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Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 THPT môn Tiếng Anh -tỉnh Bình Định năm học 2010-2011

BÌNH ĐỊNH KHÓA NGÀY: 30 - 6 - 2010
Đề chính thức
Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH
Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút (không kể thời gian phát đề)
Ngày thi: 30/6/2010

Part 1. Give the right tense and form of the verbs in brackets. (2ms)
He sometimes (1) (go) to Ha Noi for his holidays. Last month he (2) (go) there and (3) (visit)
Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. Next year, he (4) (go) to Ha Noi again.
Part 2. Give the right form of the verbs in brackets. (0,5m)
My sister like (1) (listen) to music, but she hates (2) (watch) football matches.
Part 3. Complete the sentences. Use the correct prepositions. (0,5m)
He is studying (1) a high school. He will study there (2) the beginning of June 2011.
Part 4. Complete the sentences. Use the correct connectives. (1m)
1. My mother got wet she forgot her umbrella.
2. It’s raining we can’t play football in the stadium.
Part 5. Complete the each space with an appropriate word. (1m)
If you want to study English well, you (1) do the homework, do more (2) exercises in
grammar books, read short (3) or newspapers in English. You should (4) English as
much as possible.

Part 6. Read the text then answer the questions that follow. (1m)
Many people still believe that natural resources will never be used up. Actually, the world’s
energy resources are limited. Nobody knows exactly how much fuel is left. However, we also
should use them economically and try to find out alternative resources of power. According to
Professor Marvin Burnham of the New England Institute of Technology, we have to start
conserving coal, oil and gas before it is too late; and nuclear power is the only alternative.
Questions 1. Will natural resources never be used up ?
2. How should we use natural resources ?
Part 7. Join the sentences. Use the relative clause or the word in the bracket. (1m)
1. On the Teacher’s day we gave our teachers red roses. The red roses were very beautiful.
2. Many foreigners enjoy the festival in Binh Dinh Province. Foreigners do not understand the
people and the culture of Binh Dinh Province very much. (though)
Part 8. Write the sentences using the given words. (2ms)
1. School student / wish / can have / car.
2. The ASEAN country / divided / two regions / sea / Malaysia.
3. The students / study / that school / love / play / guitar.
4. If / rain / evening / we / not / go / stadium.
Part 9. Read the first sentence and then complete the second sentence with the same
meaning. (1m)
a. They have built many new schools in Binh Dinh Province.
Many new schools
b. “ I’m having a good time here”, she said.
She said
The end
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