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letter of request

Text organization
• Explaining the circumstances surrouding the request.
• Expressing the request(s) spesifically and appropriatelly.
• Mentioning payment.
Language notes
• Use the active voice.
• Use the simple sentences.
Useful expression
To begin
• With reference to your advertisment for in , I am writing to ask for further
information about
• I am writing in response to your advertisement for in
• I wish to ask for further details of as advertised in
• I am writing to
To express first request
• Could you possibly ( send me / clarify / explain) as soon as possible?
• I would like you to ( I would like to order form (your company).
• I would be grateful if you could/ would
• Would it be possible for you to ( send / sell )
• We would appreciate if you could immediately

Second request
• Could you also please ( send me ? deliver ) to me.
• Could you please tell me how long the course lasts/ the legth of the course?
• Another ( thing /matter ) I need it
• Another pain I am not certain about is

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