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Question 1: Use the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets.
1. I'm used to (work) with television on.
2. I (do) all the housework. The flat is really clean now.
3. Where is Nga? "Downstairs sir.""She (greet) guests."
4. Neither you nor I (be) wrong.
5. She with her children (just go) out for dinner.
6. There (be) many volunteers in SEA GAMES 22
in Viet Nam in 2003.
7. After (do) her homework, Lan usually listens to the plays on the radio.
8. Mai bought a new dress last month but she (not wear) it yet.
Question 2: Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the word in
1. Go straight ahead and take the on the left ! (two)
2. The tiger wanted to see the farmer's (wise)
3. The scouts do the work. (volunteer)
4. The library in our city has over 50 (employ)
5. When she was young, Mrs Nhung wanted to be an (act)

6. Last year we had an summer holiday. (enjoy)
7. Farmer have time off than workers do. (little)
8. Ba will be a artist one day. (fame)
Question 3: Read the article and choose the letter next to the word that best fits each
Teen Travel club
If you are aged 16,17,18 or 19 and would like to be able to afford to go (1) more
often, why not join the Teen Travel Club and get cheaper bus travel.
To join all you have to (2) is to fill in a form and take it to your nearest bus station.
You will also need to produce your birth certificate and passport-sized photograph of
You will be given a free Teen Travel membership card which will allow you to (3) at
a reduced cost.
Once you are a member of the Teen Travel Club you can (4) tickets at any bus
station, post office or rail ticket office. Each ticket you buy is devided (5) 10 parts; when
you get (6) the bus you put the ticket into a special machine which will then stamp one
The tickets last as long as you like and it doesn't matter how long it (7) you to use up
all the journeys. However, you must remember to take you membership card with you when
you use your ticket otherwise you may have to pay the full (8) if your ticket is checked.
1. a. out b.there c. place d. work
2. a. write b. do c. afford d. make
3. a. travel b. go c. come d. tour
4. a. sell b. receive c. buy d. choose
5. a. by b. into c. to d. with
6. a. in b. into c. on d. above
7. a. takes b. spends c. has d. leaves
8. a. money b. tickets c. membership d. fare
Question 4:
a) Choose the right words, phrases or sentences to fill in the blanks.
1. He does morning exercises regularly improve his health.
a. in order to b. so as to c. so that d. b and c
2. My sister came an old school friend in the street this morning.
a. with b. along c. across d. off
3. I know you worked really this semester.
a. hardly b. bad c. good d. hard
4. is a story passed on in spoken form from one generation to the next.
a. Novel b. Folktale c. Legend d. Fiction
5. Which one is , milk or orange juice?
a. better b. good c. the best d. well
6. The children are old enough to look after
a. himself b. for themselves c. themselves d. ourselves
b) Choose the most suitable sentences to complete the following dialogues.
1. A: Would you like a cup of tea?
Do you like a cup of tea?
B: Yes, please.
2. A: Would you mind if I moved this wardrobe?
Could you move this wardrobe, please?
B: I'm sorry, I can't . I must go now.
3. A: I promise I will be punctual.
B: Don’t forget. I'll wait.
Sure. I'll do it.
4. A: Shall I open the windows?
Will you open the windows?
B: That would be nice.
Question 5: a) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
1. In this respect, French differs English .
2. Have you learned English a long time?
3. You can meet me 7.15 and 8:00.
4. Do you give each other presents Christmas Day.
5. They often goes out for dinner Saturday evenings.
6. Hoa lives with her uncle 12 Tran Hung Dao Street in Ha Noi.
b) Write the sentences, using the cue words.
1. What/ awful / house/ !
2. We/ not see/ each other / ten years.
3. Brother/ be/ very good / repair / household / appliances.
4. My sister / start / a new job/ yesterday.
Question 6: Rewrite the following sentences, beginning each sentences with the cues
1. The last time she visited me was five months ago.
- She hasn’t
2. No one in the group is younger than Hoa.
- Hoa is the
3. "Don’t walk on the grass,"The gardener said to us.
- The gardener told
4. I'll telephone you tomorrow morning.
- I'll give
5. It took my mother half an hour to wash all those clothes?
- My mother
6. His sister is too young to go to school alone.
- His sister isn't

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