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Causative form participle adjective pot

Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences:
1). Nam's success is really ______________ to us.
A). surprisingly B). surprise C). surprised D). surprising
2). His funny story is so _________ that we can't help laughing.
A). amusement B). amused C). amuse D). amusing
3). John and Mary are engaged. They are going to get ____________ .
A). marry B). to marry C). marrying D). married
4). We met a lot of ____________ people while we were traveling in Ho Chi Minh city.
A). interesting B). interest C). interestingly D). interested
5). At the end of the day's work, she often finds ______________ .
A). exhausted B). exhaust C). exhaustedly D). exhausting
6). Children are ________________ with these horror films.
A). terrify B). terrifying C). terrified D). terribly
7). All of us were ____________ in the film on TV last night.
A). interest B). interesting C). interestingly D). interested
8). The film was so _______ that they all saw it through.
A). interestingly B). interest C). interested D). interesting
9). The news sounds __________________ .We are happy to hear it.
A). interesting B). interest C). interested D). interestingly
10). The weather is truly _____________ today.
A). depressed B). depressingly C). depressing D). depression

11). The children are _______________ with watching the same programme every day.
A). bored B). boring C). bore D).boredom
12). He has his motorbike ______________ at the garage twice a week.
A). washed B). to wash C). wash D). washing
13). The examiner made _________ our identification in order to be admitted to the test centre.
A). us show B). us shown C). us showing D). us to show
14). The house in bad condition so they got it ____________ down.
A). pulled B). pull C). to pull D). pulling
15). Joe makes her daughter ___________ dinner today.
A). cooking B). cook C). cooked D). to cook
16). ____________ he came home with two empty hands.
A). disappointing B). disappointment C). disappointingly D). disappointed
17). We were all ________________ at his progress.
A). surprise B). surprisingly C). surprised D). surprising
18). We got ____________ after we had worked for four hours in the field.
A). exhausted B). to exhaust C). exhaust D). exhausting
19). Lan is really ___________ about going to Singapore.
A). exciting B). excited C). excitedly D). excitement
20). I have never met one of the most ________________ people like that.
A). boring B). bored C). bore D). boredom
21). His parents' _________________ made him work harder.
A). disappointingly B). disappointed C). disappointing D). disappointment
22). I haven't eaten anything today so I really get _____________ now.
A). hungrier B). hungry C). hungrily D). hunger
23). Your shirt is too long. You should have it _____________ .
A). shorten B). shortening C). shortened D). to shorten
24). The cold weather made us _______________ .
A). depressed B). depressingly C). depressing D). depression
25). I find horror films really___________________ .
A). terrify B). terrifying C). terrified D). terribly
26). Mrs. Lien had a doctor _____________ her son's health yesterday.
A). check B). to check C). checking D). checked
27). Tom felt so ___________ that he went bed early.
A). tirelessly B). tire C). tiring D). tired
28). I had my sister ___________ me to school every day.
A). taking B). to take C). taken D). take
29). Nam went to the hairdresser's to have his hair _____________ .
A). cut B). cutting C).being cut D). to cut
30). The teacher made the students ______________ all their homework before going home.
A). to finish B). finish C). finishing D). finished
31). Peter got a big _____________ when he met his old friends after a long time.
A). surprisingly B). surprised C). surprise D). surprising
32). It will be an ____________ experience for us to discover the formation of the stone.
A). excitedly B). excitement C). exciting D). excited
33). Mrs. Lien had her son's health ______________ by a doctor yesterday.
A). to check B). checked C). checking D). check
34). Tam is very _____________________ with his school result.
A). disappointment B). disappoint C). disappointed D). disappointing
35). They don't have enough time to get _____________ .
A). to wash B). washing C). washed D). washing
36). We didn't see it through because of the ______________ film.
A). bore B). bored C). boring D). boredom
37). The audience soon got ______________ because of the boring performance.
A). boring B). bored C). to bore D). bore
38). What are you cooking in this saucepan? It smells _____________ .
A). badly B). well C). good D). deliciously
39). Hoa was __________ at my invented story.
A). amuse B). amused C). amusing D). amusement
40). Huong teaches small children. She often finds her job____________.
A). exhausted B). exhaustedly C). exhausting D). exhaust
41). He won the gold medal _______________ .
A). surprise B). surprising C). surprised D). surprisingly
42). The girls are _________ of the long journey.
A). tirelessly B). tired C). tiring D). tiredness
43). The precious tea- pot got _______________ when we removed the house.
A). to break B). broken C). breaking D). break
44). Two hours of working made the old man ___________ .
A). tirelessly B). tiredness C). tiring D). tired
45). The children got ____________ about going to the seaside for their holiday.
A). excitedly B). excited C). excite D). exciting
46). He came home late because he got ____________ in a traffic jam.
A). stuck B). stick C). sticking D). to stick
47). The weather this summer is really ___________________ .
A). disappointed B). disappointment C). disappointing D). disappointingly
48). Tham had her bicycle ____________ yesterday.
A). repair B). repairing C). repaired D). to repair
49). The man felt so _______________ that he could not speak a word.
A). surprised B). surprisingly C). surprise D). surprising
50). We find the lessons this year ______________ for us to answer.
A). difficultly B). difficult C). difficulty D). difficile
51). He didn't do it. He got someone ____________ for him.
A). to do B). do C). doing D). done
52). Could you please get John ________________ us to Lan's house tomorrow afternoon?
A). take B). taken C). to take D). taking
53). My child's school report is really ________________________ .
A). disappointment B). disappointed C). disappointing D). disappointingly
54). If we had taken a city map with us, we wouldn't have gotten _______________ .
A). losing B). lose C). to lose D). lost
55). The church usually gets _______________ at weekends.
A). crowdedly B). crowded C). crowds D). crowd
56). We had a porter ________ our luggage when we arrived at the airport yesterday.
A). carried B). carrying C). carry D). to carry
57). They had a ___________ discussion on biology last night.
A). bore B) boredom C). boring D). bored
58). Mr. Tan had his son _____________ him to use computer.
A). teach B). teaching C). to teach D). taught

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