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342 Toeic vocabulary tests words by meaning Episode 2 Part 11 pdf

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Answers 340
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 340 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. paper used for writing letters
definition (b) stationery
A2 n. person, company or organization that markets a commodity, product or service; wholesaler; dealer
definition (c) distributor
A3 v. to startle; to astonish; to ambush
definition (b) surprise
A4 adj. deprived of hope or confidence; dissuaded from
definition (c) discouraged
A5 n. misgiving; lack of certainty
definition (c) doubt
A6 adj. under legal obligation; responsible; prone
definition (b) liable
A7 v. to separate into parts; to part; to share; to apportion
definition (a) divide
A8 n. act of redoing something
definition (c) repeat
A9 v. to take on loan; to copy; to steal
definition (d) borrow

A10 adj. optional; uncertain; changeable; open; unrestricted
definition (a) arbitrary
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Answers 341
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 341 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. practice; training; furrow; seeding machine; row of seeds in a furrow
definition (b) drill
A2 n. person who favors political and social reform
definition (a) liberal
A3 n. letter of recommendation
definition (b) testimonial
A4 n. provider
definition (d) supplier
A5 n. instructions; manual; handbook; indication of acceptable conduct or procedure
definition (b) guideline
A6 n. person who is an expert; person who is skilled
definition (a) adept
A7 adj. experimental; trial; temporary; hesitant
definition (b) tentative
A8 v. to copy; to photograph; to snapshot
definition (c) capture
A9 n. prop; brace; economic assistance; upkeep; encouragement; aid
definition (d) support
A10 n. picture; snapshot
definition (b) photo
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Answers 342
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 342 (Answer Keys)
A1 adj. sufficient; suitable; appropriate; proper
definition (c) adequate
A2 v. to recognize; to show to be the same; to sympathize; to relate
definition (b) identify
A3 adj. highest; prime; leading
definition (b) top
A4 n. style of cooking; national food
definition (c) cuisine
A5 n. evolvement; gradual growth; evolution; maturation; progression
definition (b) development
A6 v. to make a graph; to draw; to diagram
definition (c) chart
A7 n. connection; link; uniting; joining
definition (d) conjunction
A8 adj. smallest in size; smallest in amount; lowest in importance
definition (b) least
A9 adj. continuing; enduring; remaining for a long time; durable
definition (c) lasting
A10 v. to calm; to soften; to pacify; to relieve
definition (b) mollify
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