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342 Toeic vocabulary tests words by meaning Episode 2 Part 10 docx

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Answers 305
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 305 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. stand; booth; pen; pretext to delay
definition (b) stall
A2 n. something that is essential or imperative; essentials of life (food, clothing, and shelter)
definition (c) necessary
A3 n. pact; contract; accord; consent; concurrence
definition (d) agreement
A4 n. one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub
definition (d) waiter
A5 n. living; state of being; life
definition (b) existence
A6 n. elasticity; ability to adapt to new circumstances; pliability
definition (a) flexibility
A7 n. sewing needle; swindler; cheater; professional gambler
definition (a) sharp
A8 n. familiarity; understanding; wisdom; education; awareness
definition (d) knowledge
A9 n. quickness; velocity; transmission gear in a motor vehicle
definition (b) speed

A10 n. person who is native to or resides in a particular area
definition (c) local
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Answers 306
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 306 (Answer Keys)
A1 adj. characteristic of a capital city; sophisticated
definition (b) metropolitan
A2 v. to give to for safekeeping; to empower someone with a responsibility or duty
definition (a) entrust
A3 n. person who creates something; chemical substance used in photography
definition (d) developer
A4 v. to understand; to comprehend; to accomplish; to convert into cash; to liquidate
definition (d) realize
A5 adj. gloomy; cheerless; bad; depressing; sad
definition (d) dismal
A6 conj. precedes two or more coordinate words or phrases
definition (d) either
A7 n. this being the case; since (used in formal documents)
definition (c) whereas
A8 v. to save from harm; to deliver from danger; to free from risk
definition (b) rescue
A9 n. not many; some; several; small number of
definition (b) few
A10 n. principal pipe or duct in a system; chief part of something; strength or force; high sea
definition (a) main
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Answers 307
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 307 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. commotion; flurry; excitement
definition (a) ado
A2 n. number of babies that are born per year per thousand
definition (c) birth rate
A3 n. caution; warning; admonition; suspension of proceedings (law)
definition (b) caveat
A4 n. telephone exchange; operator; main bureau or office
definition (a) central
A5 n. nutritionist; expert on nutrition
definition (b) dietician
A6 n. piece of clothing; outer covering
definition (a) garment
A7 n. building; something created from a number of interconnecting parts
definition (c) structure
A8 n. advance stipulation; preliminary terms
definition (a) precondition
A9 n. source from which something arises; prototype; model
definition (c) original
A10 n. present; talent; offering
definition (a) gift
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Answers 308
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 308 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. achievement; fulfillment; ability
definition (b) attainment
A2 v. to reduce; to protect; to soften; to upholster
definition (a) cushion
A3 adj. payable; subject to or requiring payment especially as specified
definition (c) collectible
A4 adv. really; genuinely
definition (b) truly
A5 n. dampness; moistness; mugginess
definition (b) humidity
A6 v. to decorate; to beautify
definition (d) adorn
A7 adv. comfortably; without great difficulty or effort
definition (d) easy
A8 n. method of performance
definition (b) technique
A9 n. soldier of the three lowest military ranks
definition (c) private
A10 v. to produce and distribute printed material; to advertise
definition (d) publish
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Answers 309
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 309 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. rush; haste; urgency
definition (a) hurry
A2 n. product made by hand or by machine
definition (d) manufacture
A3 n. rough outline; sketch; written order for payment; conscription
definition (b) draft
A4 n. automated device used for selling items
definition (d) vending machine
A5 n. means of expression; channel of communication; middle man; intermediary; broker
definition (c) medium
A6 n. universe; empty area; gap; area; interval
definition (d) space
A7 n. marmalade; jam
definition (a) conserve
A8 n. mail; column; opinion; role; job placement
definition (d) post
A9 n. worry; issue; problem; group of companies; large corporation
definition (d) concern
A10 n. injury; harm
definition (b) damage
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Answers 310
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 310 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. presentation; show; screen; monitor; exposure; exhibition
definition (a) display
A2 n. apparatus; device
definition (b) tool
A3 adj. new; strange
definition (a) novel
A4 n. declaration; allegation; official account
definition (b) statement
A5 n. interpretation; something that clarifies; description; definition
definition (b) explanation
A6 v. to suppose; to take on a position or duty; to accept an idea
definition (a) assume
A7 v. to place in a row; to cover the inside of; to pad
definition (a) line
A8 adj. big; enormous; wide; spacious; famous
definition (d) large
A9 n. institution of higher education that grants degrees; type of school; council
definition (c) college
A10 v. to hypnotize; to enthrall
definition (a) entrance
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Answers 311
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 311 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. affront; offense; rude remark or action
definition (c) insult
A2 n. process of becoming varied; sale of a variety of products and services
definition (a) diversification
A3 n. close examination; scrutinizing look
definition (c) scan
A4 n. counsel; guidance; specific information; hint
definition (c) advice
A5 n. method; way; medium; resources; funds
definition (b) means
A6 n. punctuality
definition (a) timeliness
A7 n. sum of money that has been put in a bank for safekeeping; partial payment; pledge
definition (a) deposit
A8 n. part of a book; phase; stage; local branch of an organization
definition (b) chapter
A9 n. business arrangement; client; funds deposited in a bank
definition (c) account
A10 n. netting attached to a woman's hat
definition (c) veil
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Answers 312
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 312 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. mail manager, person responsible for managing electronic mail on a network (Computers)
definition (d) postmaster
A2 n. a legal document that temporarily transfers a property from one individual to another
definition (b) deed of surrender
A3 v. to repair; to improve; to be improved
definition (b) mend
A4 v. to separate; to be separated; to decrease; to become smaller
definition (c) fall off
A5 n. advisor (adviser); counselor; coach; person who gives professional advice
definition (c) consultant
A6 n. slope; incline; increase; ascent; raise in position or status; promotion; angry response
definition (a) rise
A7 n. brining in of goods from another country; opposite of export; meaning; significance
definition (a) import
A8 n. news story publicized in only a newspaper or television/radio station
definition (b) exclusive
A9 n. external part or surface of something
definition (b) outside
A10 v. to make haste; to rush; to urge; to prod; to dash
definition (a) hurry
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Answers 313
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 313 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. wooden box; old car; old plane
definition (d) crate
A2 n. instructor; director; escort; leader; manual; handbook
definition (c) guide
A3 n. act of strengthening; reward or punishment designed to encourage or discourage a particular
definition (d) reinforcement
A4 n. region; district; zone; area; domain
definition (d) territory
A5 n. candidate; nominee
definition (d) applicant
A6 n. property; site; area; grounds; building with the grounds belonging to it
definition (d) premises
A7 adj. special; unusual; detailed; precise; pedantic; strict
definition (d) particular
A8 n. plentifulness; abundance; numerousness; plurality
definition (b) profusion
A9 n. type of aircraft; two-dimensional surface; rank; level
definition (c) plane
A10 n. concern; fear; misfortune; distress
definition (c) worry
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Answers 314
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 314 (Answer Keys)
A1 adj. very great in numbers; huge; powerful
definition (b) tremendous
A2 n. debate; conversation; talk; dispute; argument
definition (a) discussion
A3 n. holiday
definition (a) vacation
A4 n. something that is superimposed
definition (d) overlap
A5 adj. traveling in an inward direction
definition (b) inbound
A6 n. cameraman; person who takes pictures
definition (a) photographer
A7 v. to temporarily cease working as a protest; to impress
definition (d) strike
A8 v. to help; to assist
definition (b) aid
A9 v. to pay attention to; to supervise; to regret; to oppose; to remember; to notice
definition (c) mind
A10 n. rotatable disk on a telephone
definition (b) dial
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Answers 315
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 315 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. specific quantity regarded as a standard; combination which acts a whole; piece
definition (a) unit
A2 n. greatest quantity or amount possible; highest capacity
definition (a) maximum
A3 n. leaflet; booklet; printed product information
definition (a) brochure
A4 n. order; direction; control; domination; headquarters
definition (c) command
A5 n. talk; dialog; discussion; verbal exchange
definition (d) conversation
A6 n. shopping center; pedestrian walkway; promenade
definition (d) mall
A7 n. answer; response
definition (b) reply
A8 n. straps and other parts by which a draft animal is attached to a vehicle
definition (b) harness
A9 n. type; sort; class; group of things which are classed together because of their similarities
definition (c) kind
A10 n. conditional conveyance of property as for security on a loan; pledging; lien
definition (b) mortgage
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Answers 316
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 316 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to believe; to have faith in; to supply goods by deferred payment
definition (c) credit
A2 v. to jumble; to mix together confusedly; to clamber; to climb on all fours
definition (c) scramble
A3 v. to store in a large building
definition (b) warehouse
A4 n. fuel made from carbon; cinder; ember
definition (a) coal
A5 v. to agree; to harmonize; to coincide; to collaborate; to consent
definition (d) concur
A6 n. deletion; negligence; failure; default
definition (a) omission
A7 v. to vouch for; to give a warranty; to assure; to promise
definition (a) guarantee
A8 n. safeguard; something used to avert an unwanted situation
definition (b) preventive
A9 n. briefcase; attache case; list of securities and stocks
definition (c) portfolio
A10 v. to conduct; to guide; to direct; to influence
definition (c) lead
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Answers 317
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 317 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. medical caretaker (especially in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor)
definition (d) nurse
A2 n. security; warranty; pledge; assurance
definition (b) guarantee
A3 n. connection; association; closeness
definition (b) relationship
A4 n. payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications
definition (a) subscription
A5 n. supplier; seller; merchant; agent; sales representative
definition (c) dealer
A6 n. enigma; riddle; game; jigsaw
definition (b) puzzle
A7 n. moving back and forth; influence; control; authority
definition (d) sway
A8 n. inflection; verbal 'time'
definition (d) tense
A9 n. tool; implement; device; appliance; agent; means
definition (b) instrument
A10 n. possessions; belongings; estate; assets; ownership
definition (a) property
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Answers 318
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 318 (Answer Keys)
A1 pref. of light
definition (d) photo
A2 n. connection; relation; association; one ring of a chain; ring
definition (d) link
A3 n. one who does not eat meat; herbivore
definition (d) vegetarian
A4 adj. ready for use; attainable; present; vail
definition (c) available
A5 adj. faithful; true to one's obligations
definition (a) loyal
A6 n. bringing something down to a smaller scale; lowering expenses
definition (c) downsizing
A7 adj. plentiful; abundant; generous; extravagant; wasteful
definition (d) profuse
A8 v. to descend; to decline; to abate; to lessen
definition (a) subside
A9 v. to breast-feed; to suckle; to provide medical care; to take care of
definition (a) nurse
A10 n. steward; stewardess; person who serves others; person who accompanies others
definition (b) attendant
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Answers 319
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 319 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. pasture; scope; extent; field; domain; assortment
definition (c) range
A2 n. act of providing; act of offering; work; labor; function; role; offer
definition (a) service
A3 n. strong feeling or idea left by an experience; effect; vague memory
definition (d) impression
A4 n. lane; path; signs; trails; channel
definition (a) track
A5 n. one of the two periods of an academic year (usually 15-18 weeks)
definition (a) semester
A6 n. opposite of child; a grown-up; a mature person
definition (d) adult
A7 n. cork; stopper; electrical connector; block; advertisement
definition (c) plug
A8 n. opposite; contrary; back side; rear; setback; defeat
definition (c) reverse
A9 n. ability to reason and understand; cleverness; brilliance; information
definition (a) intelligence
A10 n. expansion; branch of a telephone network; supplement; reprieve
definition (a) extension
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Answers 320
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 320 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. physical or mental exertion; labor; attempt; organized operation
definition (c) effort
A2 n. one fourth; neighborhood; coin worth 25 cents; period of three months; district
definition (b) quarter
A3 adj. pertaining to the world and nature around us
definition (a) environmental
A4 n. one who makes or alters garments
definition (a) tailor
A5 adj. of publicizing; of advancement; of encouragement; of fostering; of an enterprise
definition (b) promotional
A6 n. degree of excellence; characteristic; attribute; character; excellence
definition (d) quality
A7 v. to interchange; to take turns; to rotate; to substitute
definition (a) alternate
A8 adj. ethical; virtuous; righteous; principled; having integrity
definition (a) moral
A9 n. diagram; chart
definition (c) graph
A10 n. mark; objective; aim; object; goal
definition (d) target
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Answers 321
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 321 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. city
definition (d) town
A2 n. person who holds public position; authority
definition (d) official
A3 n. change; adjustment, agreement; adaptation; restriction
definition (c) modification
A4 n. taxi; carriage; driver's compartment
definition (d) cab
A5 n. condition; circumstance; location; position; job; place of employment
definition (a) situation
A6 n. quality of being clearly seen
definition (b) visibility
A7 n. height; distance above sea level
definition (b) altitude
A8 n. method or course that restores health; prescribed treatment for an illness
definition (a) cure
A9 n. sequence; succession; television program broadcast in installments
definition (b) series
A10 n. announcement; poster, sign; warning; attention; consideration
definition (a) notice
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Answers 322
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 322 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to inform; to direct; to guide; to command; to order; to educate
definition (c) instruct
A2 adv. gently; without roughness or projections; evenly; calmly
definition (a) smoothly
A3 v. to hurt; to wound; to insult; to offend; to damage
definition (a) injure
A4 n. spending; disbursement; outlay (especially financial)
definition (b) expenditure
A5 v. to supply; to grant; to set; to offer
definition (b) provide
A6 n. list of terms and definitions (usually at the end of a book); dictionary of technical or specific terms
definition (c) glossary
A7 adv. justly; equitably; directly; completely; really
definition (a) fair
A8 v. to predict a future event or condition; to foretell
definition (d) forecast
A9 n. origin; starting point
definition (a) source
A10 n. power; strength; force; capacity to be
definition (a) potency
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Answers 323
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 323 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. rebound; recoiling; sudden movement to the rear
definition (d) backlash
A2 n. abrasion; cut; score of zero; cash; money (Slang)
definition (d) scratch
A3 n. clamp; fastener; shred; segment of video
definition (d) clip
A4 n. the total amount of funds in circulation in a given country's economy
definition (a) money supply
A5 n. act of looking over carefully and critically; official examination; audit; review
definition (c) inspection
A6 n. attack; misdeed; insult; transgression
definition (d) offence
A7 n. officer of a monastery; high-ranking member of a religious order
definition (c) prior
A8 n. act of fixing; correction; act of mending
definition (d) repair
A9 n. end; conclusion; final appearance; power of endurance; vitality; unit of weight
definition (b) last
A10 n. inclination; tendency; disposition; aptitude
definition (a) propensity
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Answers 324
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 324 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to seize; to capture; to possess; to contract
definition (a) take
A2 v. to render insusceptible to a disease by inoculating
definition (b) vaccinate
A3 v. to turn into profit; to generate revenue
definition (d) monetize
A4 n. the process of installing a newer and more powerful version of a software package or a piece of
definition (c) upgrade
A5 adj. impressive; inspiring; great; frightening
definition (b) awesome
A6 n. state of belonging to an organization or group; fellowship
definition (b) membership
A7 n. viewpoint; stance; condition; state; mood; attitude
definition (c) posture
A8 adj. physical; done using human skill or force
definition (c) manual
A9 v. to submerge; to fall down below the surface (especially in water)
definition (b) sink
A10 n. mark; level; degree; rank; type; extend; class (in a school)
definition (d) grade
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Answers 325
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 325 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. place; location; area
definition (a) site
A2 n. tautness; strain; nervousness; agitation; apprehension
definition (b) tension
A3 n. guilt; responsibility; liability
definition (a) blame
A4 n. duty responsibility; indebtedness; agreement
definition (a) obligation
A5 n. line printed at the top of a piece of stationary
definition (c) letterhead
A6 n. lexicon; list of words and their definitions in alphabetical order
definition (d) vocabulary
A7 n. stimulus; inducement; enticement; encouragement
definition (b) incentive
A8 n. timepiece; device for telling time
definition (d) clock
A9 n. learning; instruction; imparting of knowledge; upbringing
definition (a) education
A10 n. comment; remark; ascription; mention; regard
definition (d) reference
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Answers 326
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 326 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. person who is licensed to practice medicine (i.e. physician, surgeon etc.)
definition (a) doctor
A2 v. to classify; to organize; to separate from others; to clarify
definition (c) sort
A3 v. to put off to a later time; to delay; to defer; to put off until later; to stay
definition (d) postpone
A4 adj. concentrated; focused; observant; polite; caring
definition (b) attentive
A5 n. wage; salary; compensation; bonus; punishment
definition (d) payment
A6 n. person who is free from sin or wrongdoing
definition (c) innocent
A7 v. to influence
definition (a) affect
A8 v. to label; to fine
definition (c) ticket
A9 n. direction; series of lessons or training units; layer; part of a meal
definition (c) course
A10 n. right; special privilege
definition (d) prerogative
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Answers 327
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 327 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. access; method; system; procedure
definition (d) approach
A2 n. serenity; self-control; calmness; coolness
definition (d) composure
A3 n. pointing out of similarities and differences; similarity; likeness
definition (b) comparison
A4 n. support; skeleton; structure; system
definition (a) framework
A5 n. act of receiving; approval; state of believing in something
definition (d) acceptance
A6 n. character which is part of an alphabet; written communication sent to a person or organization
definition (c) letter
A7 v. to raise; to push; to urge; to lift
definition (d) boost
A8 n. discourse given before an audience; tedious reprimand; formal reproof
definition (d) lecture
A9 n. temporary stay somewhere; instance of spending time with a person or group of people; inspection
definition (d) visit
A10 n. inner quality; intrinsic characteristic
definition (a) internal
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Answers 328
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 328 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to speak out; to move into a position of readiness and availability
definition (d) deploy
A2 v. to organize according to importance
definition (a) prioritize
A3 n. employees working in an organization; personnel; crew; team
definition (d) staff
A4 v. to establish; to construct; to base; to provide a foundation
definition (a) bottom
A5 n. obstacle; misfortune; something which hinders progress
definition (d) setback
A6 adj. not capable
definition (d) unable
A7 n. progression of steps; table of graduated rates; system of marks used for measuring
definition (d) scale
A8 n. creator; craftsman; skilled workman
definition (b) artisan
A9 v. to separate from others; to segregate
definition (d) insulate
A10 v. to build; to create; to design; to grow
definition (d) develop
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Answers 329
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 329 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. impression; the way a person looks; image; semblance
definition (a) appearance
A2 n. parallelogram
definition (c) rectangle
A3 n. representing something less strongly than what the facts would justify
definition (a) understatement
A4 n. accomplishment; fulfillment
definition (c) realization
A5 n. trademark; type; make; variety; product name
definition (b) brand
A6 n. occurrence; occasion; example; illustration
definition (b) instance
A7 n. lodger; occupant; resident; renter; landlord
definition (c) tenant
A8 n. something created separately for the purpose of being added to or placed inside (a book,
newspaper, etc.)
definition (b) insert
A9 n. duplicate; photostat
definition (d) copy
A10 n. result; outcome; impact; trick; natural phenomenon
definition (c) effect
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