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Talk about the life of a farme pps

Talk about the life of a farmer

Mr. Lim is a farmer by profession and he is proud of being
one. His holdings are small, but he feels they are enough
for him.

He owns a few hectares of good land, a ploughing
machine and a small cottage. His fields are fed with water
from a stream. As a modern farmer he has a pumpset for
pumping water. So his fields are never allowed to go dry.
He grows mainly paddy, in a small patch of land he has
the vegetable garden.

Usually he is an early riser. He starts his pump and waters
his fields. He will be going round to see whether water
does not overflow. He may remove the weeds from among
the plants. He goes into the vegetable garden to see if
there is any pick for the day. He trims the hedges, digs the
plots or dresses them up for the next planting. He is fond
of his flower pots of which he has a few. He takes pride in

After these morning rounds he takes his breakfast. It is his
gossiping time. He meets others and takes part in the
village gossip. He cannot read, he learns about with
morning news. As it is common nowadays, he discusses
with his friend the day’s politics. Sometimes, the
commission agent may come, and our friend will talk to
him about the market prospects.

In the afternoon, after a wash and a lunch, he stretches
himself for a mid-days siesta. He gets up and after a cup
of tea, he goes to the fields and sees everything is in
order. Then he takes a stroll in the nearly towns and
makes some purchases for the house. That is also the
time for him to meet friends and exchange views.

He returns home and had an early dinner. He plans for the
next day. Sometimes it may be taking the grains to the
market, it may be transplanting; some other times it may
be taking the machine for repair. Thus he leads a simple
life and he is contented.

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