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bai tap ve cau bi dong

Bài tâp về câu bị động
1. I learn English.
2. he will do exercise.
3. They opened the door.
4. We have met him.
5. we were doing homework
6. They shall be meeting you.
7. We had done it before.
8. She opens the door.
9. The boy will help you.
10. I don’t learn English
11. They will not say English
12. He didn’t build the house.
13. I wasn’t learning lesson
14. People speak English all over the world.
15. The teacher is teaching English in the class.
16. I saw him at 8a.m yesterday.
17. They did not call my name.
18. Noone believes his stories.
19. The boys will do the exercise tomorrow.
20. They will hold the meeting before May-day.

21. Somebody has taken away some of my books.
22. He was doing homework at 10 pm yesterday.
23. At this time tomorrow, we will be planting our trees.
24. After I had finished my exercise, I went out.
25. The teacher is going to tell a story.
26. A storm may break the trees.
27. We can never find him at home.
28. The pupils must take their table into the room
29. They have to repair the engine of the car.
30. They can’t make tea with cold water.
31. I had told him the news.
32. You must not use this room after 11 a.m.
33. Do they teach English there?
34. They will have finished the house by the end this month.
35. Will you invite her to your wedding party?
36. Did the teacher give some exercises?
37. Is she going to write a poem?
38. Has Tom finished homework?
39. Must we finish the test before 10?
40. Is she making cakes for the party?
41. Can you speak English?
42. Does he five the book for you?
43. A man I know told me about it.
44. A group of men have met friends at the station.
45. They did not allow Tom to take these books home.
46. The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow.
47. This well-known library attracts many people.
48. All the students attended the meeting this morning.
49. He can’t repair my new cars in the garage.
50. Cow were eating grass on the field.
51. My old cousin will meet you at the station.
52. They will have to pull down that building.
53. This man has kept 3 hostages for a week.
54. Worker were digging a large hole in the room.
55. Farmers usually milk cows twice a day.
56. Tom was writing 2 poems at this time last week.
57. Did he tell you about the lesson?
58. Will they pick you up at the station?
59. After he wrote the letter, he kept the pen.
60. Did not you receive the letter?
61. Haven’t they take it for you?
62. She decided to paint her house blue.
63. Did anyone take English books away?
64. You should pay more attention to your study.
65. The dogs can’t take the case into the room.
66. People keep dog outside the house everyday.
67. They did not tell me about the news.
68. They were watching many pupils playing football.
69. The boy asked his father to let him go.
70. Someone broke into her house last night.
71. How many trees did they cut down to build that house?
72. How many books are you going to give him tomorrow?
73. How many people will they meet at the bus stop next month?
74. How much money have they given the boy this morning?
75. How many girls has she invited to the meeting recently?
76. How many bicycle can they sell to the customer in a day?
77. How many cats does Tom bring from the market?
78. How many pupils does Mrs Lan teach everyday?
79. How many tables were they preparing at this time last week?
80. How many languages do people speak in the world?
81. How many boxes does Tom give for the boy every night?
82. How can you spell this word?
83. How did you bring that case home?
84. How will he buy pens and books tomorrow morning?
85. How have you learnt English at home?
86. Where did you take it from?
87. Where are you going to buy food?
88. Where do you often take the son on Sunday?
89. Where must we leave our umbrellas and rain coats?
90. What time can we start the lesson today?
91. What time did he meet her yesterday moring?
92. What books are they reading this year?
93. What kind of film do you often watch every evening?
94. what do you often eat for lunch?
95. What will he take to the meeting tomorrow?
96. When did you take the bag back last moring?
97. When does he always take the children to the zoo?
98. Why did the doctor help the patients?
99. Why have not they brought for you?

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