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Giao án tiếng anh 10 unit 9 undersea world

Date of preparing: March 1
, 2014
Date of teaching: March 7
, 2014
Unit 9: Undersea World
C. Listening
I. Objective
- Develop Ss’ skills: listening and speaking and discussion in group
-Develop Ss’ knowledge about topic of Undersea Word, particularly
whale, and increasing Ss’ vocabulary.
II. Preparation
T’s aids: audio, chalks, poster, card, color
Ss’ aids: book, notebook
III. Procedure
Stages and
Steps/ Activities Aims
Warm up(1’)

T ask Ss some questions:
• How are you today?
• Who is absent today?
Make friendliness
between T and Ss
Pre- listening
T provides each pair of students a card of

(1)…………… (2)…………

(3)………… (4)………….

Asks Ss match following words or phrases
with above pictures correctly:
a. mammal
b. Atlantic ocean
c. Pacific ocean
d. whaling
e. blue whale
Getting Ss think
about and
brainstorm the
topic before they
listen. This may
arouse their
interest in
T checks Ss’ answer
1) e
2) d
3) b
4) c
5) a
T gives and explain more some words in
listening context:
1) Krill: Food of whales
2) Whaling: Hunting whales
3) Migrate: Go from one place to
another with seasons
4) Mammal: Give birth and feed their
young on milk
T concentrates on teach pronunciation by
allowing them to listen to native speaker and
meaning of the above words.
T shows poster and asks Ss to work in pair
to discuss the question in it
1. Do you think whales are
fish? Why (not)?
2. Why do people keep
hunting whale?

To help Ss be able to answer question easily,
T suggests Ss by giving some more simple
1) What features are fish and whale?
Complete following Table with
suggesting word:
 Baby whale
 Eggs
 Food
 Milk
Helping Ss
familiarize with
pronunciation in
Helping Ss to
make a
between what
they are going to
Make Ss have the
logic of
questions from
simply to
Whales Fish
2) People keep hunting whale for what?
T asks Ss come back to answer two first
Ss stand up to give their answers
T gives correct answer:
1. Whale is not a fish. It is a mammal
because it feeds their young on milk
2. People catch whale for food, oil,

Task 1:
T asks Ss base on their knowledge of whale
in order to give choice which is True or
False for statements in Task 1
1. The whale is the third largest animal
Ss is active in
their listening
that has ever lived on Earth.
2. Whales are said to be the most
intelligent animals in the ocean.
3. Some whales are known to move into
warm waters to give birth.
4. Whales are danger because of the
increase in population of other sea
5. Some people are still killing whale for
After Ss guess for these statements, T reads
out these statements.
Ss listen and repeat many times these
T allows Ss to listen to whole tape firstly,
then Ss are listened to each sentence twice
in order that they can check their guess
whether it is correct or incorrect.
1. F
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T
Task 2: To help S both apply what they
have just been listened and base on their
knowledge of whale, science and society, T
asks Ss to answer question in Task 2 before
listening for doing Task 2:
1. What is the length and weight of blue
2. Why do whales like to feed in the
cold ocean?
Helping Ss be
popular with
words or phrases
in statement
which appear in
the tape
To get main ideas
first, then to
facilitate listening
Ss brainstorm
and develop topic
more in their
3. According to the listening passage,
what are the good feeding grounds for
4. What is the main reason for the
decrease in whale population?
5. What have conservation groups asked
the International Whaling
Commission to do?
6. What would happen if we did not take
any measure to protect whales?
T asks some Ss read out their answers
T helps Ss check their answer by allowing
Ss to listen carefully each sentence in tape in
order that they can find out exact key by
1. 30 meters, 200 tons
2. Because there are a lot of krill-their
favorite food
3. Cold water in the North and South
Atlantic ocean and the North and
South Pacific
4. Due to heavy hunting pressure
5. They have asked the International
Whaling Commission to stop whaling
6. If we did not take any measure to
protect whale, they would disappear
forever soon.
T asks Ss work in groups of 4 people
Provide each group a paper as following:
1. A: Are there many types of
B: …….
2. A: Can you tell me the name of
some whales?
B: They are………
Giving Ss
chances to do
extension activity
which encourage
them to take
information or
whatever they
have produce in
Making unity
among Ss, and
ability for
working in group

3. A: What is the length of Blue
B: The length of blue whale
4. A: What is the weight of Blue
B: The weight of blue whale is
…… tons.
5. A: What does the blue whale eat?
B: Foods of whales are………
6. A: Where do blue whales live?
B: They live in………

7. A: Why should we protect
B: Because they are closed to
Extinct (v)= would disappear forever
For example: Bear is in red list,
because they are closed to extinct

T asks Ss discuss in group about whale to
complete the task in paper
Check Ss’ answer
Asks each group divide into 2 pairs
T asks pairs using questions and answers in
paper to practice asking and answering.
T do as model
T allow Ss practice in 2 minutes
After 2 minutes calls some pairs stand in
front of class to practice

Homework (1’) T asks Ss complete a writing about Whale
with given word as following:
Mammals Atlantic Ocean 200 tons
most intelligent animals 30 meters
Pacific ocean disappear
Whales are …(1)…. that live their entire lives in the
water. Some whales are huge. The blue whale, for
example, grows to ……(2)…. in length and over…
(3)… in weight. It is the largest animal that has
ever lived on earth. Whales may also be the
…………(4)……. in the ocean.
Whales like to feed in the cold oceans where there
is a lot of krill- their favorite food. Cold water in
the North and South …(5)………….and the North
and South ……(6)……. are good feeding grounds
for whales. Some whales are known to migrate into
warm waters to bear their calves.
Whale populations decrease quickly due to heavy
hunting pressure. Conservation groups asked the
International Whaling Commission to stop whaling.
However, Native American hunters, such as the
Eskimo, are still allowed to hunt a limited number
of whales to feed their communities. If no effective
measures were taken to protect whales, these
wonderful animals would ……(7)……… forever.
Ss write task for homework in notebook
Help Ss

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