces b. pages c. slices d. sheets
76.Can you ________ what it would be like to live without books?
a. imagine b. advise c. describe d. understand
77.A ________ is a book, film, or play that tells an exciting fictional story about something such as
criminal activities or spying.
a. non-fiction b. science c. thriller d. romance
78.Peter enjoys ________ science fictions, ________ type of book based on imagined scientific
discoveries in the future.
a. Ø / Ø b. the / Ø c. Ø / a d. the / the
79.Different people never read a book in ________ same way.
a. a b. an c. the d. Ø
80.Before eating, ________ thoroughly with soap and clean water.
a. you should wash your hands b. your hands should be washing
c. you need washing your hands d. Your hands need washed
81.Fruits ________ in a freezer.
a. should not put b. should not be put c. must put d. must be putting
82.The fire ________ by lightning.
a. must cause b. must be causing c. must have caused d. must have been
83.The last decision ________.
a. will be made by the manager b. needn't be finished / will be having
c. that will be made by the manager d. must be finished / can have
84.This work ________ today so that we ________ a holiday tomorrow.
a. will finish / are having b. that the manager will be made
c. should finish / can be had d. will be making by the manager
85.I wish I ________ many times.
a. will not be interrupted b. would not be interrupted
c. will not have interrupted d. would not have been interrupted
86.The package ________ carefully before it ________.
a. must be wrapped / is posted b. needs wrapping / will be posted
c. should wrap / is going to be posted d. will be wrapping / needs posting
87.The weather forecast says that ________ tomorrow.
a. it will snow b. it will be snowed c. it needs snowing d. it must be snowed
88.The car ________ by Karen. The keys are still on the table.
a. must have taken b. must have been taken
c. can't have been taken d. can't have taken
89.The garden ________. It has just started raining.
a. needn't water b. needn't be watered c. needn't be watering d. needn't have watered
90 I saw Grace this morning at the bank.
- It ________ Grace. She has been to Paris on her honeymoon.
a. can't be b. must be c. can't have been d. must have been
91.It wasn't obligatory to submit my assignment today.
a. My assignment must have been submitted today.
b. I needn't have submitted my assignment today.
c. My assignment was required to submit by today.
d. I mustn't submit my assignment today.
92.It's time we left for the disco.
a. We may leave for the disco now.
b. We needn't leave for the disco now.
c. We should leave for the disco now.
d. We must have leave for the disco now.
93.It was a mistake of you to lose your passport.
a. You shouldn't have lost your passport.
b. There must be a mistake in your passport.
c. You needn't have brought your passport.
d. Your passport must be lost.
94.My car keys are possibly in the kitchen.
a. My car keys should be put in the kitchen.
b. My car keys cannot be in the kitchen.
c. I do not know whether my car keys are in the kitchen.
d. My car keys might be in the kitchen.
95.Is it possible for me to come to your house at about 7pm?
a. Must I come over to your house at about 7pm?
b. Could I be come to your house at about 7pm?
c. Can I come to your house at about 7pm?
d. Will I come to your house at about 7pm?

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