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Test 1

Test 1
Part 7
Tu vung:
Continental : lục địa
Service : dịch vụ
Tailored : phù hợp
Communications : thông tin
liên lạc
Discount : giảm giá
Provided : cung cấp
Customers khách hàng
Quote : báo giá
Institutions : học viện
Pronunciation : phát âm
Questions 159 – 161
e-mail offers
Continental air’s e-mail service offers you tailored, timely e-mail
communications with discount offers, the latest news and updates on
our products and service.
Please enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail updates on our new
products and services.

*if you join our members’ club now , we will send you a 10 percent
discount coupon.
159 . WHICH will NOT be provided to customers?
( cái gì không cung cấp cho khách hàng)
a. Discount offers.
b. Free upgrade. ( miễn phí nâng cao)
c. Updates on products.
d. Latest news.
160. WHAT will happen if customers join the
members’ club? (khách hàng được gì khi tham gia tham
câu lạc bộ)
a. they will receive a free ticket.
b. they will receive a hotel voucher.
c. they will receive a new e-mail address.
d. they will receive a coupon.(phiếu giảm giá)
161. WHAT do people have to do to receive
information? (con người làm gì để nhận được thong
a. enter an e-mail address. (nhập 1 địa chỉ e mail)
b. enter a social security number.
c. enter the website.
d. enter a registration number.
Questions 162-164
Global Education Centers is one of the leading language
teaching institutions.
We have more than 50 language centers throughout the word.
We have currently looking for 10 native English instructors to teach in
- must have a university degree
- must come from an English-speaking country
- must have clear pronunciation
Please send your re’sume’ and cover letter to recruits@GEC.com no later
than july 10.
The new school term will stars on august 1. Successful applicants will be
notified by telephone.
162. HOW many centers does the company operate?
(có bao nhiêu công ty trung tâm hoạt động)
a. less than 50 centers
b. over 50 centers. (hơn 50 )
c. about 10 centers
d. less than 10 centers
163. WHAT is NOT stated as a requirement? (cài gì
không phải quy định yêu cầu )
a. nationality of an English-speaking country
b. university degree
c. prior experience. (kinh nghiệm)
d. clear pronunciation
164. WHEN is the deadline for the position? ( khi nào
thời hạn cuối cùng cho vị trí này)
a. july 1
b. july 10 ( ngày 10 tháng 7 )
c. august 1
d. august 10
questions 165-167
Free Price Quote
Complete this simple and FREE quote request form. (hoàn thành
yêu cầu này trích dẫn nội dung bài viết đơn giản và miễn phí )
Receive customized price quotes in 1-3 business days. (nhận được báo
giá tùy chỉnh trong 1 đến 3 ngày làm việc)
Select the best solutions to save time and money. (chọn giải pháp tốt
nhất để tiết kiệm thời gian và tiền bạc )
165. WHAT is required to receive price quotes? (cái gì
yêu cầu cần thiết để báo giá )
a. to pay some fees
b. to complete a form (để hoàn thành 1 hình
thức )
c. to fill out a survey
d. to register as a member
166. HOW LONG will it take to get the price quote?
(bao lâu có được báo giá )
a. a week
b. four days
c. two days ( 2 ngày )
d. twelve hours
167.WHAT is true about the request form? ( câu nào
đúng hình thức yêu cầu )
a. it’s lengthy
b. it’s complex
c. it’s confidential
d. it’s simple. (đơn giản)
queations 168-170
To: jimmy nelson, Payroll Supervisor
From: Cart Smith, Technical Support (170)
Date: August 20
Subject: This month’s payroll
I’m writing to ask some questions about my payroll deductions.
(169)I know that health insurance and retirement pensions are
automatically deducted from my payroll. But I think there are some
discrepancies in the amount of deducted money. (168)I hope you
investigate this problem and correct it as soon as possible.

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