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giao an tieng anh 6 thi diem unit 2

Teaching date: 9 /10/2012 Total : Class 6B … /40
UNIT 2- my home
Week: 8 period: 10- a closer look 1
- Ss will be able to use the lexical items related to the topic “My home”.
- Ss read the conversation between Mi and Nick again ,understand it then
complete the sentence.
-Using the prepositions of place: in/on/behind/infront of/ between, behind, under/
next to.
II. Preparations.
-Teacher: Extra boards.
-Students: Prepare the new words, practice pronouncing these words
III. Procedures.
Teacher’s and students’ activities Contents
1.Warmmer. – To introduce the new
- Play agame : T asks Ss to draw their
house with their imaginnation, don’t
care of the beauty.(1 minute)-One
student goes to the board and draws,

then name the rooms of the house.
- T checks with the whole class.
2. Presentation.
- T asks Ss to work in groups of 8 .T
write the name of the rooms on the
board, in different places.
 Ss in each group choose the number
for their group go to their group ,
discuss and run to the board as fast as
he/she could to write the name of
/ Play agame : Drawing.
EX1. Name the rooms of the house.
a. living room b. bedroom c.attic
d.bathroom e. kitchen f.hall
EX2.Name the things in each room in 1.
1.living room: lamp,sofa…
2. bedroom: bed, lamp, picture…
4.bathroom: bath, sink, toilet
5.hall: picture
EX3. Listen and repeat the words.
EX4.In pairs, ask and answer questions to
-T tell the Ss which group is win.
-The whole class listen to the tape and
repeat the words they hear.
-T can model this activity with a
student.Ask Ss to work in pairs.Call
some pairs to practice in front of the
-Have some Ss read out the words
first.Then play the recording for them
to listen and repeat the words.
-T gives the way to pronounce these
words in 3 ways.
-Ss do this exercise individually first
then compare their answers with a
partner.(One student goes to the board
and write)
- T guides the way to do ,and asks Ss
to practice.
5. Homework.
-Learn by heart the newwords.Write 3
lines for each newword.
-Prepare the new lesson: Check
dictionary these words: wall, a ceiling
guess the room.
T: What’s in the room?
Oanh: A sofa and a television.
T: Is it the living room?
Oanh: Yes.
EX5+6. Listen and repeat the words.Then
put the words in the correct column.
/z/ /s/ /Iz/
EX7. Read the conversation below.
Underline the final s/es in the words and
write / z /; /s/; /Iz/
/z/ : things, pictures
/s/: lights, chopsticks
/IZ/ dishes,vases.
EX8: Listen to the conversation and
repeat.Pay attention to /z/; /s/; and /IZ/ at
the end of the words.Then practice the
conversation with a partner.

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