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Tài liệu Kì Thi Thử Đại Học Và Cao Đẳng – Năm Học 2008 pdf

Bài Ôn Luyện
Thi Tiếng
Anh 2008
Kì Thi Thử Đại Học Và Cao Đẳng – Năm Học 2008
Môn : Tiếng Anh – Khối D
- Lần 4
Thời gian : 90 phút ( không kể thời gian phát đề ) - 75 câu trắc nghiệm
Đề thi dự bị
Mã số đề thi : 067
Chú ý : - Thí sinh ko được sử dụng bất kì một tài liệu nào
- Giám thị ko giải thích gì thêm
Đọc kĩ đoạn văn sau , sau đó chọn phương án đúng để hoàn thành đoạn văn:
Why did you decide to read this, and will you keep reading to the end? Do you expect to understand every single part
of it and will you remember anything about it in a fortnight’s _____ (1)? Common sense _____ (2) that these answers to
these questions depend on “read ability”-whether the ______ (3) matter is interesting, the arguments clear and the ____(4)
attractive. But psychologists are discovering that to _____ (5) why people read-and often don’t read-technical
information, they have to _____ (6) not so much the writing as the reader. Even the most technically confident people
often _____ (7) instructions for the video or home computer in favour of hands-on experience. And people frequently
_____ (8) little notice of consumer information, whether on nutritional labels or in the small print of contracts.
Psychologists researching reading ______ (9) to assume that both beginners and _____ (10) readers read everything put in

front of them from start to finish. There are _____ (11) among them about the ______ (12) of eyes, memory and brain
during the process. Some believe that fluent readers take _____ (13) every letter or word they see; others _____ (14) that
readers rely on memory or context to carry them from one phrase to another. But they have always assumed that the
reading process in the same: reading starts, comprehension _____ (15) then reading stops.
1. A. term B. period C. gap D. time
2. A. informs B. suggests C. advises D. transmits
3. A. subject B. topic C. text D. content
4. A. formation B. layout C. assembly D. pattern
5. A. ensure B. determine C. value D. rate
6. A. inquire B. examine C. calculate D. trace
7. A. omit B. miss C. ignore D. pass
8. A. take B. pay C. get D. make
9. A. undertake B. tend C. lead D. consent
10. A. competent B. sufficient C. considerable D. valid
11. A. objections B. arguments C. contests D. separations
12. A. concern B. role C. share D. relation
13. A. up B. over C. out D. in
14. A. direct B. urge C. press D. insist
15. A. occurs B. establishes C. sets D. issues
Chọn một từ mà có dấu nhấn đặt khác với các từ còn lại ở mỗi câu:
16. A. secure B. confine C. precede D. desert
17. A. Portuguese B. tropical C. obvious D. tolerant
18. A. photograph B. chemistry C. passenger D. deposit
19. A. responsible B. geography C. missionary D. experiment
20. A. encouragement B. immediately C. intervention D. diversity

Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau:
21. Even on week days, traffic here is as bad as it is ______ on a holiday.
A. always B. anyway C. elsewhere D. somewhere
22. The monitor is in _____ of all the class activities.
A. place B. attention C. responsibility D. charge
23. Jack’s going to look for a job in the summer and ______.
A. so is Pat B. so does Pat C. so Pat is D. so Pat does
24. – How about _____ me a hand?
- Sure. I’d be glad to help.
A. giving B. helping C. to give D. to help
25. His handwriting is so bad that it is quite _____.
A. illegible B. illiterate C. invisible D. illegal
26. We _____ you a ride this morning but the car was full.
A. will give B. would give C. would have given D. would be giving
27. Of the two compositions, the first one is _____.
A. good B. the best C. best D. the better
28. The old man got into the _____ of storing money under his bed.
A. tradition B. custom C. manner D. habit
29. ______ on the Great Wall is tiring, but stimulating.
A. All-day trips B. An all-day trip C. When trekking all day D. Now that all-day trip
30. ______ humans, toads have tongues fastened at the front of their mouths, which allow them to catch insects.
A. Not the same B. Unlike C. Except for D. Dislike
31. We shall have to stop soon because the car is almost ______ petrol.
A. off B. out of C. lacking D. running
32. Will you be ______ kind as to help me with the heavy box?
A. as B. so C. enough D. too
33. I _____ for Mary for the last two hours, but she still hasn’t arrived.
A. an waiting B. have been waiting C. was waiting D. had been waiting
34. John : “What kind of job would you like?”
Mike: “_____”
A. Is there a good chance of promotion? B. I’m good at computing.
C. Anytime after next week. D. Anything to do with computers.
35. Peter ______ opened the door of the cellar, wondering what he might find.
A. cautious B. cautiously C. cautional D. cautionally
36. He kindly offered to _____ me the way to the station.
A. explain B. direct C. describe D. show
37. The discovery was a major ______ for research workers.
A. breakdown B. break-in C. breakthrough D. break-out
38. The police are cooking for a man of ______ height.
A. medium B. extra B. tall D. special
39. The water workers’ claim for a 10 per cent pay rise has been under ______.
A. consideration B. regard C. application D. inquiry
40. “We have won a great victory _____ our enemy,” the captain said.
A. upon B. above C. on D. over
Chọn từ mà cần phải sửa ở mỗi câu để câu trở nên đúng:
41. He knows to repair the carburetor without taking the whole car apart.
42. The progress made in space travel for the early 1960s is remarkable.
43. David hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournament.
44. Mumps are a very common disease which usually affects children.
45. We thought our cameras were the same, but his is different than the one that we bought.
Đọc kĩ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng:

There are two basic types of glaciers, those that flow outward in all directions with little regard for underlying terrain
and those that are confirmed by terrain to a particular path. The first category of glaciers includes those massive blankets
that cover whole continents, appropriately called ice sheets. There must be over 50,000 square kilometers of land covered
with ice for the glaciers to qualify as an ice sheet. When portions of an ice sheet spread out over the ocean, they form ice
shelves. About 20,000 years ago the Cordilleran Ice Sheet covered nearly all the mountains in the southern Alaska,
western Canada, and the western United States. It was about 3 kilometers deep in its thickest point in northern Alberta.
Now there only two sheets left on Earth, those covering Greenland and Antarctica. Any domelike body of ice that also
flows out in all directions but covers less than 50,000 square kilometers is called an ice cap. Although ice caps are rare
nowadays, there are a number in northeastern Canada, on Baffin Island, and on the Queen Elizabeth Island. The second
category of glaciers includes those of a variety of shapes and sizes generally called mountain or alpine glaciers. Mountain
glaciers are typically identified by the landform that controls their flow. One form of mountain glaciers that resembles an
ice cap in that it flows outward in several directions is called an ice field. The difference between an ice field and an ice
cap is subtle. Essentially, the flow of an ice field is somewhat controlled by surrounding terrain and thus does not have
the domelike shape of a cap. There are several ice fields in the Wrangell, St.Elias, and Chugach mountains of Alaska and
northern British Columbia. Less spectacular than large ice fields are the most common types of mountains glaciers: the
cirque and valley glaciers. Cirque glaciers are found in depressions in the surface of the land and have a characteristic
circular shape. The ice of valley glaciers, bound by terrain, flows down valleys, curves around their corners, and falls over
46. What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. where major glaciers are located. B. How glaciers shape the land
C. How glaciers are formed. D. The different kinds of glaciers.
47. The word “massive” is closest in meaning to _____.
A. huge B. strange C. cold D. recent
48. It can be inferred that ice sheets are so named for which of the following reasons?
A. They are confined to mountain valleys. B. They cover large areas of land.
C. They are thicker in some areas than in other. D. They have a characteristic circular shape.
49. According to the passage, ice shelves can be found ______.
A. Covering an entire continent B. buried within the mountains
C. filling deep valleys D. spreading into the ocean
50. According to the passage, where was the Cordillera Ice Sheet thickest?
A. Alaska B. Alberta C. Antartica D. Greenland
51. The word “rare” is closest in meaning to _______.
A. small B. valuable B. unusual D. widespread
52. According to the passage, ice field resemble ice caps in which of the following ways?
A. Their shape B. Their location C. Their flow D. Their texture
53. The word “subtle” is closest in meaning to ______.
A. slight B. important C. common D. measurable
54. All of the following are alpine glaciers EXCEPT ______.
A. cirque glaciers B. ice caps C. valley glaciers D. ice fields
55. Which of the following types of glaciers does the author use to illustrate the two basic types of glaciers
mentioned in line 1?
A. Ice fields and cirques B. Cirques and alpine glaciers
C. Ice sheets and ice shelves D. Ice sheets and mountain glaciers
Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau:
56. There were two small rooms in the beach house; ______.
A. the smaller of which served as a kitchen B. the smaller of them was served as a kitchen
C. the smallest of which served as a kitchen D. smallest of that was served as a kitchen
57. ______ received law degrees as today.
A. Never so many women have B. Never have so many women
C. The women aren’t ever D. Women who have never
58. The doctor told his receptionist that he would return ______.
A. as early as it would be possible B. at the earliest that it could be possible
C. as soon as possible D. at the nearest early possibility
59. _____ initial recognition while still quite young.
A. For most famous scientists to achieve B. Most famous scientists who achieved
C. That most famous scientists achieved D. Most famous scientists achieved
60. I am going to the hairdresser’s ______.
A. for to cut me my hair B. to cut my hair
C. to have cut my hair D. to have my hair cut
Chọn câu có nghĩa giống với câu đã cho ở mỗi câu:
61. When the unemployment rate is high, the crime rate is usually also high.
A. The high rate of unemployment depends on the high rate of crime.
B. The higher of unemployment rate is, the higher the crime rate is.
C. The unemployment rate and the crime rate are both higher.
D. The unemployment rate is as high as the crime rate.
62. The picnic was cancelled because it rained.
A. If it didn’t rain, the picnic wouldn’t be cancelled.
B. If it hadn’t rained, the picnic wouldn’t have been cancelled.
C. If it didn’t rain, the picnic wouldn’t have been cancelled.
D. If it hadn’t rained, the picnic wouldn’t be cancelled.
63. Although it was sunny I felt quite cold.
A. I felt quite cold because of the sunny weather. B. I felt quite cold in spite of being sunny.
C. Despite the sunny weather, but I felt quite cold. D. Despite the sunny weather, I felt quite cold.
64. Take an umbrella because it might rain.
A. In case it rains, take an umbrella. B. In case it will rain, take an umbrella.
C. Take an umbrella if it rains. D. Take an umbrella if it will rain.
65. “How long have you been waiting here?” the girl asked me.
A. The girl asked me how long I have been waiting here. B. The girl asked me how long had I been waiting here.
C. The girl asked me how long I had been waiting there. D. The girl asked me how long had I been waiting there.
Đọc kĩ đoạn văn sau , sau đó chọn phương án đúng để hoàn thành đoạn văn:
You can make life more difficult for thieves by _____ (66) your wallet in an inside pocket instead of a back pocket.
But make sure that you still have it if someone bumps into you in a _____ (67). Most pickpockets are very skillful. Never
let your handbag out of your _____ (68). On public transport, ______ (69) hold of it. You are also _____ (70) to take
traveller’s cheques rather than cash when you go abroad, and to use cash dispensers which are on ______ (71) streets, or
are well lit at night. A quarter of all crimes are car thefts or thefts of things from cars, like radios and cassette players. If
your car is _____ (72), you may not get it back. One in four are never found, and even if it is, it may be badly _____ (73).
Always lock all doors and windows, and think about fitting a car alarm too. If you are buying a new radio/cassette player,
it is _____ (74) choosing one that is security-coded or removable by the driver. These precautions will help to put _____
(75) thieves.
66. A. bringing B. carrying C. holding D. taking
67. A. crowd B. group C. band D. mass
68. A. view B. sight C. visibility D. vision
69. A. catch B. take C. keep D. have
70. A. told B. suggested C. informed D. advised
71. A. important B. main C. principal D. major
72. A. robbed B. burgled C. stolen D. hijacked
73. A. hurt B. spoilt C. damaged D. injured
74. A. practical B. worthwhile C. sensible D. beneficial
75. A. off B. out C. down D. back

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