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How to prepare for the TOEIC Test Model Test3 potx

Model Test 3



Part I: Picture
Directions: In your test book, you will see a picture. On the compact disc, you will hear four statements.
Choose the statement that most closely matches the picture and fill in the corresponding oval on your
answer sheet.
1. Look at the picture marked number 1 in your test book.

(A) All the plates are empty.
(B) The waiter's taking an order.
(C) The woman is watching the servers. √
(D) The menu is on the table.
2. Look at the picture marked number 2 in your test book.

(A) The joggers are stretching.
(B) Loggers can test their skills with a saw.
(C) Many races live here.
(D) The runners pass the building. √
3. Look at the picture marked number 3 in your test book.

(A) The sports equipment is all set up.
(B) The couple is reading the radar.
(C) The laboratory coats are on the hook.
(D) The technicians are standing next to the equipment. √
4. Look at the picture marked number 4 in your test book.

(A) The highway is under construction. √
(B) The officer directs traffic.
(C) The workers are moving heavy equipment.
(D) The strucks are loaded with stone.
5. Look at the picture marked number 5 in your test book.

(A) The people are standing in the rain.
(B) The passengers are ready to board. √
(C) The train has just departed.
(D) The grain is rye or wheat.
6. Look at the picture marked number 6 in your test book.

(A) The trucks are being weighed.
(B) Shoppers are in the supermarket.
(C) The trucks are being loaded. √
(D) Vandals have removed the tires.
7. Look at the picture marked number 7 in your test book.

(A) Several carts are in the field.
(B) The plant grows tall in the sun.
(C) The building is dilapidated.
(D) Cars are parked in front of the factory. √
8. Look at the picture marked number 8 in your test book.

(A) One side of the office is all windows. √
(B) The supervisor is explaining the procedure.
(C) The team is on the field.
(D) The workers are commuting.
9. Look at the picture marked number 9 in your test book.

(A) Guests are being seated.
(B) Dinner is being served.
(C) The waiters set the table. √
(D) The table is set for two.
10. Look at the picture marked number 10 in your test book.

(A) The movie theater is empty.
(B) The speaker addresses the audience. √
(C) The audience is demanding answers.
(D) The brick wall is worn and crumbling.
11. Look at the picture marked number 11 in your test book.

(A) The woman is washing breakers.
(B) The conductor takes a bow.
(C) The bottles are on the shelf in the laboratory.
(D) The scientist performs an experiment. √
12. Look at the picture marked number 12 in your test book.

(A) Stairs go up the storage tank. √
(B) The roof is pointed.
(C) It's a scientific model of the sun.
(D) The barbed wire fence keeps out trespassers.
13. Look at the picture marked number 13 in your test book.

(A) The elevator is going down.
(B) A flag hangs across the street. √
(C) A parade is passing by.
(D) The catheral is elegant.
14. Look at the picture marked number 14 in your test book.

(A) Smog covers the city.
(B) The service attendant is behind the car. √
(C) Both cars stopped at the toll booth.
(D) The man isn't wearing a hat.
15. Look at the picture marked number 15 in your test book.

(A) The students study mathematics. √
(B) Most of the terminals are full.
(C) The chalkboard is blank.
(D) The officers are discussing chemistry.
16. Look at the picture marked number 16 in your test book.

(A) The women are waiting by the phone. √
(B) The telephone is on the table.
(C) The statues stand in front of the building.
(D) The station is crowded.
17. Look at the picture marked number 17 in your test book.

(A) The operator is walking away.
(B) The man is talking on the phone. √
(C) The captain is issuing orders.
(D) The panel is going haywire.
18. Look at the picture marked number 18 in your test book.

(A) The soft drink machine offers good variety.
(B) Bottles are stored on shelves.
(C) The worker inspects the process. √
(D) The worker is filling the bottles with syrup.
19. Look at the picture marked number 19 in your test book.

(A) The printers are behind the men. √
(B) The men are operating a switchboard.
(C) The laboratory is used to store chemicals.
(D) The clutter is distracting.
20. Look at the picture marked number 20 in your test book.

(A) The highways pass over one another. √
(B) Pedestrians are waiting.
(C) The roads are under repair.
(D) The road parallel a river.

Part II: Question-Response
Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a question and three possible answers. Choose the answer
that most closely answers the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.
21. How hungry are you?
(A) Not very. I had a late lunch. √
(B) I've never been to Hungary.
(C) I'm thirty years old.
22. Do you play basketball?
(A) Yes, I emptied the wastebasket.
(B) The game was already over.
(C) Actually, swimming is my sport. √
23. Who is in charge of public relations?
(A) The public address system is on.
(B) The marketing manager is. √
(C) There is no charge to the public.
24. How far is the museum from here?
(A) Most of the paintings are modern.
(B) It's about a ten-minute walk. √
(C) Is was about a decade ago.
25. When did you buy your house?
(A) When we got married. √
(B) We drove by it this morning.
(C) It was very expensive.
26. What is he book about?
(A) The book is on the shelf.
(B) It costs about five dollars.
(C) It's a war story. √
27. Where are the keys to the front door?
(A) They're in the receptionist's desk. √
(B) Close the door if you're cold.
(C) I locked the door.
28. Which train should we take?
(A) It won't rain today.
(B) They teach a good class at the local college.
(C) Let's take the express. √
29. Why aren't these copies ready yet?
(A) The copier is out of paper. √
(B) The cops are on the corner.
(C) I already read it.
30. When is he expected?
(A) For a month.
(B) She waited too long.
(C) Around 2 PM. √
31. How much was your hotel bill?
(A) I paid with a credit card.
(B) Over thirty stories.
(C) Just under $500. √
32. Where did you learn to program computers?
(A) I learned on the job. √
(B) I earned enough.
(C) You can purchase a computer through the mail.
33. Why are you always on time?
(A) I don't have a watch.
(B) I hate to be late. √
(C) I always prefer lime to lemon.
34. Have you seen this film?
(A) No, I never go to the moves. √
(B) My camera is out of film.
(C) Yes, I've been there.
35. Who won the tennis match?
(A) I don't smoke.
(B) No, there were nine not ten.
(C) The game was canceled. √
36. What was the purpose of this visit?
(A) The visitors left early.
(B) He just wanted to say hello. √
(C) The proposal was on the list.
37. Which season do you prefer?
(A) I always use salt and pepper.
(B) I referred them to you.
(C) Summer is my favorite. √
38. How wide is this room?
(A) About fourteen feet. √
(B) The slides are in the next room.
(C) I don't know why.
39. When does the mail come?
(A) Every morning at eleven. √
(B) Milk is served at three.
(C) You're welcome.
40. Where's the bank?
(A) It's across from the post office. √
(B) You needn't thank me.
(C) The ink is in the top drawer.
41. Is it going to rain today?
(A) He's going tomorrow.
(B) Why don't you complain?
(C) I don't think so. The sky is clear. √
42. How much should I tip the waiter?
(A) I tipped the boat over.
(B) Fifteen percent is sufficient. √
(C) The children waded in the water.
43. Who designed your house?
(A) The same architect that did our office building. √
(B) I resigned this morning.
(C) I use a mouse with my computer.
44. When did you arrive?
(A) I'll be there around midnight tomorrow.
(B) Last night's telecast was live from New York.
(C) I got in early last night. √
45. What is this shirt made of?
(A) It was made in Hong Kong.
(B) It's made of cotton. √
(C) Insert the cassette into the recorder.
46. Why doesn't this calculator work?
(A) Maybe the batteries are dead. √
(B) Calcutta is in India.
(C) No one works on Sunday.
47. Where did you study English?
(A) The students are not going to England.
(B) I studied it at school. √
(C) For six years.
48. Which sweater fits me better?
(A) These sweat pants are too large for you.
(B) The weather is better in the south.
(C) The wool one fits you perfectly. √
49. What time do you have?
(A) I'm sorry. I don't have a watch. √
(B) I have both yours and mine.
(C) In about twenty minutes. (trả lời cho câu: What time do you have to leave)
50. Would you close the window please?
(A) Of course. Are you cold? √
(B) Here take my clothes.
(C) All teller windows are open.

Part III: Short Conversations
Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a short converstation. In your test book, you will see a
question and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding
oval on your answer sheet.
51. M: There's an art show in the park.
W: That sounds like fun. Can we go after work?
M: No, it closes at dark. Let's plan it for Sunday.
Why can't they go after work?
(A) It's dark. √
(B) It's in the park.
(C) It's going to rain.
(D) They don't have warm clothes.
52. M: Ms. Noor can issue you some traveler's checks.
W: Thank you. Where do I find her?
M: That's her desk on the left.
What does the woman want to do?
(A) Get a magazine.
(B) Leave the bank.
(C) Buy some traveler's checks. √
(D) Look for a desk.
53. M: Please stay with the tour. It's easy to get lost in the market district.
W: What should we do if we get separated?
M: You should wait by the tour bus at Market Street and Main Street.
What should people do if they get lost?
(A) Stay with the tour.
(B) Find the bus. √
(C) Go to the market.
(D) Take a bus on Main Street. (Wait a bus on Main Street thì được)
54. W: I never have exact change for the bus.
M: Next time you cash a check, ask for a roll of quarters.
W: That's a good idea. Then I'll always have enough coins.
What should the woman do?
(A) Cash a check.
(B) Get a roll of quarters. √
(C) Change buses.
(D) Check her coins.
55. W: We need a chart to illustrate these market trends.
M: I'll do that. My computer has an excellent graphics program.
W: Great. You can do the graph of the sales figures, too.
What is the man going to do?
(A) Figure sales.
(B) Illustrate programs.
(C) Sell computers.
(D) Make graphs and charts. √
56. M: I'm sorry. You can't smoke here.
W: I thought the last three rows were designated for smoking.
M: No. This entire flight is nonsmoking.
Where does this conversation take place?
(A) In a movie theater.
(B) On a plane. √
(C) On a bus.
(D) In an auditorium.
57. W: Could you clean room two-thirty-five, please?
M: Of course. It's on my schedule at eleven o'clock.
W: Can you do it earlier? That guest is having a business meeting then.
When should the housekeeper clean the room?
(A) Before 11:00. √
(B) After 11:00.
(C) At the scheduled time.
(D) At 2:35.
58. M: I have your résumé and I'd like to talk to you about possible positions.
W: That will be fine. When would you like to meet?
M: How about Thursday at nine-thirty?
What is the appoinment for?
(A) A medical checkup.
(B) A sales meeting.
(C) A possible presentation.
(D) A job interview. √
59. M: The carpet is wet here. I'll call the janitor to mop the water up.
W: Call the building engineer instead.
M: Good idea. Then he can fix the leak if there is one.
What might solve the problem?
(A) Mopping it up.
(B) Fixing the leak. √
(C) Building a stand.
(D) Keeping it wetter.
60. M: How long will the repairs to the television set take?
W: We'll send the order today. It will take two weeks to get the replacement parts, and another week
to install them.
M: That's longer than I expected.
When will the television set be already?
(A) Today.
(B) On week.
(C) Two weeks.
(D) Three weeks. √
61. M: Isn't that the new managing director?
W: The woman with the glasses? Yes, that is.
M: I'll introduce myself.
What is the man going to do?
(A) Manage the director.
(B) Wear glasses.
(C) Meet the director. √
(D) Introduce the director.
62. M: Here is your room key. The elevators are on your left.
W: Can I get a morning paper tomorrow?
M: Certainly. A paper can be delivered directly to your room.
What should the woman expect tomorrow?
(A) A newspaper. √
(B) Some stationery.
(C) More room.
(D) A directory.
63. M: Where is Mr. Chung? He's due to address the meeting this morning.
W: He's probably caught in traffic.
M: We can show the film first if he's late.
Why do they need Mr. Chung?
(A) To address some letters.
(B) To speak at a meeting. √
(C) To show the film.
(D) To announce the date.
64. M: I'd like to pay for this sweater by check.
W: I'll need to see two forms of identification.
M: Here are a driver's license and a credit card.
How will the man pay for the sweater?
(A) Charge it.
(B) With a check. √
(C) With a credit card.
(D) Pay cash.
65. M: How do I get to the history museum?
W: Go through the park, past the capitol building, and turn left at the train station.
M: Thank you. That sounds easy to fine.
Where does the man want to go?
(A) The park.
(B) The capitol building.
(C) The train station
(D) The history museum. √
66. M: I try to exercise, but I don't have the time. I'm too busy working.
W: Exercise during your lunch hour. I usually take a walk.
M: I always use my lunch hour to eat lunch!
What does the man do during his lunch hour?
(A) Takes a walk.
(B) Exercises.
(C) Eats lunch. √
(D) Tries to work.
67. M: The post officed returned this letter I mailed to the Harries Company.
W: No wonder. There is no street by that name.
M: Oh. I'll have to check the address again.
Why was the letter returned?
(A) It didn't contain a check.
(B) The street didn't exist. √
(C) The company sent it back.
(D) The man didn't mail it.
68. M: I like the way they redecorated the lobby.
W: The white walls make it brighter.
M: Yes. It never had enough light before.
What was wrong with the lobby before?
(A) It was too light.
(B) It was out of style.
(C) It was too white.
(D) It was too dark. √
69. M: I'm pleased to meet you.
W: The pleasure is mine.
M: I'm sure you'll enjoy working here.
What are the man and woman doing?
(A) Working hard.
(B) Scheduling a meeting.
(C) Introducing themselves. √
(D) Leaving a party.
70. M: Should the desk go by the door or by the window?
W: By the door. You'll be able to see who enters the office.
M: Yes, but there's more light by the window.
Where does the man want the desk?
(A) By the door.
(B) Under the lamp.
(C) In the entrance.
(D) By the window. √
71. M: The special project is behind schedule. We need more people on it.
W: Who is available to work on it?
M: No one. We should hire some temporary help.
What does the project need?
(A) A different schedule.
(B) Fewer people.
(C) A special assignment.
(D) Some temporary workers. √
72. M: We need the auditorium for a meeting Tuesday morning.
W: I'm sorry. It's scheduled all day. Can you use the conference room?
M: No, that's not really big enough.
What is the man's problem?
(A) He's meeting too many people. √
(B) There's no place to have the meeting.
(C) There's no schedule for Tuesday.
(D) No one is attending the conference.
73. M: Do you have any bags to check?
W: No, I'll carry my suitcase onto the plane.
M: I'm sorry, but that suitcase is too big. You'll have to let us take it.
Why can't the woman take her suitcase with her?
(A) They have to examine it.
(B) It's too heavy.
(C) It's too large. √
(D) She has to many carryons.
74. M: I've let the phone ring, but there's no answer from the loading dock.
W: It's ten o'clock. That's when they take their coffee break.
M: Oh, that explains it. I'll call back in fifteen minutes.
Why didn't the man get an answer?
(A) They're taking a break. √
(B) They're out on a lake.
(C) They've broken a plane.
(D) They're out in the rain.
75. M: This is the oldest theater in the city?
W: Is it still being used?
M: Yes. They have special productions here twice a year.
Where did this conversation probably take place?
(A) At a convention.
(B) During a performance.
(C) At a meeting.
(D) On a tour. √
76. M: The copier is working, but the printer isn't.
W: Should I call a repairperson?
M: No, I'll call the manufacturer. It's still under warrenty.
Why don't they call a repair person?
(A) The printer is working.
(B) The printer is too old.
(C) The printer is guaranteed. √
(D) The printer is still good.
77. W: Our flying time today will be two hours and twenty minutes.
M: Will we make our connecting flights?
W: Yes. I'll have a list of gates before we land.
What is the woman's profession?
(A) Ticket agent.
(B) Flight attendant. √
(C) Baggage handler.
(D) Caterer.
78. M: I have a flat tire. Where is the nearest garage?
W: There is a gas station about half a mile along the road.
M: Thank you. I hope it's open.
Why does the man want a gas station?
(A) He's out of gas.
(B) He's tired.
(C) He's on a long road.
(D) He has a flat. √
79. M: The motion of the train always makes me sleepy.
W: You should be rested by morning, then.
M: Yes, I'll probably sleep all night.
How does the man feel?
(A) Rested.
(B) Sleepy. √
(C) Motion sick.
(D) Unstable.
80. M: What do you think of the recommendations in the report?
W: I'll have to read them before I can comment.
M: I thought you'd seen them already.
What does the woman need to do first?
(A) Read the report. √
(B) Comment on the report.
(C) Recommend the report.
(D) Think about the report.

Part IV: Short Talks
Directions: On the compact disc, you will hear a short talk. In your test book, you will see several
questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the
corresponding oval on your answer sheet.
Questions 81 and 82 refer to the following announcement.
- The telephone number you have called is not in service. Please check the number in your telephone
directory. Or, stay on the line and a customer service representative will be with you shortly.
Now read question 81/82 in your test book and answer it.
81. What is wrong with the number that was dialed?
(A) It is the wrong number.
(B) It is not working. √
(C) It has an answering machine.
(D) It has a busy signal.
82. Who will help you if you stay on the line?
(A) A repair person.
(B) An operator.
(C) A customer service representative. √
(D) A telephone executive.
Questions 83 and 84 refer to the following announcement.
- A contaminated-water alert has been issued for this area. It is possible that agricultural bacteria have
invaded the water supply. Residents are asked to boil water for five minutes before using it for drinking or
cooking. This will make the water safe.
Now read question 83/84 in your test book and answer it.
83. What is wrong with the water supply?
(A) There is no more water.
(B) The water tastes bad.
(C) The water is contaminated. √
(D) The water is rusted.
84. How can residents make the water safe?
(A) Boil it. √
(B) Freeze it.
(C) Put tablets in it.
(D) Let sediment settle before drinking.
Questions 85 and 86 refer to the following advertisement.
- Are you bored with your current job? Get computer training and start a new career. Our computer school
can train you in just six months on the most popular business software. Job placement assistance is
available at the end of the course.
Now read question 85/86 in your test book and answer it.
85. What kind of training does this school provide?
(A) Computer training. √
(B) Business management.
(C) Personnel training.
(D) Teacher training.
86. How long will the training take?
(A) Three months.
(B) Six months. √
(C) Nine months.
(D) One year.
Questions 87 and 88 refer to the following announcement.
- The Northest train bound for New York and Boston is leaving in ten minutes from Track 27. Passengers
for New York should board at the front of the train. Passengers for Boston should board at the rear.
Now read question 87/88 in your test book and answer it.
87. Where is this train going?
(A) New York and Baltimore.
(B) New York and Wilmington.
(C) New York and Philadelphia.
(D) New York and Boston. √
88. Where should New York passengers board the train?
(A) At the front. √
(B) At the back.
(C) In the middle.
(D) Anywhere.
Questions 89 and 90 refer to the following recording.
- You have reached the Smith Company. Our business hours are eight AM to six PM Monday through
Friday. If you call back during those hours, we will be happy to assist you. Or, you may contact us in
writing at one-seven-one-one Northwood Parkway, Greenville, California, 97286.
Now read question 89/90 in your test book and answer it.
89. When should you call back?
(A) In the evenings.
(B) On Saturdays.
(C) During business hours. √
(D) Early in the mornings.
90. If you can't call back, how can you contact the company?
(A) Vie e-mail.
(B) Write them a letter. √
(C) Sent them a fax.
(D) Go to their office.
Questions 91 and 92 refer to the following announcement.
- The Royal Hotel currently has positions open for desk clerks, waiters, and housekeepers. No experience
is required; we will train new employees. Apply in person to the hotel manager. Good starting wage and
opportunity for advancement.
Now read question 91/92 in your test book and answer it.
91. How should you apply for these jobs?
(A) Send a résumé.
(B) Go to the hotel. √
(C) Write a letter.
(D) Make a phone call.
92. What do the jobs offer, besides a good wage?
(A) Benefits.
(B) Free food.
(C) Good hours.
(D) Possible promotions. √
Questions 93 and 94 refer to the following recording.
- Insert your ticket. Insert your ticket. Please pay eight dollars and fifty cents for two hours and twelve
minutes. Remove your ticket. You will need it to exit the garage. Take your change.
Now read question 93/94 in your test book and answer it.
93. Where can this recording be heard?
(A) At a movie theater.
(B) In a parking area. √
(C) At an amusement park ride.
(D) In an airport.
94. Why should you keep your ticket?
(A) To gain entrance.
(B) To see if you win.
(C) To leave. √
(D) To identify your possessions.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement.
- A heat-wave alert has been issued for the city and outlying suburbs. Temperatures are expected to be
over one hundred degrees. Residents should follow these simple precautions to avoid heatstroke. Wear
light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. Drink plenty of water, stay out of direct sunlight, and avoid strenuous
Now read question 95/96/97 in your test book and answer it.
95. What problem can the city expect?
(A) An epidemic.
(B) Extremely hot weather. √
(C) Flooding.
(D) Infestation of insects.
96. How high are the temperatures expected to be?
(A) In the seventies.
(B) In the eighties.
(C) In the nineties.
(D) In the hundreds. √
97. How can citizens protect themselves?
(A) Wear dark clothing.
(B) Exercise frequently.
(C) Drink lots of water. √
(D) Swim.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following announcement.
- Many busy executives get work done by establishing a quiet hour. Ask your staff not to disturb you
during this time, except in emergencies. Ask your secretary to hold telephone calls. Close your office
door. Use this time to concentrate on demanding tasks.
Now read question 98/99/100 in your test book and answer it.
98. What advice is given for busy executives?
(A) Delegate tasks to others.
(B) Keep your secretary busy.
(C) Work overtime.
(D) Establish a quiet hour. √
99. How can you keep others from disturbing you?
(A) Stay away from your office.
(B) Close your office door. √
(C) Display a DO NOT DISTURB sign.
(D) Refuse to handle emergencies.
100. What should you do during this time?
(A) Work on difficult tasks. √
(B) Return phone calls.
(C) Complete projects that are overdue.
(D) Work closely with staff.

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