Đề thi học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh cấp huyện lớp 9

phßng gi¸o dôc vµ ®µo t¹o kú thi häc sinh giái huyÖn líp 9
quúnh lu n¨m häc: 2010 - 2011
®Ò thi M«n: TiÕng Anh
Thêi gian lµm bµi: 120 phót
I. choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. (5 points)
1. A. lead B. pleasure C. easy D. teacher
2. A. passed B. helped C. practiced D. learned
3. A. journalist B. house C. mountain D. mouse
4. A. gather B. think C. their D. brother
5. A. baggy B. primary C. character D. language
II. choose the best anwer to complete each sentence below. (10 points)
1. It rained very …, so we couldn’t go to the movies.
A. wet B. badly C. hart D. heavy
2. The crowd at the soccer match ofter get… .
A. excite B. exciting C. excited D. excitement
3. Every thing is all right, …?
A. isn’t every thing B. is every thing C. is it D. isn’t it
4. I never wear red because it doesn’t … me.
A. match B. fit C. agree D. suit
5. This cake is made … flour, egg and sugar.
A. in B. from C. of D. out of
6. Can you please tell me what … yesterday?
A. she did say B. did she say C. she said D. she says
7. When will our match …, Linh? ~ At the end of next month.
A. happen to B. take care of C. take place D. take after
8. Is there any good film … tonight, Ba? ~ Yes, “The Transporter Part 3”.
A. at B. on C. in D. of
9. I’m sorry about that! ~ Well, … .
A. you’re welcome B. of couse C. thank you D. it’s OK
10. When Hoa moved to Ha Noi, it took her several weeks to… the city life.
A. get used to B. use to C. got used to D. used to
III. Supply the correct form of the words given to complete sentencses below.(5
1. How … this knife is! It can’t cut anything. (USE)
2. Many university and college … like wearing jeans. (STUDY)
3. We could see their … at once so we left before the party started (FRIEND)
4. This beautiful village has … many writers and musicians. (inspiration)
5. …, my mother used to be my father’s classmate. (INTEREST)
IV. Each sentence below has ONE mistake. Find and correct it. (10 points)
1. The stranger took the black hat on the table, didn’t it?
2. Excuse me, I want to buy the books keeping on the left shelf.
3. On the way to my home village, my penpal and I saw very many buffalo.
4. Nobody in my school can run as fastly as Long of class 9C.
5. When you use the Internet, you can get as many information as you want.

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