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Question 1: Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets:
1. We hope that you (enjoy) the concert last night.
2. We would rather (go) to the movie tonight.
3. Look! That little girl ( run) to catch the bus.
4. She (have) a headache for several hours.
5. Do you think it (rain) tomorrow?
6. By the time I got to Mai’s house, she already (leave) for work.
7. My uncle ( make) a speech on Friday.
8. I don’t think we (meet) before.
9. I hope they (repair) this road by the time we (return) next summer.
Question 2 : Fill each blank with correct form of the word given in capital letters.
1. People often find ……… in simple things. happy
2. Katie’s ……… has kept her away from school for a week. ill
3. Nowadays most teenagers have the ……… to do whatever they please. free
4. A good ………. will last a lifetime. friend
5. The children’s ………… was obvious at the birthday party. excite
6. I’ve worked hard all my …………. . live

7. This knife is ……… . It doesn’t cut at all. use
8. We were ……… . None of us knew any first aid. help
9. I can’t find the …… to the last maths problem. solve
10. Thank you for a very ………. evening. enjoy
Question 3:
a. Correct the wrong form of verbs in the following sentences.
6. “Do we have to put off the light ?” - “Yes, our light has to put off.”
7. She doesn’t mind to be disturbed while she’s walking.
8. His parents let him doing what he likes.
9. We couldn’t agree on any of the problems discussing at the meeting.
10. I didn’t enjoy the party because I was boring.
b. Fill in each blank with one correct preposition.
6. He supported the plan all his heart.
7. The horse was tired a post.
8. I need some papers to write .
9. Give me a pen to write .
10. I don’t like to be made fun .
Question 4: Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.
1. Betty a lot of presents on her birthday.
a. was been given b. gave c. was giving d. was given
2. Saturday or Sunday ? day is fine. Come whenever you like.
a. Neither b. Either c. Both d. None

3. I wish she make so much noise !
a. wouldn’t b. couldn’t c. hadn’t d. weren’t
4. Coffee is cheap at this supermarket but it costs even at Save Supermarket.
a. lest b. more little c. little d. less
5. The most girl in the class is Sally.
a. best b. favourite c. popular d. ideal
Question 5: Fill in each blank with one suitable word.
In my country, Japan, we usually invite guests home 1 the weekend, in the early
evening, 2 seven o’clock. Before they come, we 3 tidy the front garden and clean the
sitting room. Then we must spray it all with water to show 4 we welcome guests 5
cleanliness. The guests usually 6 presents and when they give you the present, 7 say,
“I’m sorry this is such a small present”. But in fact they have chosen the present very
carefully. When the meal is ready the hostess says, “We have nothing special for you today
but you 8 welcome to come this way”. You can see that in Japan you 9 try to be
modest and you should not show 10 too much. If you don’t understand our culture, you
will think this is very strange.

Question 6: Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays
the same.
1. When you phoned me, it was my lunchtime.
When you phoned me, I
2. Nobody knows anything about Pam’s past life.
3. This house was specially built for my uncle.
My uncle
4. William never makes mistakes because he is a careful reader.
William is so
5. We expected Larry to accept the job, but he didn’t.
Even though Larry

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